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This is the cake that I did in class tonight.
By cocakedecorator
Apr 19, 2005
Made for my daughters 4th birthday. Used skittles on the cake
By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
Imade this cake for my little girl last year. It was  buttercream icing and my first character cake pan i've made.
By bryn
Jun 2, 2005
Rainbow Brite Cake made with Wilton Cake Pan
2 2
By Valerie0811
Jun 20, 2005
Well, I have worked all day on this, on and off. I finally made some progress in smoothing and got some rose practice. It's just chocolate cake from scratch with buttercream frosting. My friends are in there playing Pente waiting for a piece. :)
4 3
By gdixoncakes
Aug 6, 2005
My first official decorating project, done of course 1, which I am currently taking... FUN!
By AndiSue
Aug 20, 2005
This was a companion cake I made for my daughter's 5th bday which was a Wizard of Oz themed bday.  Lemon cake w/lemon filling and a hint of lemon in the frosting.  Sounds like a bit much lemon, but was delicious!
1 2
By 4cakefiends
Sep 3, 2005
I did the ever so popular Wilton Rainbow Cake for my Wilton Course I. This was just a practice cake. I'm sure at some point, everyone will make this cake if you take the Wilton Course. I hope I did an ok job!
2 2
By SherisEdibleDesigns
Sep 20, 2005
I made this cake for a 2 year old's birthday. The bottom tier was a 2 layer 14" round. The top tier was a single layer, with some scraps used to supplement the contours on the Care Bear's face and cheeks. It was all covered in Rolled fondant. The clouds were made of royal icing, and attached when firm. The top tier (the Care Bear) was supported by a base of 1/8" clear plastic base - cut to the shape of the care bear, and supported with dowels into the bottom layer (assembled like a wedding cake).
5 50
By Bekandcurt
Sep 23, 2005
I made this for my friend's daughters 4th birthday.  After frosting the entire cake, I made my own stencil for the pony's body and used Wilton's blue spray to color it.  Then I outlined all the details in black and filled everything in with a variety of tips and finished it off with a couple of cute butterflies and cake sprinkles.
7 5
By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
Here's the rainbow cake I made for Course I, I had fun
By Barbara76
Oct 18, 2005
Wasn't happy with this one AT ALL. Oh well, that's why it's called a practice cake...
By PastryChef2B
Oct 21, 2005
The customer wanted a cell phone themed sheet cake in rainbow colors. This is what I came up with. She loved it.
10 17
By Kellie1583
Nov 14, 2005
I wanted to pitch this cake over the rainbow by the time I finished. My icing came out great for the colors, very smooth, but then I made another batch using the "CLass" recipe and it was bumpy and full of clumps. I ended up not noticing that until it was ON the cake. Hopefully next week's cake is better. Hoping for HAPPY CLOWNS!
By Caribou
Nov 18, 2005
These are my very first cakes made in the Wilton Course I.  It's funny to look at the "Crunchy" looking BC icing.  That's before I learned to add more liquid to a stiff consistency to make an easy spread for icing a cake.  LOL!  However, it was fun to learn to make the stars and also how to make clowns with icing.  Thanks for looking.
Nov 28, 2005
A strange request from a 9 year old, concentric rainbow rectangles!
5 7
By Rexy
Dec 7, 2005
This is my first cake from the class.  I couldn't get my icing to crust so it looks a bit homely.  But it was filled with love!
By daranaco
Dec 12, 2005
This was my first cake.  I've discovered that I don't like The smaller round tips; like 1-5.  My hands aren't steady enough for those.
3 2
By kelleygirl
Dec 20, 2005
This cake was for my daughter's rainbow themed birthday.  I used 2 9" cakes stacked, cotton candy for the clouds and candy melts with coloring for the rainbow.
4 3
By beanyhunter
Jan 23, 2006
This is a picture of my first cake.  It was for my daughter's 5th Birthday.
By firemanswife
Jan 25, 2006
My daughter wanted this cake for her birthday along with a cabbage patch and cupcakes with candles for all of her friends to blow out with her. So I did 2 cakes and 48 cupcakes. She had a big party, and loved her cakes. You only turn 5 once. I think it's cool that she likes the same things that I did as a child.
4 3
By mistygaildunn
Jan 26, 2006
I couldn't believe I could make a cake that pretty.  I just got back from my honeymoon so I was really in love with my husband.  So that is why it says I love Derek.  I'm still in love with him but its not on my cakes anymore.
By mcbeal42
Jan 26, 2006
My first Wilton class cake.  First attempt at transferring a pattern and with Wilton buttercream.  Lots of fun!
8 2
By laneysmom
Feb 10, 2006
I know this looks horrible I just wanted it in my album!!!
By jennifer293
Feb 13, 2006
Well, the pictures are mixed up, but you get the idea.
5 3
By dndcooper
Feb 19, 2006
Wilton class 1.  My very first cake using class buttercream.
By sparkleshine
Feb 23, 2006
I was told that the invitations had teddy bears in raincoats, but that was all of the guidance given, other than it was for a boy baby.  As it turned out, the decorations matched the decor almost perfectly! 8", 6", and 4" cakes
16 9
By momsandraven
Feb 25, 2006
this is the first cake i did in class 1 of the wiltons course, but it is actually my 4th cake ever made.
By cdstem
Feb 26, 2006
White cake with rasberry filling.  My first tiered cake! On each of the tiers one layer was pink and one was purple.   This cake was inspired from a cake off of the coolest birthday cakes web site.
14 29
By tinabee
Mar 4, 2006
This was for a repeat customer, so I threw in the smash cake for free.  All marble cake with all buttercream icing.  I used Wilton Color Mist for the rainbow effect on the base cake (gosh, I wish I had an airbrush!).  I cut an 8" round for the smash cake rainbow.  The little care bears are plastic.
7 22
By CustomCakesBySharon
Mar 13, 2006
Yellow cake with class buttercream icing
By HaileysMom
Mar 14, 2006
I made this cake for both St. Patrick's Day and my grandma's birthday.  She loved it!
4 3
By blindambition
Mar 17, 2006
There is a significant history to this cake, but in the end it turned out OK.  Most important thing was that our Dora fanatic was thrilled again!  Buttercream on chocolate cake.  No fancy techniques as had not started Wilton classes yet...
3 2
By FunCakesVT
Mar 17, 2006
By FunCakesVT
Mar 17, 2006
The inside of this cake is tie-dye also!  The smiley on top is a rice krispie treat.  The tie-dye patterns are icing transfers.  This cake was so fun to make!!!
22 76
By teesue
Mar 20, 2006
My first cake!
By pyseas
Mar 23, 2006
My first cake for course 1!!!  Went a little cloud crazy LOL
9 1
By KHalstead
Mar 24, 2006
1 1
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
This is my "I don't know what to decorate" idea, my young nephew loves rainbows, quick, easy and lazy
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By lmorton
Mar 27, 2006
This girl liked rainbow and shapes so that's what's on the cake. I had fun making it and she loved it.  I used the Tupperware "Shap-o-toy" shapes to press in the cake to trace.
4 3
By Susan94
Apr 13, 2005


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