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This cake was done on a spur of the moment.  My BF's father took his car drag racing on Father's day.  The 2 1/2 Ton Indian (car name) logo is in the top corner.  While my dad really enjoys nascar, favorite driver #48 Jimmie Johnson, Bottom corner.  So I encorperated both into this cake.  My first BCT, which I learned a few lessons.  Glad they were small transfers I had to redo the Indian a few times to get it right.
2 9
By leily
Jun 20, 2005
My son insisted on having his cake loaded with cars.  I used cupcakes smothered in icing to create the track.
7 25
By jennawarner
Jun 29, 2005
4 18
By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
This is a 3-d personalized racecar.  I made it for my little cousins 11th birthday (hence the number 11 on the car).  It is a vanilla cake with chocolate pastry cream and bananas.  I covered the cake in buttercream and then airbrushed the colors.  The windows are made from black fondant and then airbrushed with silver.  All of the little decals were made with a food color printer and potato paper.  Then I hand-painted silver stripes and squiggles.  Enjoy!
4 2
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
Thanks to everyone for your ideas and pictures sent to me for this cake ... They loved it!  Inside is french vanilla with buttercream icing ... barrel racer was done in fondant as well as the letters.
8 11
By ntertayneme
Nov 12, 2005
No-fail sugar cookie recipe with royal icing.  All cars were done freehand.  This is what I did in place of the actual cookie cutter in the shape of the car.
3 5
By tripletmom
Nov 24, 2005
11X15 marble cake iced in buttercream.  The '3' is made with a FBCT and the signature was made using the piping jell technique (1st time and I love it!).  The checkered sides were done freehand.  My customer saw the one that djjarrett88 had done (htank you!) and loved it so here is my version.
14 82
By tripletmom
Dec 3, 2005
3-D cruiser pan on top of a 9X13 base, French Vanilla iced with buttercream.  Replaced the 'Bud' logo with the name of the birthday boy.  I wasn't happy with how this cake turned out at all but the Mom sent me a lovely thank-you note saying how much her little guy loved it.
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By tripletmom
Feb 10, 2006
9X13 chocolate cake iced with buttercream.  Based on a previous design inspired by djjarrett88.  The cars are foil wrapped chocolates.
8 26
By tripletmom
Mar 3, 2006
This was a cake that I made for my sons cub scout pack for their Pinewood Derby.  It was a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting covered in Marshmallow Fondant.  I put knife mark cuts on the top and sides of the fondant to try and give it a look of wood to make it match the track that we use.  The cars are molded chocolate.  I wasnt to thrilled with how the fondant rolled out since I have never rolled fondant that large before.  I think the cake came out okay.
5 9
By peachstate
Mar 5, 2006
This is a race car I did for my sons 5th birthday! He absolutely loved it!
By CakeBakingGurl
Mar 5, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with sugar crafted racing cars arranged to look like a car racing, sugar paste flags & plastic trees makes it more realistic
2 3
By ibcablr
Apr 3, 2006
For a 3 year old who loves horses!
3 2
By tastycake
Apr 30, 2006
Chocolate with buttercream, chocolate transfer logo and chocolate clay flags.
1 7
By tye
May 9, 2006
This is a yellow cake with buttercream icing. I made the ramp for the car out of a cupcake and used brown sugar for the dirt.
By craftst3
May 11, 2006
8 30
By bigcatz
May 13, 2006
This is a yellow cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing. This is "Lightning McQueen" from the Disney movie "Cars".
2 10
By Eeyore16
Jun 1, 2006
1 3
By janetwhitson
Jun 10, 2006
All in buttercream.  Done for a Jeff Gordon fan (wouldn't be my choice of drivers).  Customer didn't care what was done as long as it had something to do with racing.  This is what I came up with.
1 11
By jenncowin
Jun 14, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and bc icing. Plaque made of fondant, car is wrapped chocolate. Made for a Jr. fan!
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By tgirl22
Jun 16, 2006
Here in Germany there are a lot of Formula 1 fans. This cake was for a father who is a great fan. Yellow cake carved into a racing car, covere with fondant. Wheels are also fondant covered cake. Man is out of fondant.
4 79
By Lisas-Cakes
Jun 18, 2006
4 3
By sada
Jun 21, 2006
Birthday cake was for a friends husband who really likes Fox Racing and German Chocolate
By jowhip
Jun 27, 2006
This cake was for my sons 4th birthday, he chose hot wheels as his theme.  The cake is 2 layers, 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla.  Side black and white flags is BC, Top, road is fondant, cars are chocolate and 2 candles, Hot Wheels Logo is color flow, gold cup is candle.  Grass is BC.
8 46
By jowhip
Jun 27, 2006
This cake was made for a friend that worked on the #29 race car.
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By kimnoel
Jul 20, 2006
1/2 chocolate 1/2 vanilla cake, BC icing, FBCT
3 3
By lisaa3
Jul 21, 2006
This cake was done for an adult male.  He races cars as a hobby.  Order was for "just a cake".
By mhill91801
Jul 22, 2006
Not happy with this version but the little boy that it was done for really loved it.  The side of the car where it should have been an orange ligtening looked just like the rest of the red car.  Oh well, next time.
6 12
By SScakes
Jul 31, 2006
Sample cookies for my son.  He had a Monster Truck party and wanted anything with fire on it... I have since perfected the flames and should really post the better ones, if I can only find them!
1 5
By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
1 2
By milakat2
Aug 7, 2006
This is a cake made from scratch from a special egg-free recipe (he has an allergy).  It wouldn't come out of the pan, so I decorated it in the pan.  (Now I know about using cake release and parchment paper to line the pan).  Buttercream icing, cookie crumbs for the dirt.
By Kelrak
Aug 12, 2006
chuck wagon racing
By lilsomethinsweet
Aug 14, 2006
This was a grooms cake. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but maybe next time.
3 3
By lillcabby
Aug 19, 2006
2 single layer 9" rounds, one trimmed to butt up to the other. All BC except for flags and the cars.
4 37
By Melvira
Aug 20, 2006
I made this for my husband's grandfather's birthday.  He loves racing, so I thought this would work.  It's a yellow cake with bc and a mmf car.  He was surprised!
2 12
By casebit
Aug 22, 2006
This cake was so much fun to make.  I went online to get the ideas for it and customer provided the cars.  4 year old Jack loved it!!  Yellow cake with BC frosting.
4 24
By MissT
Aug 28, 2006
I did this cake for my son's birthday. It is a 12 and 8 inch round that I carved into. Unfortunately I have had really bad morning sickness that lasts all day, so this cake didn't have as much detail as I had planned but I was happy with the way it turned out. I had a lot of inspiration from bjfranco and ChristyB. Thanks!
5 23
By mariak
Aug 30, 2006
I wish I would have done a blue border and different text, but live and learn.  The FBCT was my first one ever--very easy!!
1 1
By chloe1979
Sep 2, 2006
another view of this buttercream iced horse racing cake
3 1
By heyahiya
Sep 7, 2006
Half sheet cake was baked 1/3 chocolate, 2/3 white, torted.  Covered in buttercream.  Track fences are color flow icing, track is chocolate icing, flowers are royal (by request).  Center logo was a buttercream transfer, and bottom border was grass tip.
8 8
By CakesByEllen
May 13, 2005


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