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This cake was for my grand-pop's 90th one is too old for a fun cake!  Butter cake w/BC icing to mimic one of Jeff Gordon's cars.  Piped stars using gel colors.
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By jennycakes
Aug 31, 2005
I did the best I could on this, using the racecar pan. I did two of these on the same day, the brothers both wanted General Lee cars, so I did one white and the other chocolate. I had intended to take a picture of the 2 boys and put it on edible paper and make it look like they were looking out the window of the car, but I got a call for 2 more cakes due that same day, so I ran out of time.
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By mistygaildunn
Dec 7, 2005
For my son's third birthday. He loves frogs and cars. I don't think he is going to let us eat it. "Mama, that frog is my friend" he says.
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By jgclucas
Jan 4, 2006
This is a nascar cake for my sons birthday...He wanted to put the real cars on there :) and have one wreck into the wall :)
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By Mommyof2Angels
Jan 9, 2006
This is the first car cake that I have done. It was for my son's 4th birthday and is done with the colors that he requested.
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By HBradley66
Jan 31, 2006
chocolate cupcakes iced in buttercream with chocolate nascar cars on top
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By KHalstead
Feb 6, 2006
strawberry cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate cars.......cake is 6" ......just a small cake for a separate b-day party with the grandparents since they weren't able to attend on his birthday.
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By KHalstead
Feb 17, 2006
Marble cake, buttercream icing. This one went with my princess in purple cake, they were for a brother and sister's birthday celebrations today. This was about all I had time to do on the car, they called yesterday around 4 PM!! To ask if I could do these for them by 5 pm today! I guess #12 is the little boys' favorite driver.
By cakesbgood
Mar 19, 2006
This was my first try at a car cake.  I was practicing because I have to do one for a friend of mines husband, he is a Dale Jr. fan......of course!!!!!
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By ConnieB
Apr 4, 2006
This is an 8" Rusty Wallace cake made for a customers husband's birthday. All freehanded with buttercream
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By CakesWithAttitude
Apr 8, 2006
I resized the photo too small.  Sorry.  Lemon Pound cake with lemon pudding filling
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By kelleygirl
May 28, 2006
My son loves Nascar and Jeff Gordon.  All buttercream with Wilton colored spray for grass and racing surface.  He supplied me with the racecars and his favorite driver is in the lead.
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By jaitee69
Jun 2, 2006
Jeff Gordon!
By TheArtofbaking
Jun 13, 2006
For a 40th birthday.  This is a copy of the birthday boy's pride & joy - a  1989 Mustang.  He won a burnout contest and the client wanted the tires to smoke.
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By beachcakes
Jul 29, 2006
The Wilton Cake Pan makes it very hard to take any credit for such a simple cake. Just followed the concept of the picture. Cake was French Vanilla with strawberry filling.
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By edibleartwork
Jul 31, 2006
This customer wanted Kasey Kahne's racecar for her sister's birthday.  All marble cake with buttercream icing.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Aug 7, 2006
This was for my dad's birthday.  He drives a Formula Vee, the one I made. I printed a picture and did a gel transfer on the race car cake pan.  Tire looks flat.  lol but he LOVED it!  about started crying when he saw it!
By lauramw71
Aug 15, 2006
Color flow race car, royal icing track. Sides of cake were done in a black and white basketweave to convey "flag" feel. Cars are molded chocolates from a nearby store
By stampingsam
Aug 21, 2006
this was for my nephews 4th bday. bigt time Cars fan!!
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By cakeladee
Aug 21, 2006
This is a picture of a racecar cake that I did. I got the idea from someone off of this site, thanks for posting.
By mistygaildunn
Sep 6, 2006
Buttercream frosted vanilla cake with fondant road and name.
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By cakesbymom
Sep 14, 2006
This was made with the Wilton race car pan.
By coopscakes
Sep 21, 2006
Lightning McQueen from "Cars."  Not too thirlled with the way it turned out, but thought I'd share anyway.  Thanks!
