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This is a half sheet baby shower cake done in a quilt like design.
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By cakegirl79
Apr 13, 2005
It says Happy in the center and Birthday all around.
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By Apieceofcake2
Apr 15, 2005
I saw this idea in a book and I like the way it turned out
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By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005
1 layer fondant "quilt" hand painted blue and teal squares. "BABY" out of Gum Paste and put on wires; satin ribbons added also.
8 29
By Ginger08
Jul 20, 2005
I used simple stars to make a quilt.  I think I found the idea on this site somewhere!
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By sunlover00
Aug 20, 2005
this was copied from a family circle magazine Its ment to look like a quilt
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By psurrette
Sep 7, 2005
This is a gift for a friend at work, whose anniversary is this weekend.  It's a white triple layer cake with whipped raspberry filling.  Buttercream frosting with an edible image of their wedding day.
10 10
By Newbie
Sep 11, 2005
All BC.  Letters are color flow, but not very good.  Should be brighter. Two 12" rounds.
10 14
By bulldog
Sep 13, 2005
This is a butter cake filled with raspberry flavor buttercream. Bottom tier is a  14"x4" petal shape, 2nd tier 10"x3" round and the 3rd tier is 6"x4" square.  All covered in fondant, flowers and buttons are gum paste, swirls and grass are royal icing.  The clothesline cross bars are lollipop sticks and the clothes are 3-D stickers. The top tier is quilted for extra whimsy. This was for my best girlfriend to welcome her little baby Carter to the world
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By SweetTcakes
Sep 17, 2005
I have only been doing cakes about 3 weeks now.  My 4th Wilton class is tomorrow and I learn to do the ROSES! Watch out! I did this display cake tonight for my ice cream store. got the idea from cake central, this web site is a big help for ideas.
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By icecreamcakes
Nov 12, 2005
Yellow Butter cake with chocolate butter cream icing.  My first attempt at "blocking" the top and as you can see, it's a little off.
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 22, 2005
I am currently in Wilton III and have only gone to one class so this is my first time working with fondant. I made the baby and the quilt behind her out of it. It was also my first time making cream cheese frosting and I made it a bit to thin and it was really sticky so the rest of the cake was really hard and didn't come out that great. Just proud of the baby!
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By jenurator
Dec 13, 2005
I borrowed this idea from newbieinGA.  All done in BC.  Thanks for looking.
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By Smoochiefrog
Jan 9, 2006
This was a cake made for a lady who makes primitive quilts. She works at the Gooseberry Patch - I didn't realize how well it matched one of their books until my daughter went and got it and set it by the cake! 9X13 Chocolate cake w/ buttercream - different tips for different areas - added some texture.
6 9
By Loucinda
Jan 29, 2006
I absolutely love this quilt cake based one by WIlton.  I have done several of these, all with different colors and themes - so versatile!
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Feb 9, 2006
This cake was done for a friend who is expecting (after trying for a very long time) Chocolate cake with buttercream.
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By Loucinda
Feb 10, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's grandmother's 88th b-day.  She makes quilts and this is supposed to look like a wedding ring quilt that she is known for.
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By angelcake4u
Feb 16, 2006
Inspired by a Wilton design.  Chocolate and yellow cake (a layer of each) with chocolate mousse filling.  Iced in buttercream with royal flowers and bugs.
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By lotsoftots
Feb 22, 2006
This is a 14x14 cake that was designed to coordinate with the napkins and plates that were used for the shower.  My first time actually doing a ruffle border, so not really sure I did it by the rules, but I was happy with it!
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Mar 3, 2006
Fondant-covered chocolate oval cake with doves and egg made of fondant also.  The nest is rice pasta so that everything on the cake is entirely edible.
24 298
By TooMuchCake
Mar 7, 2006
Cake is covered in pale pink and green buttercream. Baby designs are made of colorflow.
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By cakequeen
Mar 8, 2006
Buttercream Baby Shower Cake - Quilt Design with Pink White Chocolate Booties.
