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This was my first go at Fondant - MMF.  I found it easier to use than I thought it would be.  The colors did not turn out as deep as I wanted.
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By cakecre8tor
Aug 10, 2005
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By Cassie1686
Sep 22, 2007
These are cakes I made for my Grandparents birthdays. I was in the cake classes at the time, it made for good practice.
By tayakaleb
Feb 20, 2006
Well guys the valcano and the cake turned out great, I put a shot glass in the top of the valcano and some dry Ice and it was smoking.

Thans for the great words and advise, this was only the 2nd cake I have done, and I am thinking that I am not done yet!
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By dolphing81
Mar 31, 2006
This was made for my boss' birthday...His wife actually asked for the Mr. Incredible picture on top. Traced on rice paper and then decorated with a #16 Tip for small stars.  Frosting and cake are amaretto flavored.
By gegon
May 22, 2005
This is my 4th cake ever. I wanted to play with striping the bag since my instructor brought it up in my class last week. ( Wilton course 1)

I am just learning to pipe borders and actually we haven't even had that class yet, but I figured I would try it so ignore the different colors on the bottom shells. I kept turning the bag and didn't realize that would have an effect until I was finished. LOL!

I normally ( well, ok once before) make Wilton Buttercream but I wanted to try to use their tub icing.
By Caribou
Nov 14, 2005
White cake with buttercreamicing. Fondant flowers. 
The party colors were yellow and red.
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By dankac
Apr 30, 2006
This was for a teacher that turned 50 this year, (she doesn't look at day over 35!) and it just so happens that Play-Doh turns 50 this year as well.  So trying to come up with a theme that wasn't all gloom and doom (ie grim reaper, over the hill etc) I went with this.  What a blast!  The decorations are all MMF, the play-doh container is cake covered with MMF and rice paper colored with EI markers.  The container didn't turn out quite as good as I wanted it to unfortunately.  Oh Well, still looks great!  :)
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By creativecakesbychristine
May 1, 2006
I actually did this cake for a demonstration for classes.  I came up with the idea from a cake in a book I just purchased, but I changed it up to do the whole cake in buttercream.  I wanted to keep it simple enough so people wouldn't be intimidated by the design.  The colors worked better than I thought they would!
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By kelleykakes
May 19, 2006
I made this cake for a co-worker. The theme for her daughter's b-day was just balloons. She didn't want anything with balloons, just balloons. She said everyone loved this cake. Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries. B/C icing.
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By luv2giggls
Aug 31, 2006
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By SweetThistleCakes
Sep 6, 2006
The top tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC, middle tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC & filled with Kahlua Raspberry filling, base tier was chocolate w/ chocolate SMBC filling & icing. Homemade fondant (Toba's recipe) decorations. I had SO much fun doing this cake!!  Please feel free to critique & offer suggestions for improvement!!
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By swoboda
Apr 30, 2006
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By dmdreese
Oct 8, 2006
This is my 1st attempt at a cupcake cake.  I think it turned out pretty good.
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By dmdreese
Oct 8, 2006
Another view of the cupcake cake.
By dmdreese
Oct 8, 2006
This was inspired by a wedding cake done by "Mom and Me" and their website.  This is a 6" round 2-layer chocolate cake with buttercream icing and yellow and red fondant accents.  The bow is yellow fondant and the writing and bead border is buttercream.
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By rsaun
Oct 8, 2006
4-Layer french vanilla cake iced in buttercream with fondant Elmo, bows, stripes, circles, & letters, all done in primary colors.  This was for a little girl's 2nd birthday (hence, the bows).  My version of a design previously submitted by Mommyof2Angels - thanks for the inspiration!  This was a very fun cake to do!
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By mommymarilyn
Oct 17, 2006
My nephews 2nd birthday. His mom said to have fun with it! So I did!
Thanks for looking!!
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By GrannieJ
Jan 6, 2007
This was a first in 2 ways- for a baby's FIRST birthday, and the FIRST time I've ever tried to do a 3D car with no help from a shaped pan.  They needed to feed a lot of people, so the cake is 4 layers tall, with a cake board in between layers 2 & 3 and support dowels.  It was fun, but I wasn't super thrilled with it.  Maybe I'll do better next time! :)
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By momsandraven
Jan 20, 2007
