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I made this cake for my mom.  She loves raspberries.  I did a raspberry fruit filling and whipped icing - very light flavor through out.
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Jun 16, 2005
This was my mother's 43rd B-day cake. And my first one for other people. It is Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chips. Raspberry mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. The roses are also a first for me and also made out of BC.
By whtrbbt420
Oct 17, 2005
Swiss chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling, whipped cream frosting and fresh raspberries.  Copied from a cake I saw in the gallery by BJ.
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By lotsoftots
Jan 2, 2006
4 layer white cake with fresh raspberries as filling. buttercream icing. fondant covered, cut out heart. raspberries around heart. pink candy dots and drizzle.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 8, 2006
white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry puree swirled throughout, oreo cookies crust.  Topped with white chocolate drizzle, fresh sweetened whipped cream, and white chocolate shavings.
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By jdelectables
Mar 6, 2006
This is the cake for my mom's birthday, she is a raspberry fanatic - French vanilla cake, raspberry filling, whipped icing, real raspberries on the outside
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By Lelo
Mar 11, 2006
The following 4 cakes including this one are for a shopping bazaar here in Misawa, Japan.  This cake is yellow, with raspberry filling, and almond icing.  This cake is my favorite design.  The rose-like flowers are rosette swirls (to resemble raspberries) done in tip 30.
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By sweetcreation
Mar 23, 2006
This was a Raspberry Mini Cake with White Chocolate Mousse filling.  The sizes of the tiers were 4 and 2 inches.s
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May 6, 2006
Vanilla cake with dark choc. mousse filling, raspberry buttercream frosting and choc. buttercream roses and writing. Ran out of rasp. bc so I used some regular that I had leftover from last weeks birthday cake.
By fmandds
May 8, 2006
This was a Chocolate Raspberry cake with Raspberry filling.  Then I did a Dark Chocolate Ganache with buttercream scroll work.  It was a hit at the birthday party!
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May 9, 2006
Did this for a friend... cakes are homemade pound cake filled with a white chocolate/cool whip and fresh fruit (might be too soft though...?) and iced with a whipped buttercream recipe I got from work.   Flowers are done in royal.  I wanted it to look yummy as well as pretty, so it is kinda simple but I thought they'd like it.
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By Kitagrl
May 19, 2006
My birthday cake. Yummmmmmy. This is a eight inch chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. Pettince ribbon/bow and topped with raspberries. Your critique is greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Jun 7, 2006
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By KayDay
Jun 17, 2006
I loved this idea... When my bride said she wanted fresh fruit I instantly ran with this idea. She wants it square though so am working on her. Thanks for looking... Stats: Raspberry Cake (BUttercake w/ raspberry oil, curtiousy of, Ganache filling with cream cheese frosting... It was perfect
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By kristingeorge
Jul 15, 2006
These are all iced in buttercream (6, 10 & 14 rounds) with Siss Dots on the sides and simple borders.  The bride wanted simple (good for me!).  The cake is a golden butter cake with raspberry and white chocolate truffle filling.  Bride's mother made "patches" of flowers and I placed them on the cake for her.  Topper also belonged to bride's mother.
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By msauer
Jul 23, 2006
My first "not practice" cakes for my grandparent's 60th anniversary. 
Not perfect, but everyone loved them. 

(I know the top tier was supposed to sit down on the big pearls, but I didn't realize the pillars needed trimming until it was too late.)

Tiered cake is vanilla/vanilla on top and butter pecan/apricot on the bottom.

