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This is a yellow 1/4 sheet cake with buttercream icing. Yea, I know I still need to work on my roses. LOL!!!! However, the Italian lady and the OBGYN dept. loved the cake.
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By spoiledtoodef
Feb 4, 2006
I made this cake for my DH's office (5 guys) after they completed a huge project for a big-money client. I was practicing getting my frosting smooth.  It's a french vanilla cake with BC frosting. The piping is raspberry flavored.
By clb307
Feb 5, 2006
This was a quick cake I helped my 10 year old sister make.  It's not professional, but I was proud of her hard work.  It was for our other sister's bridal shower.
4 8
By SHenyd
Feb 10, 2006
Fresh orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting. Royal roses and buttercream.
1 2
By MommaLlama
Feb 12, 2006
this is the quinceanera cake i did with my bestfriend (JAZ) for her cousins birthday. She did all of the baking and I helped with decorating and assembly. This was our first attempt at such a large cake and i think it turned out pretty well!
6 20
By rhomb
Feb 12, 2006
A cake for a co-worker to bring home to her fiance.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and BC frosting.
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By sk8gr8md
Feb 13, 2006
Red velvet cake, poured chocolate ganache` w/BC roses.
Sinfully chocolate!
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Feb 13, 2006
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By ken
Feb 13, 2006
This was my first sculpted cake because I didn't have a heart shaped pan. So I had to do my own thing. The customer wanted it with an arrow so this is what I came up with. I LOVE THIS CAKE! I'M VERY PROUD! Thanks for looking.
5 2
By ken
Feb 13, 2006
2 1
By Reyna
Feb 13, 2006
All buttercream. I used an egg free cake recipe for the car that I got from this website. It was better than what I had expected.
6 10
By KittisKakes
Feb 13, 2006
Chocolate Butter cake with orea filling from the whimsical bakehouse - buttercream frosting.  For my kiddos school - the teachers have a Valentines day reception and I was asked to make a cake.
10 48
By cakecre8tor
Feb 14, 2006
Valentine's Day cake created for my Mom at work.  (She runs an Assisted Living Center.)  The bottom layer is french vanilla and the top layer is strawberry, it is iced completely in cream cheese flavored buttercream.
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By gmcakes
Mar 19, 2007
This was a chocolate vegan cake that a frieds asked me to bake. Spatula striping make roses and a simple border so much more interesting. It is a 6-inch heart carved from an 8 inch square. My friend's husband was thrilled because he says the thing he misses most since becoming vegan... CAKE!
5 51
By thecakemaven
Feb 14, 2006
Side view of previous cake
9 5
By HeatherMari
Feb 15, 2006
This was for a frog lover who collects red eyed tree frogs.  I made the frogs out of MMF and painted them with food color, then dusted them with green luster dust.  The leaves are MMF painted with green luster dust also.  The letters are royal icing transfers, and everything else is buttercream.
14 38
By teesue
Feb 17, 2006
This was made for the grand opening of a restaurant called Wild Wing!!!  It took FOREVER!!!
12 4
By jdogga
Feb 17, 2006
Fondant covered heart cake with pearl border and candy clay roses.
8 107
By bonniesido
Feb 17, 2006
This is for an 8-yr old girl that is having her birthday party at a Tumble and Cheer gym.  Megaphone is sculpted from 2 8" round cakes.  Bottom cake is 1/4 sheet.
8 9
By Mac
Feb 18, 2006
Valentine's Day Cookies
3 7
By lemoncurd
Feb 18, 2006
I made this cake as a christmas present for a friend.  It is a chocolate cake filled and covered in chocolate mousse.  There are blown sugar ornaments which are hand painted and some royal icing ornaments that I piped.  The ribbons are gumpaste and then painted with a luster dust paint.  The swags are fondant, embossed, and then i painted the color on the embossed flowers.
6 4
By pastrypuffgirl
Feb 18, 2006
These are cakes I made for my Grandparents birthdays. I was in the cake classes at the time, it made for good practice.
By tayakaleb
Feb 20, 2006
French Vanilla Cake with Buttercream frosting and Strawberry Cream filling. It was awesome!! This is my 3rd cake. I used the paper towel to smooth it. I think it turned out great.
By ljkforester
Feb 20, 2006
French Vanilla Cake with Buttercream frosting and Strawberry Cream filling. It was awesome!! This is my 3rd cake. I used the paper towel to smooth it. I think it turned out great. 

