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I've really wanted to try a topsy turvy cake so I offered to do one for my old offices Christmas Pot Luck - I figured if it was free I wouldn't feel too stressed about how it turned out.  I didn't do a lot of decoration or worry too much about smoothing my fondant but I am really happy with the result.  The board is suppose to look like a snow drift that the cake and snowman are sitting on....not too sure if that worked or not ;p  I can't wait to try this style again!  TFL
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By cakeinthebox4U
Dec 16, 2009
buttercream with red bc roses
By jokestersn
Dec 22, 2009
Ever have one of those cakes that you just didn't like?  Well here's mine but I didn't decide the colors.  Carved from two 8X8 sq pans, one choc, one yellow. buttercream with fondant dots.
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By alene
Dec 31, 2009
Birthday cake for a cheerleader turning 11. Her team colors are red, white and navy.  Buttercream iced, fondant bow, fondant covered board and other fondant decorations.
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By SHogg
Feb 9, 2010
These red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting were order for a bride and groom-to-be. The rings are hand-made from modelling chocolate and painted with an edible silver.
By fortheloveofcake11
Feb 10, 2010
For my son's playschool Valentine's Day Party.  The kids loved 'em!
By TotallyBaked
Feb 12, 2010
I made this for a little girls naming day
By Ktcakes1977
Feb 19, 2010
Cake to take to work to celebrate my finishing as a trainee. 
It's yellow cake with raspberry mousse and chocolate ganache, covered in fondant. Flowers are also fondant.
By lomfise
Feb 21, 2010
Buttercream base, fondant covered baseball and accents.
By merriel
Feb 22, 2010
My first attempt at a two tiered cake, - and based on High School Musical!
By Crumpa
Feb 25, 2010
12 in WASC chocolate cake. Decorations were all made of fondant (except the book which is RKT). All the decorations represented the birthday girl's interests. She was one busy girl!
By msulli10
Mar 5, 2010
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By Shevi
Mar 24, 2010
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By SweetAugust21
Mar 26, 2010
My second paid order cake, this hobby is turning a profit! 40th Anniversary cake. White Russian Cake with white chocolalate/cream cheese/Kahlua filling. Recipe on my blog:  First attempt at quilting on fondant, used a palate knife but next time I'll get an impression mat! Gumpaste calla lillies, roses and leaves. Held my breath for the writing! Thanks for all the inspiration I found on this site!
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By lorrinda
Apr 1, 2010
By 1elisamarie1
Apr 3, 2010
Blue hex cake that is butterpecan with strawberry filling.  Red cherry blossoms that didn't photography very well but I kinda liked the cake anyway!
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By Denise
Apr 3, 2010
Small chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and fondant accents.
By snowballwinters
Apr 4, 2010
One of my favorite cakes that I have made.  The party was at a petting zoo on a farm and the cake was a HIT!  The design for this cake was inspired by Wilton's Farm Fresh Cake.
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By RicheleMe2
Apr 19, 2010
These were made for a friend's bridal shower. They just loved the idea, mono-cakes individual sphere minicakes.  Theme green, red, white.  Some were red velvet, some were yellow cake, buttercream icing and fondant.  These were a great hit.
By demicakes
Apr 20, 2010
By bfp
Apr 25, 2010
I simply LOVED making this cake, it was so much fun! For a man turning 40, as a present from his wife. She gave 'carte blanche' in designing the cake, but I managed to put in a lot of personal details. When she came to collect the cake, tears came to her eyes, she was so touched! What a great feeling to make someone so happy. So here goes:
The cake is a two layer carrot deluxe (own recipe) with sweetened cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream as icing. I used both marzipan and vanilla fondant for decorating. The cakeboard is decorated as a piano, using fondant. The red cake is marzipan with musical bars impressed and fondant musical notes attached. The top cake is fondant decorated with '40' in red out of marzipan. The top of the upper cake is edible musical sheet which was handmade. The notes are from his favourite song! The topper is a little dalmation puppy as he simply loves dogs. I chose the Dalmation as the colours matched so perfectly with the rest of the cake. I especcially made his colar red! The puppy is made out of fondant. The sides of the sheet music are finished of with little hearts as a symbol of his wife's love. Made out of marzipan as are the roses in the middle! Between the two cakes is a cd with his favourite song (same as the sheet music) just as a little surprise. The cake comes with a side cake and matching cupcakes. The sidecake has a muscial chip, playing 10 seconds of the favourite song when you push the bottom... Side cake is also marzipan and fondant decorated. The cake is a fluffy vanilla two layer minicake with apricot, strawberry and whipped cream filling. Vanilla cupcakes with fondant decoration. I think I've got it all.. just drop me a line if you have any questions. Thanks for looking and I would really appreciate any comments!!!