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By Daddycakes70
Mar 9, 2006
Baby quilt made with MMF with Wilton stamps. My first "for pay" cake
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By sectheatre
Mar 24, 2006
Iced in buttercream w/ buttercream patches.  Fondant thread, needle, spool.  Done for a lady who's a big quilter.
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 24, 2006
Thank you to Daddycakes70 for inspiration from his quilt cake.  Although mine looks nothing like his, I got all my ideas from his cake. I learned alto from this cake & I made many mistakes.  This was also my very first paid order. 11x15 buttercream with yellow cake. My customer said it tasted good & was not too sweet.
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By Monica0271
Mar 27, 2006
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By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
This cake was done for a friend of a friend who took my old bed to the trash.  To be honest I just wanted to practice making a bed cake.  I tried to be scientific about the whole thing and measure and even made and exact replica of the quilt on power point but in the end I had to improvise because I didn't take into account the rise of the cake (I didn't want to level it because I bed is fluffy) and the extra inches added on by the frosting.  Anyway lessons learned
20 25
By kelleygirl
Mar 31, 2006
This is my first baby shower cake. I started cake decorating last November. It was for a 3rd grade teacher who was given a surprise baby shower today by the whole 3rd grade at school. I was told she loved it and everyone raved about how good it tasted. It took me a long time to decorate though. I worked on it from 9:30 p.m.- midnight. Hopefully I'll get faster with more practice! (thinking more than 2 #18 star tips will help!).
6 17
By MnMz
Mar 31, 2006
I think this is the biggest cake I have done so is a 14", 11" and 7" octagans...Hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing covered with MMF.  All the quilt peices were done individually with royal icing and then attached to the cake.  The topper is also all royal icing tulips, hearts and leaves.  This cake was done for an Army Spouse who's husband was retiring after 34 years!!  It weighted A LOT!
16 37
By cakecre8tor
Apr 20, 2006
I made this cake not long after having started cake decorating and it's still one of my favorites. Pound cake decorated with fondant. I love all the colors and I always wonder what the two of them are talking about when I look at the pictures :)
68 762
By bmote1
Apr 25, 2006
I made this to duplicate the baby-to-be's bedding.  It is called LaPetite BeBe bedding.  The person throwing the shower was so thrilled with it.
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By cmmom
May 5, 2006
The customer picked this cake for her niece's baby shower because several family members are quilters. This is a variation of Wilton's Snuggle Up Quilt Cake.
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By Michele25
May 17, 2006
Chocolate cake with BC icing.  "Quilt squares" made out of Starburst candies. The mother of the woman that's pregnant requested I do something with Starburst because her daughter has craved Starburst candy throughout her entire pregnancy and this was the only thing I could think of that I might be able to do.
3 2
By Dordee
Jun 9, 2006
Chocolate Cake with BC icing.  "Quilt Squares" made from Starburst candies.  I can now look back and see all the crooked stitches but oh well, I had fun decorating it!
1 3
By Dordee
Jun 9, 2006
This was a two stacked 12x18's. White cake, fluffy boiled icing. I used a pic from here for insperation.(beautiful cake jcrew!)
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By famousamous
Jun 11, 2006
My version of the wilton quilt cake.  The booties are made of fondant
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By alicia_froedge
Jun 20, 2006
This is a cake I made for a friend that just finished a2 year term as PTS Pres (brave i know).  I was trying out the new 9" magicline Sq pans.  I like them, but they seem to cook differently>  The Cake rose all the way to the top and the cake was HUGE, at least 6 inches.  But it made for a nice effect.  I also tried the quilt mat on Buttercream.  learned why people cautioned not to rub edge of mat, and had troubkle with lining up top and bottom.
8 71
By acookieobsession
Jun 20, 2006
Ducks, bottles, rattles.  All buttercream, 1/2 sheet cake.  So far, the faux fondant recipe on this site has been great for my figure piping and flowers.  Thanks CC.
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By sweetcreation
Jun 25, 2006
I made this cake for my sister's convocation - it's more classy than the classic cap and book theme - but the little penguins have their grad caps on!
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By Jelena
Jul 2, 2006
Baby Shower Quilt Cake
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Apr 13, 2005


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