Package cakes are (l to r) vanilla/coconut, strawberry/strawberry, lemon/blackberry, and chocolate/raspberry.
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By Ireaa
Jul 24, 2006
This goes in to my not so favorite cakes!!!  Not possible to decorate with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing!!!  But was it ever tastey!!!!!!  This was a raspberry white chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing.  It was so rich that I was very sick after one small piece.
By alicia_froedge
Aug 1, 2006
By TandTHarrell
Aug 2, 2006
While technically my mom is a senior citizen, she is a Mickey mouse fiend!  She of course loved it.  I torted this and put raspberry filling in it (white cake).  I bought the black and red frosting, CHEATED!
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By alicegop
Aug 4, 2006
The bride and groom were all about fresh fruit, we came up with this idea... It was a huge hit!!!! We have 2 Chocolates w/berry filling, 2 Vanillas w/berry filling and 1 Raspberry w/ganache filling and the bride/groom cake is raspberry with ganache.
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By kristingeorge
Aug 6, 2006
Made for a co-worker for her husband's birthday.  He loves raspberries so I put fresh raspberries in the cake and the frosting!
By girltrapped
Aug 7, 2006
Simple cake but looks yummy, I like that kind..."Elvis Favorite Pound Cake" recipe with lemon curd filling on the top two and Polaner Raspberry filling in the bottom.  I used a light whipped buttercream icing and then scrollwork with fresh raspberries and mint leaves.
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By Kitagrl
Sep 3, 2006
I love this cake. Even though it is obviously done by a beginner, I just Love the swirls and the peachy petunias. This was my final cake for wilton course 3! I made the petunias out of royal icing, and I'm especially proud of the cake topper, made with petunias, tulle and styrofoam.
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By Daniellemhv
Sep 4, 2006
I have only done this using pans (for a stunt cake), but this is the REAL thing!  Cake is classic white cake with bakery buttercream frosting.  It is filled with home-made lemon curd. The tier sizes are 12", 10", 8" and 6".  The ribbon is plain satin floral ribbon 2.5" wide.  I used wax paper cut to the length and width of the ribbon around each layer first (to prevent grease or raspberry bleeding), then wrapped the ribbon.  I used pearl head corsage pins to hold the ribbon!  It was a BIG hit! :)
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By dttcb
Sep 5, 2006
My most homemade cake to date!  It's a doctored cake mix (my first time), 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla, with raspberry filling and the chocolate syrup frosting recipe I got from this site.  I can't wait to see what it looks like inside!
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By sprgirl1978
Sep 21, 2006
I used the Raspberry Cream Cake resipe found here at Cake Central for this one.  It was rather fun and the whipped filling is nice and fluffy!
By llynnowens
Sep 21, 2006
This is the choc/rasp birthday cake I made for myself this year!  Chocolate fudge cake, raspberry filling, chocolate syrup frosting and fresh raspberries on top.  My favorite combination - I was in a choc/rasp coma afterwards!
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By jaitee69
Sep 23, 2006
White cake with raspberry filling
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By GrannieJ
Sep 30, 2006
This cake was made in less than a 24 hr period.  It was a rush for someone who was leaving town and needed a cake to take to a chef's house in PA. "No pressure there".

It is a 9" Chocolate fudge cake torted to 4 layers with White Chocolate Buttercream and raspberry filling.

Chocolate buttercream and Ganache and Chocolate curls.
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By Ladivacrj
Oct 1, 2006
I made this by using the theme of the invitations. It is a chocolate cake with choc rasp frosting and rasp flavored fondant. I was going to put it on a cake pillow and decided it would be to much so I made the pillow as a seperate cake.
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By susanscakebabies
Oct 21, 2006
here is the pillow cake that goes with the peapod
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By susanscakebabies
Oct 21, 2006
4 lyr white cake w/ raspberry "fluff" filling .  Frosted w/ light raspberry flavored BC.
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By TiffTurtle
Oct 22, 2006
I made this cake using rasberry jam mixed with the buttercream.  The cake is french vanilla with rasberry cream filling. Polka dots and bow are fondant.  This was my first attempt at a fondant bow.  It came out sortof sloppy, so I added some fondand rosebuds and leaves to cover up my mistakes!  Grandma liked it.
By mears202
Nov 5, 2006
This is actually a practice cake (It just happened to work out for my birthday party) for a baby shower inspired by artists on THIS website!  A lot of firsts here for me.  First square cake, first time working with fondant (bow), and first time using the particular filling recipe.  I learned a lot.  Can anyone please email me privately and give me help with the bow?  If you could see close up, you'd see I had trouble.  The cake is chocolate with a Kahlua Raspberry Cream filling, BC frosting, fondant bow.
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By jonilovescake
Nov 14, 2006
Poor old hand blender gave up the ghost. The pink frosting is vanilla all-butter with fresh raspberry puree. Delicious!
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By missyv110
Nov 28, 2006
This is a cake done by my mother and sister for my 18th birthday. It is a white sponge cake with raspberry cream cheese filling. Decorated with a royal icing "Hello Kitty" and ready made Marzipan roses and leaves
By zaralin
Dec 9, 2006
Sampler gift box with four chocolate cake bonbons. The box includes a toffee, a mint, a raspberry with raspberry filling and plain chocolate.
By tiptop57
Dec 18, 2006
Here's the one I had so much trouble with the writing.  I finally just used the Wilton imprint lettering kit and was done with it.  You can see if you look closely where I scraped off the yellow earlier.  Ugh....  I need to practice writing for sure.  I hope it tastes better than I think it looks though I'm told it looks great!  We are our own worst critics!  Enjoy the photo!  Half Yellow and Half Chocolate, all BC icing and fresh Raspberries.
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By stlalohagal
Dec 30, 2006
This is my first chocolate transfer!  It needs lots of piping is so shaky, and I should have chosen a smaller image to copy.  We were celebrating our 3rd anniversary of buying our home, so I made a little cake.  It's just a 9 in. vanilla cake, torted and filled with raspberry seedless preserves, and house buttercream from the WBH with raspberry preserves added.  My first time torting a cake too.  It's pretty fun!

I hope to take Wilton I soon, but my family really doesn't like cake!  What to do?
By Kelrak
Jan 22, 2007
14" round- Bride's White Cake; 10" round- Buttermilk Devil's Food Cake; 9" heart- Chocolate Amaretto Cake; all filled with Raspberry filling ( all iced with Buttercream/White Chocolate icing. The pink is from the filling- I had a little disaster with the big cake, so I made it look like I did it one purpose. Got a lot of compliments on it (*sigh* if they only knew)
By m0use
Apr 13, 2005


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