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By Sterretje
May 9, 2010
This cake was a red velvet monster with a vanilla buttercream.  The owls on top were custom made, and I made the branch and cherry blossoms on the cake.  The bride and groom were doing a DIY wedding and this fit right in!
By Kimbercakes16
May 11, 2010
I'm making a wedding cake, got it frosted today, and decided to play around with ribbon designs before I do the real decorations tomorrow.  It's a 12in+8in+4in frosted with buttercream.
By texanlostlover
May 13, 2010
8" & 10 " Buttercream frosted with fondant accents.. edible image Pongo and Cricut cut inital "M"
By bcake1960
May 17, 2010
7 10
By acidsvilla
May 20, 2010
Just one of a few quick cakes I whipped up for School carnival cake walk Fondant acents, buttercream frosting and RI swirls
By bfunk3143
May 21, 2010
2 tier  almond vanilla graduation cake with fondant details
By sdmalone
May 24, 2010
black white red square wedding cake
2 7
By DebbiesSugarArt
May 27, 2010
NE Patriots, Boston Red Sox combo cake for my grandson
By heidi0219
Jun 6, 2010
Totally Edible Red Fish. Sculpted Cake, covered in buttercream then fondant. Hand painted with gel colors and luster dusts. Thanks for looking.
1 1
By blharper
Jun 6, 2010
1 3
By SophiaS
Jun 6, 2010
my first wedding cake, 6-10-14inch rounds all dummies as i did this for 
practice/advertising purpose, red gumpaste roses, hand painted floral design using a stencil,white fondant covered cakes and fondant bead border
4 9
By cakesbymark
Jun 13, 2010
8" Fondant covered cake for a graduation from The Ohio State University. O-H! All edible.
By ksmith1012
Jun 14, 2010
This was the first wedding cake I ever did.  I made this a Biker Wedding Cake as requested by niece, the Bride.  It was simple but that was they way she wanted it.   It's all French Vanilla Cake . I used all buttercream icing.   Used 6, 10 and 12 in pans.  Red silk roses, silver double hearts were found at Walmart for $1 a pkg, & Harley Davidson bike was provided by bride and groom
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By michel30014
Jun 16, 2010
This cake was my attempt at making a small wedding cake appear larger.  The couple ordered it exactly 6 days before their wedding so it was a rather rushed effort considering I have a full-time, non-cake, day job.  But I was pleased with it.
By BakedAlaska
Jun 17, 2010
The reason this cake is so shiny is because of the temperature change from my van to the very humid outdoors.... wedding was outside. It was not suppose to be this shiny, but it happened. Any tips on how to avoid this happening?
By cakesaremycanvas
Jun 22, 2010
The birthday boy requested happy faces with fire coming out of the eyes!  Hope he likes them!
By heartofoklahoma
Jul 3, 2010
Sugar cookies with Glaze icing. Inspired by lots of pics here on CC.
By dpdavis
Jul 3, 2010
Based on a threadless T design "Ladies and Gentlebug"
Yellow cake, vanilla buttercream and fondant
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By moonbabel
Jul 4, 2010
This cake was made for a close friend's retirement party.  The theme of the party was red and purple hats (I think she's going to start a chapter of Red Hat Society).  The hat is a ball pan cake, covered in fondant, and BC frosting.  The cake is a 3-layer, white/lemon marble with lemon pudding frosting.
7 13
By momsandraven
Apr 16, 2005


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