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By Sealey
Jan 22, 2011
My first MMF person!  I know she doesn't look like Rapunzel from the Tangled movie, but the mom liked her, so I was happy.  Tower is RKT.  10 inch WASC cake with BC.  All decorations MMF except for vine - BC and flowers - Royal Icing.
By AmyLee77
Jan 23, 2011
Rapunzel is made out of gumpaste.  Her hair, the flowers, leaves and vine up the tower are royal icing.  Everything else is fondant.  The whole castle including the roof is butter cake.
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By Renuka
May 14, 2006
This cake is based off of Disney's Tangled. Made for a little girl with bright colours!
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By Domestic_Sugar
Jan 21, 2011
I made this for my DD's birthday.  It was my first time working with MMF. It was fun, but a little scary. I hope it holds up until her party tonight!
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By jadak
Jul 24, 2007
This was made for a young lady who doesn't like cake.  She is in a theater group doing Grimms fairy tales.  It is also for her 16th birthday.  This is what I came up with.  Sugar cookie is covered with 50/50 mix of RBC & MMF.  Accents are BC, RI & MMF.
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By MelZ
Mar 2, 2007
This is a fruit cake covered ith rolled fondant, scored to look like bricks. The prince is shaped fondant and the water is dyed gel. The rooms were  baked in 1 lb coffee cans , pork-n-bean and green bean cans. The prince called  to the princess to let down her long hair after hearing the old woman/witch say this to Rapunzel. The princess is in the window with her long golden hair hanging down.
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By kuhlmanma
Sep 17, 2006
Critique subgroup member: HUGE castle cake- covered in fondant, had to use the wilton castle set so it has some plastic pieces that I covered in fondant and decorated- second set of cakes has Rapunzel and the prince (fondant and gumpaste mix) with her hair coming down in a braid for him to climb up on :) Great story.  :) Boat, bridge, flag, etc. fondant and gumpaste mix. Cakes painted with gold luster dust TFL
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By sylly
Jun 1, 2008
This is the first time I've made/used MMF. These are for a cake for my DD's b-day. I will be doing the cake tomorrow. It is going to be Rapunzel in her tower and the prince climbing up her hair to rescue her. I hope it turns out!
By jadak
Jul 23, 2007
Chocolate, strawberry and lemon cake with marshmallow fondant and 50/50 figurine
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By PistachioCranberry
Jan 26, 2009
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By Eatit2
Mar 5, 2009
This was a cake made for a 6 year old girls birthday.  I used the wonder mold pan and put that cake on top of an 8 in. round cake.  The little girl had picked out a Rapunzel Barbie and wanted the cake to look like that doll.  The mom also ordered 36 cupcakes to go with it.  I put pink and purple on those cupcakes.  This is a butter cake frosted with buttercream.  I used a little bit of choco-pan to fill in from the top of the cake to the middle of the Barbie.
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By pangegray
May 30, 2009
Inspired by Debbie brown
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By irenegabellone
Sep 13, 2009
6-tier cake made for the 2010 Royal Easter Show/Sydney Royal Arts Competition. Most Creative Cake Category. Cake covered in fondant , then mixed cookie crumbs for sand. Rock shelf, coral reef, models of the Rapunzel Mermaid and her Sailor Prince all gumpaste. Castle turret shells GP over ice cream cones. Towers made of fondant and crumbs, moulded around tubes. Thanks for looking!
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By Evoir
Apr 11, 2010
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By notmymum
May 28, 2008
This was a '2nd attempt' at a Rapunzel cake - (if there is a category for cake disasters, I may upload it when I get over the shame :(

As things go sometimes, this came out better than the original cake I planned!
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By Kimsi
Jul 18, 2010
A vanilla sponge, with vanilla BC & strawberry torte, covered in fondant.  All accents made from fondant except Rapunzel, which was made from gumpaste.  I made the towers in a muffin tray and then stacked them.  A big thank you to notmymum for the inspiration.
By Meg147
Jul 23, 2010
stacked 6" cakes to make tower. Covered in fondant, with fondant princess, number, flowers  and stone path. Royal icing for the grass. Birthday message is printed paper.
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By dittle
Aug 30, 2010
Rapunzel cake for my niece turning 6.  Hearts are are to hold the candles.  Chocolate cake covered in fondant.  BC trim on the dress.  Thanks to many others on CC for the wonderful ideas.