one of only 2 weddings i've done, turned out o.k. i think, but stresses me out. they wanted red and yellow because he always gave her red and yellow roses. the roses on top are bc.
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By smashcakes
Feb 3, 2007
this was my 3rd cake... a really cute casino cake for my mother inlaw....
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By dolphing81
Feb 8, 2007
Simple Baby Blocks drawn on Cake
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Mar 2, 2007
This was for a little boy turning 1.  It is a 11 x 15 carved to look like a crayon box and icecream cones for the tips of the crayons. Also had to make 5 dozen cupcakes with a crayon candle in each one.  I also made a 4" smash cake, but it is not in this pic.
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By missyek
Mar 12, 2007
Here is my interpretation of the Wilton dump truck.  There are alot of mistakes with this one, but I'm very happy with the result.  Cake is buttercake covered in bc the fondant.  In the back of the truck are malteasers, m&m's and mini chocolate candies.  The cone/witches hat is a toy but everthing else is edible.  This was made for my friend's boy Jake. I was abit worried about taking on such a huge job.  Thanks for looking.
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Mar 30, 2007
Red and yellow flower
By chloe1979
Sep 17, 2006
The picture was printed on a color laser printer and laminated.
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By varneyk
May 2, 2007
6 and 4 inch cakes, buttercream icing and fondant bow and decorations.  This was for my son's last day of preschool, and I made it in a HURRY!  Bow is not as nice as I would have liked.  All students names are on the crayons.
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By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
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By christen9302
May 28, 2007
Dark chocolate fudge cake with french vanilla high humidity buttercream, and candy melt clay scrolls and daisies. Scroll and grad cap are made of gumpaste. Thanks for looking!
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By fooby
Jun 9, 2007
I made this for my husband's birthday. The colors matched the napkins. Bottom cake was chocolate with raspberry bavarian cream. Top layer chocolate/white cake with nutella filling(big hit). Covered in fondant, fondant accents and fondant ruffles. First time making ruffles, not as easy as I thought.
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By aoliveira
Jun 11, 2007
This is the top tier of a bridal shower cake that had cupcakes on the lower tiers, I ran out of buttercream at 1am so that's why the daisies have no centers! :)
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By ladybuglau
Jun 12, 2007
There are 75 cupcakes, 1/2 are magnolia vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the other 1/2 are chocolate with peanut butter frosting, all have daisies on top that match the bridal flowers, but just like with the cake, I ran out of buttercream at 1am and didn't have the strenth to make more for the centers of the daisies! :)
By ladybuglau
Jun 12, 2007
This was the first cake I decorated all by myself that was not for a Wilton class. I made it for my dad and was inspired by all the falling leaves and how beautiful they were.
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By Daisys_Cakes
Sep 12, 2007
This was a cake I made today for two woman that work at the Children's Hospital in Denver... their employees ordered the cake to celebrate both their birthdays. They had no ideas except that htey wanted the logo...and it to have pink (and look like it was a card). which made it pretty difficult... i'm not thrilled with the result.. but hopefully they liked it! Thanks for looking!

This is has a white and a chocolate layer, buttercream, chocolate and fondant accents!
By DelectableCreations
Jul 29, 2007
shaped sheet cake iced in buttercream
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By cohen1
Aug 12, 2007
10", 8", 6" cakes. All fondant. This cake was for a lil' girl's birthday party that was held at Build a Bear work shop.
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By SweetToothFairy
Aug 13, 2007
This 9” caramel vanilla hazelnut cake is #2 of 4 that this client ordered. I’m experimenting, so this cake had a caramel filling. Iced in buttercream the basketweave was done using tips # 2B & #21. The roses with tip #128 and the leaves with tip #112 then dusted with Disco Hologram Dust.
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By BakeQueen
Aug 22, 2007
almond NFSC with lemon royal icing
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By MahalKita
Aug 23, 2007
This cake was made by cutting the comma shape out of an oval cake.  It was iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  The masks and beads were made of fondant and then airbrushed and painted.
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By jamjentyler
Sep 6, 2007
I have done this cake before for a little girls first birthday. This time I changed the colours for a little boy first birthday/christening cake. The original design I was inspired by was found on this sight.
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By kaz79
Sep 22, 2007


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