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These are just some cupcakes I whipped up with some leftover red icing I had.
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By Misska21
Jun 29, 2005
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By Misska21
Jun 30, 2005
14", 10" and 6" tiers. Fresh roses and lavendar.We baked the cakes in NY, froze them and took them on the plane to ID where we decorated and assembled. It isn't perfect, but we had no major disasters and the bride(my niece) and groom were pleased.
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By jgclucas
Jul 18, 2005
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By desertm
Aug 19, 2005
Rebecca sent me a picture of a wedding cake with fresh flowers on top and asked if i could do it all in icing. The cake is three tiers or white mudcake, cut to a vase/bucket shape, covered in buttercream with buttercream roses and gumpaste leaves. She loved the cake. The roses were done with strawberry buttercream, the scent was really lovely, everyone at the reception commented on how lovely the cake smelt.
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By boonenati
Oct 16, 2005
Here is a picture of a wedding cake that me and my sister did together. We made all the flower arrangments and decorated the cake. It was a big hit with everyone.
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By Kellie333
Nov 20, 2005
Here is another cake that me and my sister did. The last post I did was such a big hit at that wedding that we did another one for someone elses wedding with the same theme. Since we gave the bride and groom the flower arrangements from the last wedding cake we had to remake all of our flower arrangements again to decorate this one. It turned out great and we have fun doing them!
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By Kellie333
Nov 20, 2005
This cake is flying to Puerto Rico today to celebrate my uncle's wedding anniversary tomorrow. The filling is my usual favorite; Almond scented cake with Amaretto Espresso filling. Made a 4, 6 & 8" all covered in fondant. Red gumpaste roses. Used beads bought at a craftstore for the monogram...Much easier than I thought!
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By Godiva
Nov 24, 2005
This is a close up of the topper made for the Nieves Anniversary cake. These were all made with gum paste and the monogram with Crystals purchased at a craft store.
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By Godiva
Nov 30, 2005
This cake was iced in Mouselline Buttercream (from "The Cake Bible") flavored with Kahlua.  I didn't care for the ivory frosting against the stark white pillars though, but I didn't think about that until I was setting the cake up.  The sizes were 14", 10" and 6".  The flowers were supposed to be all red roses, but the florist threw in a surprise, but I liked the end result.
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By dparrish
Jan 5, 2006
Red velvet cake, poured chocolate ganache` w/BC roses.
Sinfully chocolate!
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Feb 13, 2006
Side view of previous cake
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By HeatherMari
Feb 15, 2006
Fondant covered heart cake with pearl border and candy clay roses.
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By bonniesido
Feb 17, 2006
The party's theme colours were white, red & black.

I made my first 3D bride and groom using a chocolate mold, but both their heads broke off as I was getting it out!! Arrrrgh... 

