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A full sheet cake half yellow half chocolate The books are frosted with buttercream Not quit what I had in mind.
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By DeniseRoy
Apr 26, 2006
This was a big cake.  It's two 11x15s with a book cake on top. The chocolate base is two toned.  Apparently, when you let chocolate sit at room temp too long before you pipe it, it get's darker.  The piping is both light and dark.  I tried to camoflauge (sp?) it a little by sprinkling cocoa powder on it but to no avail.  Who knew!!! Bookmard and tassel are fondant.  flowers are royal.  Icing is a chocolate buttercream.
2 4
By kelleygirl
Apr 28, 2006
White cake for retirement dinner:)
4 4
By irisinbloom
Apr 30, 2006
This cake was done by my mom and I.  She iced the cake and I made the roses and vines.  We both did the faces on the smaller cake.  Yellow cake with BC frosting.
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By blindambition
May 1, 2006
Happy Fishing Full Sheet cake for Retirement
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By nisha_ru
May 11, 2006
Retirement cake for a millwright.  Toolbelt in the garbage.  The base cake is black forest with crusting buttercream icing & the garbage can is french vanilla with peach cream filling covered in mmf.  The tool belt is mmf & the tools are chocolate
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By kakabekabunny
May 15, 2006
I made this for my friend's Mother.  Her retirement party & Mother's Day happened to fall at the same time.  She has a lot of hobbies, so her family wanted to somehow display them on the cake.  I chose to write it around the cake on the ribbon in caligraphy.  The top tier is French vanilla and the bottom is chocolate, both with buttercream filling.  The bow is fondant with gumtex added to it.
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By Lousaria
May 16, 2006
I made this cake for a very sweet lady in our County Vehicle Registration office.  As you can see she is a slot inthusiast!  Her motto "MAX BET SPIN!!"  The day before I was to deliver this I found out that the number of guests had doubled so I stayed up pretty late making the matching cupcakes.
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By Coastiemom
May 18, 2006
This is for a teacher's retirement.  Our school colors are green and white.  I added the pink so that I could do roses.  Everything is done in buttercream.
I used a new ruffle tip on top and on the bottom border.
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By mrsa143
May 19, 2006
This was a retirement cake for an elementary school librarian.  It is a full sheet cake that is half white and half chocolate, I carved it to look like a book.  I scored the edges to look like pages.  I used buttercream frosting and fondant for the roses.
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By bunnypatchbaker
May 21, 2006
I used the 'Best Buttercream Ever' recipe through this site, and it was wonderful!  Purple and white roses...
By K8E
May 23, 2006
5 25
By bigcatz
May 23, 2006
Made for preschool teacher retirement. White and chocolate cake with BC frosting and chocolate transfers. I couldn't figure out how I was going to get the writing to go on straight and decided to do it as a chocolate transfer...I think it turned out pretty well. I am not thrilled with the cake..wish I'd left the roses off, but hopefully it'll be enjoyed by the teachers. Thanks to those on the site..I got the saying from someone else's cake.
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By cindww
May 24, 2006
yellow cake, strawberry bc filling.  mmf chair with luster dust.  My first time eith luster dust.  It is really pretty!
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By sweetexpressions
May 25, 2006
Full sheet cake, vanilla with buttercream icing.  Nothing fancy per customer.
It was my first full sheet cake and it was better than I expected!!!
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By Tat
May 30, 2006
I was asked by our school to do a small cake for a reception at school for our principal's retirement.  I saw a cake by finally928 on this site and decided to use a quote similar to hers.  The cake is a 9x13 white cake with white icing, the poem is an edible image and the flowers are fondant daisies.
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By thyterrell
May 31, 2006
Red velvet cake with buttercream icing.  The insignia is color flow, and I placed stars (from the wilton patriotic spinkles) around the cake on the boarder. The picks on the back of the cake are garland that I got at Michaels for $.99, I cut it to the length that I wanted and twisted on a large dowel to curl it a bit!
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By cake_momma
Jun 7, 2006
I did this for THE Texas Rangers (not the baseball team).  Italian cream cake w/ cream cheese frosting.  They loved it (thankfully). :)
By divaofcakes
Jun 11, 2006
I made this "family tree cake" for a teacher's retirement. It's iced in buttercream, with fondant leaves which were signed by all the staff members. The bird in the  corner represents our teacher who is 'flying away from her family'.