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By slester
Nov 3, 2010
This was done for my sister's 25th suprise birthday. It is strawberry cake with strawberry & chocolate icing. She always wanted a "doll" cake and never got one so here is my contribution to what she "never had".
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By ajeffery2001
Jun 23, 2008
By chachascakes
Nov 16, 2010
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By KrazyKakesNJ
Nov 24, 2010
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream...decorated with fondant.
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By Deb_D
Nov 27, 2010
This cake is strawberry on top and chocolate on the bottom. It has chocolate and strawberring buttercream icing for the filling. This is a real barbie doll form the movie Tangled (Rapunzel). I had a hard time getting her in the cake....I had to cut out a lot of cake to fit her but and legs. :) I almost broke her legs off, but the customer would have been mad....she bought the doll for her daughter. I also had to put her hair up in plastic wrap until the frosting was done. That was tricky with all the hair that she had. But, the girl loved the cake! I was pleased how well it turned out....her dress lookes identical to the dress she was wearing! So happy, too because this was my firrst paying customer! I hope to have more customers.....:)
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By areinsbach
Dec 4, 2010
This is my first princess castle cake. It was inspired by the Disney movie Tangled. I basically just used the color schemes as I am not experienced enough to make a replica of the castle. This cake took forever but it was a lot of trial and error. Everything is edible except for the flags on top of the towers.
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By SamanthaJSloan
Dec 7, 2010
I made this as a surprise for the birthday girl. I had a really hard time getting the purple for the cake to match the purple on Rapunzel's dress so I just matched it to the castle colors. This was my first time using fondant. I used MMF and the dress "overlay" was supposed to go all the way to the bottom of the dress but I didn't have enough and was getting frustrated with the fondant and I worked with what I had. Next time maybe I'll correct my mistakes.
By SamanthaJSloan
Dec 7, 2010
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By Polkadot79
Dec 11, 2010
This was an 11x15 sheetcake for my niece's 5th birthday.  1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla with buttercream icing.  Picture of Rapunzel was done using FBCT.  TFL!
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By nfanel
Dec 12, 2010
Made this for a dear friend's daughter.  Castle is rice krispie treats covered in fondant "stones".  Figures were provided by mom.
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By tjkern1
Dec 18, 2010
I used the Wilton castle kit. I also made modifications to the towers that inserted into the cake by drilling holes and inserting dowel rods secured with hot glue. The directions said to secure dowels with candy melts. For the towers on the cake board I attched them with royal icing plus a ring of fondant and then covered with buttercream "grass." This cake had to be transported and it did just fine. All the princesses are toys. The stones, pumpkin, frog, wood bridge & cobblestone path are mmf/gumpaste. The water was made with tinted piping gel over fondant. Thanks for looking! And for all the other great castle cakes I looked at to do this one!
By SweetTater
Jan 5, 2011
Jan 6, 2011
Tangled birthday cake, based on Disney's Rapunzel
By annemaried
Jan 7, 2011
5th birthday cake for my daughter with the tower from the movie "Tangled" and a plastic Rapunzel figurine.  She was thrilled--absolutely loved it!  Thanks for looking.
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By Bizzers
Jan 10, 2011
this was for my daughter's 7th birthday
By wondermomx4
Jan 11, 2011
By Allikat415
Jan 13, 2011
My first cake Topper after my daughter and I's favorite movie Tangled! Cake and gum paste figure. TFL
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By willows
Jan 14, 2011
Rice Krispy treat tower,  mmf decorations, buttercream icing.
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By cakerookie8915
Jan 15, 2011
Did this cake for a friend's daughter's birthday.  Used a bell shaped pan for the skirt and placed the whole doll cake on top of a 10" round.  Fondant, buttercream
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By 17tangerine
Jan 17, 2011
1/2 sheet cake w/ choc. filling and BC frosting.  I Used the disney figurines for Rapunzel and Flynn.  The tower is a 4x4 styrofoam block wrapped in fondant, 5 regular cupcakes, and one large cupcake topped w/ a sugar cone frosted with a dowel rod through the whole tower foam and cake for stability.
By Kim1268
Jan 18, 2011
Many thanks to those who made similar grateful for the inspiration!
Jan 23, 2011


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