With only one hour to go before they picked it up, I used my cookie cutters instead....and I actually like the silhouette feel of this design even better.
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By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
6, 9, & 12" heart iced and decorated in buttercream, flowers are buttercream also. top and bottom tier are quilted and middle tier has small piped hearts.
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By sweetcakes
Mar 6, 2006
This was a full sheet cake that my sister made for her boss' suprise birthday party. The ladies favorite color is black and she loves red roses.
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By klsrtr
Mar 11, 2006
The cake was all buttercream with scrollwork.  As you can tell by my middle tier, I had a little problem with bulging.  I normally do fondant cakes, so I never had this problem before.  I now know not to put my filling too close to the edge.  Practice makes perfect right?!
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By rs3560
Mar 27, 2006
8 inch chocolate cake w/whipped buttercream frosting. This frosting was the one batch recipe, I like the two batch recipe better.
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By sue_dye
Mar 31, 2006
Decorated with buttercream, scroll work on sides and fondant pearls for borders.  Travelled 2 1/2 hours with this cake for a friends wedding and put 13 dozen real roses on it.  Cut, mirrored initials on top layer.  My husband had to place the top layer, because it was to tall for me to reach!
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By cindycakes2
Apr 1, 2006
6" double layer chocolate orange with buttercream icing and royal roses.  For a 40th birthday party.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 2, 2006
This was my very 1st paid Wedding cake.  The roses were colour matched to the bridesmaid's dresses.  I even hand sewed the bows on the ribbons on the cakes.  The bride was very happy and even gave me a picture of her and her husband cutting the cake.
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By randel
Apr 15, 2006
This is my first stacked cake that I have ever used dowel rods in before. Bottom layer is a double layer 10", middle layer is double 8", and top layer is a double layer 6". Iced in all buttercream icing and the roses are all silk. I had to transport this cake to a resturant and I had to stack it and put the borders and flowers on it when I got there, I was sooo nervous with everyone watching me my hand was just a shaking, I couldnt hardly do the shell borders, LOL. It was a real big hit everyone loved it!
By Sonya
Apr 15, 2006
10" and 6" square butter vanilla cake with off white buttercream frosting and strawberry filling. Used dark red roses
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May 2, 2006
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By ken
May 12, 2006
this was for a guy at works daughter.  chocolate cake with white icing and red roses.  just what the customer ordered.
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By cdstem
May 15, 2006
This was for a bridal shower that had 125 guests--the same size as my entire wedding!  Chocolate and yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling, bettercreme icing, silk flowers and petals.
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By lotsoftots
May 23, 2006
My first official wedding cake and first time to do such a large cake with Fondant. They wanted complete smooth flush 4 tiers with red roses in between. Their initials are on top in red. I had a bit of trouble with the smaller tiers with the fondant but I think it might have been it was too thin. They absolutely loved it and I am really proud of myself for accomplishing this.
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By MomoRox
May 24, 2006
This is a french vanilla cake with fresh strawberry/strawberry jam filling and the new wilton buttercream recipie.  First time using the comb as I am so lousy at smoothing the sides, but this buttercream smooths easily with a hot spatula.  Next time I need to either center the wording better, or put more designs on the bottom.  Live and learn!
By MomLittr
May 25, 2006
This is a traditional basic white wedding cake with BC icing. Its was suppose to look like pearls on the layers, but didn't come out like I planned. This cake was booked two days in advance, cuz the cater didn't do cakes and they forgot to ask him. This was done for a friend of my hubby's. Not to bad for having to put something together last minute though. There are little roses along the border and a small rose bouquet in the centers.
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By wolfyjules
Jun 5, 2006
Bottom square cake is white w/lemon filling, BC icing. Heart top layer is carrot cake w/cream cheese icing.  The cake was my wedding gift to them.
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By momsandraven
Jun 10, 2006
I always have issues getting my squares straight!!! Decorated with buttercream icing and fresh roses and petals. Design was inspired by Wedding Cakes by Gina.
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By traci
Jun 10, 2006
1/4 sheet cake, marble with buttercream, 2 layers.  Roses are buttercream.  This cake went with the tiered cake.
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By sweetcreation
Jun 11, 2006
My first tiered cake.  All buttercream.  6" round-chocolate, 8"-white, 10"-marble.  It was a cake adventure, but I love how it turned out and the customer was very pleased.  The actual anniversary couple were surprised, as they didn't know this type of cake was being made for them.  The 1/4 sheet cake is also posted. My story is posted on the forum.
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By sweetcreation
Jun 11, 2006
This is the final cake I made for my Wilton course lll! I loved working on it, even though making all those fondant roses was a very time-consuming process! I gave it to my grandparents, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. :) Thanks for looking! GBY
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By Belldandy
Jun 13, 2006
A big learning experience.  I was in WAY over my head on this one.  All different flavors and fillings, buttercream icing and decorations.  Real roses.
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By lotsoftots
Jun 14, 2006
This was done for a 50th birthday party.  It is a 10" round cake, torted to 4 layers, filled and iced with cream cheese icing, and walnuts and pecans pressed into the sides.
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
Hard to tell from this picture,  lighting was terrible - scrolls, dots and last name written on top.  When I got there to deliver the cake, and asked about the flowers for it...   they pointed to a bucket of roses and greenery, and said, "there you go!"  Didn't plan on doing floral arrangement too!
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By cakesbyallison
Jun 25, 2006
Red royal icing roses
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By all4cake
Jul 2, 2006
This is a 12" white cake with White Buttercream Icing topped with approx. 50 roses.  There's a Wilton book that has a similar cake on the cover with 2 shades of pink roses.  I made that one a week prior to this one.  My aunt wanted a white cake with red roses and so I chose the same design because I wanted to see the pink one in another color.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 3, 2006
Four tier wedding cake with red roses between each layer.
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By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005


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