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My nephew couldn't decide whether or not he wanted the Hulk or Spiderman, so I told him he didn't have to decide and I managed to come up with this.  It's just a 1/2 sheet cake decorated with buttercream frosting; I managed to find the little figures at a Christmas clearance sale, they were ornaments.
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By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
Cake I did for my son's 3rd birthday. First time working with color flow (outside of the butterflies I did in Wilton II class) wish the windows came out better. I liked the way the cake came out though. Spiderman is a candle.
19 45
By genean
Feb 24, 2006
this is the cake i did in class.  didnt like what i did on top but i had fun doing it.
By cdstem
Feb 26, 2006
Moist Chocolate cake using Splenda for Baking to replace sugar, frosting with regular Wilton Buttercream.
By culinarilyobsessed
Mar 30, 2006
This is the cake I made for my daughter's second birthday party. I took the tops of the party blowers and stuck them with the appropriate colored "Wiggle" and put their toy "Big Red Car" as the topper! Thanks for looking!
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By RaRaRobyn
Apr 20, 2006
Here's an 18x24 sheet cake... I modified an idea from another user.... so thanks for that!!!  First big sheet cake... I held my breath many times!!!  AND, if anyone has a good tip for tinting the icing any easier, please let me know!  I think I spent 2 hours alone getting the red and blue just right!
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By K8E
Jun 11, 2006
I use piping gel for the web
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By tame
Jun 26, 2006
With grand thanks to KayDay for her inspiring "Miss Liberty Belle" idea.
By Ksue
Jul 4, 2006
This was a cake for a friend's 1 year old son.  His Bday falls on the 2nd or 3rd of July.  Thanks mrsfish94 for the inspiration!
By cakeatty
Jul 10, 2006
This half sheet cake was made for a 3 year old.  His grandpa stated that all he wanted for his birthday was anything with Thomas the Tank on it ...even if it was a sock the kid would be satisfied.  Well I made him a cake with Thomas on it and he was beaming with excitement.
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By kimhamjohn
Aug 1, 2006
This cake was iced in blue buttercream then the image was piped on the cake using tips #9 & 12. The border was done using tip #10 and writing with tips #4 & 5.
By BakeQueen
Aug 30, 2006
This is a carrot cake with bc icing. I followed the directions that you can get on the Wilton website. The cross pan was used for the airplane. The recipient was thrilled with it!
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By KimmysKakes
Sep 2, 2006
This was one of those cakes I scrapped off the border 3 times before throwing in the towel - I just couldn't get it right. Finally the cake won - I threw in the towel and hope for the best.
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By kycake
Sep 2, 2006
All rolled buttercream, with some fondant and gumpaste in figures and flowers and greenery, writing is hand painted.
By spitefiresas21
Sep 11, 2006
Flowers in Gumpaste, and cake in american paste.
By isamen77
Sep 27, 2006
My version of Superman for a customer.I can't remember who it was but Thankyou for emailing me the superman image!!
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By Kiddiekakes
Sep 29, 2006
I got the idea from some one on this site, I loved it so much I had to try it out!!!  Its all MMF other than the bubbles that were buttercream.
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By sarahleecookies
Nov 30, 2006
I made this one for a 5th grade football team's end of season party!  The pom pom's are made from the small sports ball pans.  White and Chocolate cakes with class BC and old fashioned BC icing.
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By bamagirl92
Dec 28, 2006
This is a white & chocolate marble cake with class BC icing.  I used the transfer pattern for the helmet and football.
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By bamagirl92
Dec 28, 2006
I decorated this one for my neighbor's daughter.  Chocolate cake with BC icing.
By bamagirl92
Dec 28, 2006
This is made with a Wilton pan and placed on top of another layer.  Made for someone's 3 year old son.
By melyissa
Jan 26, 2007
This is a Butter Pecan cake with buttercream icing.
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By Eeyore16
Jan 28, 2007
the topper for the sail boat cake for and 80th b-day who loves to sail
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By dawnbakescakes
Jan 31, 2007
This cake was made for a boy who is turning twelve. He really didn't want a theme but wanted marble cake and reds,blues,yellows and greens. I think it turned out really nice. I will deliver it tomorrow for his party.
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By fmcmulle
Feb 2, 2007
Cup cake display for two little cousins turning 1, and sharing a party....
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By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 16, 2007
Nephews b-day cake.
buttercream transfer, time consuming.
By bonnieterrito
Mar 17, 2007
This is before I fixed the board with grass. The shortening from the buttercream started to spread across the board. I didn't get a picture of the fixed cake. This was for my SIL's friend at the bank she works at...BIG Patriots fan. I was a little disappointed at the cracks in the buttercream from moving the cake. The jersey is fondant. The Patriots symbol is frozen buttercream transfer.
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By kimheflin
Apr 8, 2007
This cake was for a little boy's 3rd birthday. I got the ideas from on here, thanks again everyone!
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By faitheve
May 8, 2007
3 1
By kuki
May 14, 2007
All buttercream, Elmo is made from Rice Krispy Treats and covered with icing.
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By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
Cake 1 of 3...all buttercream, colored stars are large Wilton sprinkles.
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By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
Cake 2 of 3...all buttercream.
1 17
By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
Cake 3 of 3...all buttercream.
4 30
By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
8 35
By mariprincesa
May 20, 2007
I made this cake using the Wilton star pan. The red and blue are colored piping gel. It's a funfetti cake mix
with vanilla buttercream.
4 3
By Staceface81
May 23, 2007
I made this cake for memorial day this weekend (and a celebration of me and my hubby's bdays) :)  Outside is all fondant...MMF that is...the red & blue gave me troubles rolling out and the blue was a nightmare to cover that cake with but thank goodness for BIG stars to cover it all LOL  The top are royal icing flowers on covered florist wires.
4 11
By shalderman
May 27, 2007
This was the main cake for a lady at my church that was getting married at her home and needed an affordable cake that fed alot of people.  I made this one and an additional sheet cake for extra servings.  I made all of the silk flower arrangements and was very pleased with how they turned out.
5 10
By frogleggs
Jun 30, 2007
shamelessly copied from MelZ!  Loved that cake and just had to do it! All MMF.
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By kidsnurse
Jul 1, 2007
square with buttercream.  Buttercream drawing and fondant ribbon and bow.
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By cohen1
Jul 3, 2007
I did these cupcakes for my nephew's 6th birthday.  He absolutely LOVES spiderman.  I didn't want to just use the little plastic toppers, so I decided to make webs & spiders. I bought the Wilton Spiderman cupcake liners, used butter cream icing & tried this delicious recipe for yellow cupcakes using all brown sugar & no granulated sugar.
1 33
By culinarilyobsessed
Sep 27, 2005


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