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By jdab
Jun 12, 2006
I started my summer job at my county's Dept. of Public Works office 3 weeks ago. My new boss decided that he was going to move to the Board of Ed. so we gave him a going away party. When he worked for the DPW he designed a program to create "green roofs," gravelbeds and plants growing on tops of buildings, throughout the county. So this was his going away cake -- green roof style. For some reason my blue frosting never keeps its color well. Does anyone know why?
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By Aurora3164
Jun 14, 2006
This I made for my kids preschool. It celebrated it's 40th birthday yesterday and I also had to incorporate the teacher who is leaving for retirement after 27 (!) years. She a real ourdoorsy person!
It's as always all fondant - the little person on the front is the schools logo!
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By bmote1
Jun 18, 2006
Done for a woman who said she wanted something pretty with pink and yellow roses.  Another cake I did at work.  :P
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By candy177
Jun 24, 2006
This is a Boston Cream pie (vanilla sponge filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate glaze) with chocolate bark stacked around it and chocolate covered strawberries on top.  Thanks for the inspiration on this site!!
By erc11
Jun 27, 2006
lots of help from this site, especially with the crown, thanks MelC!  This was for a teacher who is retiring (that's why all of the 30s) and is always put together.  Staff requested the crown.  Fun to make!
10 40
By Rexy
Jun 27, 2006
4 13
By augustlm
Jun 28, 2006
I made this for a teacher who was retiring.  It's chocolate cake with bc and mmf accents.  The only thing that's not edible is the umbrella and support for chair.  She loves the beach, so this was perfect!
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By casebit
Jul 22, 2006
9 inch double decker caramel mud cake with caramel ganache. Covered in fondx. Rope and car are also fondant. Wording is gumpaste. Made for a gentleman who has sold his business and is going into retirement.
5 1
By dky
Jul 27, 2006
This little character, Olivia, is the cutest little thing!  Our children's librarian was retiring to stay home and take care of her grandchildren.  They asked me to do her cake and I asked what her favorite character was.  I went home with four or five Olivia books and chose the pictures from the books that best fit the librarian.  My favorite is the last one with Olivia carrying the stack of books and saying, "Please ... just one more story."
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By LittleLinda
Jul 30, 2006
This was for a teacher's retirement.  She always used the expression "you're fired".
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By LittleLinda
Jul 30, 2006
This was for a customer who's husband had recently retired and it also happened to be his birthday.  This was my first FBCT and I was so happy with it, as was the customer.  She tipped me an extra $5!  I love it when that happens.  This is a 8" square chocolate cake with BC icing.   
Thanks for looking!
3 4
By luv2cake
Aug 1, 2006
1/2 sheet white cake/buttercream frosting.  The dots & colors match the invitations
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By fourowens
Aug 3, 2006
This cake is iced smooth in chocolate buttercream.  Topped with a half ball cake iced in white buttercream and dented to look like a golf ball.    Wooden golf tees hold golf balls made of candy clay.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 3, 2006
My dad likes to do a lot of different things, so we struggle with what type of cake to do.  So, I incorporated all of the things he enjoys doing (computers, space shuttle, golf, bowling).  The cake is iced smooth in buttercream and decorated in buttercream.  Golf ball is made from candy clay.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 3, 2006
After 31 years of service a nearby community wanted to show the impact of a retiring fire chief's service to their city.  The two cakes that I made helped convey his impact on that community.
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By CShields
Aug 7, 2006
This was a cake made for someone at my work who was moving to another state. I had everyone sign two pieces of paper and copied them onto edible paper. Drizzled light blue chocolate on the sides and air brushed sides. I added ribbon curls to the cake.
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By edibleartwork
Aug 8, 2006
This is a quirky Retirement Cake for a gentleman that has chosen fishing to pass the time of day!  It is a 1/2 sheet cake decorated in butter cream and fondant accents!  Notice the "No Fishing" sign?  Uh oh!  He better watch it!  LOL
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By 3-DCakes
Aug 9, 2006
A full sheet (22x15x2) w/a 2 layer small oval as the airplane.  Color is airbrushed.  Wings are fondant strengthened w/Tylose.
By kakeladi
Aug 10, 2006
This cake is a white/chocolate marble cake filled with fresh raspberry filling!!  Real buttercream!!
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By cakemommy
Aug 10, 2006
made as a surprise for my Mum
By amandajayne28
Aug 15, 2006
Made this cake for a supervisor at my job who is retiring and moving to the beach.  Chocolate Buttermilk cake with Cream cheese icing.  Turbinado sugar for sand and MMF for flip flop straps.
2 2
By lkuptain
Aug 15, 2006


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