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By sweetsbysusan
Sep 30, 2006
This cake was done for two boys who race junior dragsters.  The cars are exact replicas of the cars they race.  I did a piping gel transfer onto the cake of their cars and then outlined and filled in with buttercream icing.  The cake is plain yellow with chocolate buttercream icing.  This was the second racecar cake I have done.  They are a really big hit at the race track.
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By Chrissi
Oct 22, 2006
Made this cake for a friends brother.  Car is done in MMF with MMF accents and Cake is frosted w/ buttercream.  Made a MMF checkered flag and layed that over the cake.  All in all it came out pretty good
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By chele
Nov 10, 2006
buttercream with donut wheels
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By sampy
Nov 24, 2006
last minute order for a 9th birthday,  i used the 3d cruiser pan and cut the top off a bit. all decorations made using either mmf or gumpaste.. iced in bc.  got lots of inspiration from CC for this one.
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By sweet_as_tisse
Dec 18, 2006
This is a birthday cake for a little boy who is a big Kyle Busch/Nascar fan.  It's a sheet cake on bottom, and the car was baked in the Wilton car pan that looks like a VW Bug, then I carved it down to be shaped a little more like a racecar.  Still far from a professional job, but I was pretty pleased with it.
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By Laura102777
Jan 10, 2007
This was done for a friends son's 5th birthday party. It was a Cars theme. We didn't have a Cars cake pan, so I used the Race car cake pan from Wilton. It was chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I also did another sheet cake which I will attach next.
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By michkrew
Jan 13, 2007
A FBCT of the birthday boy's racecar with swirls and lightning bolts around the cake, which was a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.
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By mmichelew
Jan 16, 2007
Made for a coworker for her hubby's birthday.  French vanilla cake; FBCT
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By steffy8
Jan 20, 2007
This is from one of Debbie Brown's books.  Chocolate cake with BC, MMF, and Toba Garret's fondant.  Fun to make, but time consuming!  I made this for one of my preschool students who LOVES cars.  I finished this cake literally 2 minutes before his mom arrived to pick it up!
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By gakali
Feb 9, 2007
This was for my son's 5th birthday.  My time was so limited when doing this, that I had to leave out some of the details.  He immediately noticed that there wasn't a rear spoiler, but he still thought the cake was cool!  I used a race car pan from (no longer in business) which was kind of flat, so I made another sheet cake and cut out pieces from there to "build up" the original race car cake to make it shaped more like Lightning McQueen.  It's all covered in MMF.
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By Pyxxydust
Feb 19, 2007
I do not know the name of this car in english, but as all the children around know him, he also had to become a birthdaycake
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By elin
Mar 3, 2007
Design taken from Wilton 2007 yearbook.  Made for my nephew, who requested banana cake.  I added cream cheese frosting, and banana/vanilla pudding filling
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By sarge1
Mar 11, 2007
Used Wilton cruiser pan and trimmed windshields to slope more. Chocolate cake, buttercream and airbrush
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By Jenn123
Mar 17, 2007
This was done for one of the race fans. I used the horseshoe pan, and used black sugar sprinkles for the track. As a keepsake for the birthday boy, I used real collector matchbox cars.
By mommicakes
Mar 20, 2007
This was for my nephew's 2nd birthday with a racecar theme. I added 2 racecars afterwards(once I transfered it a couple hours away). All buttercream, chocolate & french vanilla cake with vanilla pudding filling. Thanks for looking!
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By michkrew
Mar 21, 2007
This is for a man who races a Cuda. It was the first time I almost got sick to my stomach with worry trying to make a cake. It was such a challenge for me. Didn't turn out much the way I planned but they loved it and thought it was great. I guess that is what matters. Then after all the stressing out my two yr old took The model I was copying and drove it across the base cake. God, I really thought I would cry then. But its done now and delivered. Thank goodness. ;-)
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By susanscakebabies
Mar 21, 2007
Racetrack cake (chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing).  I made the flags myself with markers and paper. :-)
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By Susan94
Apr 13, 2005


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