(sorry pic didn't work the 1st time)
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By ljkforester
Feb 20, 2006
Hostess asked for a cake to coordinate with mom's choice of Baby Gap "Barnyard" bedding theme.  Ice cream cake - yellow cake w/raspberry sorbet, cool whip icing.  Lettering and side panels done in tinted white chocolate.
16 14
By jlh
Feb 22, 2006
Cake I did for my son's 3rd birthday. First time working with color flow (outside of the butterflies I did in Wilton II class) wish the windows came out better. I liked the way the cake came out though. Spiderman is a candle.
19 45
By genean
Feb 24, 2006
A wedding cake with red ribbon and silk flowers, covered in fondant.
8 5
By hockeymom
Feb 24, 2006
This cake was covered in fondant, and then I took a stencil that I found and painted on the flowers using food colour paste (diluted abit).  I had to pin the stencil in place while working, just to prevent it from moving around too much.  It was very time comsuming.  The bride had a wedding dress which had matching red flowers embrodered on it.  Together it looked really nice.
26 73
By hockeymom
Feb 24, 2006
No special occassion just wanted to practice. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well and didn't do all that I wanted to do to it. I almost didn't post it but I figured I may as well since I made it and it wasn't chocolate.
9 6
By Lazy_Susan
Feb 26, 2006
this is the cake i did in class.  didnt like what i did on top but i had fun doing it.
By cdstem
Feb 26, 2006
I put this in the Valentine's Day gallerie because it obviously fits better here.  I made this for my own bridal shower which was at my church social hall.  They still had up their Valentine's Day dinner decorations, so we just decided to leave them.  My wedding colors are actually sage & pink.  But hearts are my theme.  ;0)  This is an 11X15 chocolate cake with a layer of buttercream covered in MMF, with MMF plaid and hearts.  I used a tiny bit of luster dust on the pink stripes (can't really see it).
7 32
By CustomCakesBySharon
Feb 27, 2006
I made this cake for a friends 30th birthday. She is learning italian at the moment, so I thought this wa very appropriate!!
3 7
By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
my second wedding cake.  All BC.  Turned out to be a beautiful day for the bride and groom!
8 1
By jewels625
Feb 28, 2006
This is a cake I made for the birthday of a co-worker. It's Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting and buttercream decoration. I have NO idea where I was going with this cake!!! LOL Maybe a circus theme??? This cake is why I need to start planning out my cakes and stop decorating on a whim!!! LOL I'm not very crazy about this cake but oh well :)
10 1
By Lazy_Susan
Mar 1, 2006
These are some lilies I made for a cake sampling. The bride will be using red callas and want's a red velvet cake...Woohoo! I figured it would help to have a sample of the flower she wants to help her decide...It was a great idea as i got the deal!
18 67
By Godiva
Mar 2, 2006
Done for World AIDS Day as a charity project
3 1
By nanzz
Dec 13, 2005
The party's theme colours were white, red & black.

I made my first 3D bride and groom using a chocolate mold, but both their heads broke off as I was getting it out!! Arrrrgh... 

With only one hour to go before they picked it up, I used my cookie cutters instead....and I actually like the silhouette feel of this design even better.
8 7
By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
I made this for my husband's co-worker who just became an American citizen.  He studied so hard and everyone in the office wanted to celebrate his new citizenship with him.
4 4
By projectqueen
Mar 4, 2006
School was just going to begin and we had reunion so I though it would be cute just before the kids went back to school
4 3
By bertie
Mar 5, 2006
Just a quick birthday cake for a friend.  I made the "Best Birthday Cake" from the WBH with Chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.
6 3
By cakecre8tor
Mar 6, 2006


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