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10" and 8" 2 tier, dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling, 4 layers of cake each. Shoes are made from a 50/50 fondant gumpaste and onesie from fondant,flowers are gumpaste.
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By disp4so
Jun 29, 2007
8" strawberry cake filled and iced with butercream icing.  I airbrushed this cake using stencils that I purchases from Pampered chef.  This was my first time using them and I loved it!
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By Queenblue
Jun 29, 2007
buttercream with fondant accents.
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By ernurse39
Jun 29, 2007
6th grade promotion cake.  Icecream cake on bottom, all buttercream.  I freehanded all of the decorations on this one.
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By dezzib27
Jul 3, 2007
this was my first tiered cake. i had a lot of fun doing it but it took me forever. everthing is fondant.
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By alicialee
Jul 5, 2007
I did this cake for my daughters 1st birtday. Cake covered in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By absolutecakes
Jul 5, 2007
My first attempt at Tinkerbell.  Mom wanted a purple and pink theme.  I am not happy at the way the face came out, but overall, the cake was ok.  Thanks to all the CC'ers that have done this cake, which helped me.
By milal
Jul 9, 2007
doll cake for my dd's 3rd bday.
By carimama
Jul 15, 2007
Este lo acabo de hacer tambien para manana, me lo pidio una companera de trabajo para su sobrina que viene de vacaciones.  Es todo BC y las 2 flores son Royal Icing.
By Dali1324
Jul 15, 2007
By katydid23
Jul 16, 2007
Inspired by cc. Thanks!
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By chefamanda
Jul 19, 2007
1 layer 6" yellow cake decorated with buttercream.  Baby's mother just wanted something 'girly'.  Thank you to APCakes for the inspiration for the main cake, which of course inspired the smashc cake!
By Sun11598
Jul 23, 2007
This was a cake I made today for two woman that work at the Children's Hospital in Denver... their employees ordered the cake to celebrate both their birthdays. They had no ideas except that htey wanted the logo...and it to have pink (and look like it was a card). which made it pretty difficult... i'm not thrilled with the result.. but hopefully they liked it! Thanks for looking!

This is has a white and a chocolate layer, buttercream, chocolate and fondant accents!
By DelectableCreations
Jul 29, 2007
This just shows how much better the finished product is when I work in a clean kitchen! Also you can really tell the difference with this cake because I really tried to make the buttercream underneath as smooth as possible before laying the fondant.
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By domestic_diva
Jul 31, 2007
I have been teaching myself the art of MMF.  This was my first bow and daisies made from fondant.  I'm still trying to master covering a cake with fondant without the wrinkles- any suggestions are more than welcome!
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By Daniconn
Aug 12, 2007
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By NolansMom
Aug 28, 2007
this was for a 6 yr old little girl who went in for surgery. Her grandma ordered it for when she returned home.
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By susanscakebabies
Sep 8, 2007
Based on inspirations from this site.  Double chocolate cake with Cannoli creme filling.  Covered with fondant, accents in gumpaste.
By silvied
Sep 11, 2007
I was only told that the cake was for an 11 y-o girl that loves Brown, purple and pink.  She told me to do what ever I wanted.  That's what came up.  She really loved, she gave me a tip!
By Pootchi
Sep 15, 2007
By nancyfancy
Sep 20, 2007
By crissylynn
Sep 28, 2007
I made this one for the same person i made my dora & diego cake. It's my version of tammiemaria's cake. It's a chocolate cake YUM, carved into a ''one''.
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By kalida
Oct 2, 2007
White cake, fondant eyes.
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By GrannieJ
Oct 8, 2007
I did this cake for a friend little is 2 14in square and 8in square on top.... I used the Castle kit and had no problems keeping the turets on the board..... the cake is all white cake with rainbow sprikles in the batter and BC for everything.  Thanks for looking.
By Shyanne_Mommy
Oct 22, 2007
BC with Fondant Accessories
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By tperks
Oct 26, 2007
Made for a 15 year old girl, cake was choc. w/ cookies and cream filling iced in whipped cream.  Fairy is a sugar sheet and flowers are fondant.  TFL!
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By PhishTech
Nov 15, 2007
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By JCope79
Nov 15, 2007
This is for my great-niece/god daughter's 2nd birthday. Cake is homemade chocolate with buttercream icing and wrapped in MM fondant. Elmo is formed from Rice Crispy treats and then iced with buttercream, his eyes and nose are MM fondant. Hope this is a welcome addition to her Elmo themed birthday party!
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By lkfarley
Nov 30, 2007
This is a chocolate cake with cherry jam & buttercream made for a princess turned 8.
By kalida
Dec 2, 2007
My granddaughter wanted the cake on the cover of the Wilton yearbook. It's BC. I doweled the towers but it still didn't travel well to the party. In the future I will wait until I get there, then add. Thanks for looking!
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By deeb173
Dec 9, 2007
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By Barbend
Dec 12, 2007
6" 4 layer strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream, strawberrry filling and satin ice fondant.
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By disp4so
Dec 14, 2007
I made this for a Church bake sale.  I thought I would be clever and do a pink and purple cake with a "christmas tree" on top (if you look closely there is a star on top of the tree) for advent but it really does look like a little girls birthday cake.  Lord knows I tried!
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By MegWinn
Dec 15, 2007
I enjoy doing drop flowers! And this gave me an excuse to try the impression mat I just ordered.
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By HBcakes
Dec 21, 2007
This was just a practice cake I did - my first attempt at a bow...I know it needs work :)
By YummyFireMummy
Jan 8, 2008
Made with Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, made it for a co-worker's birthday, yellow cake w/ strawberry and vienna cream. satin ice fondant.
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By disp4so
Jan 16, 2008
1/2 sheet yellow birthday cake with all bc icing.
By CherylAnn
Jan 25, 2008
1/4 sheet chocolate cake with bc icing.  She wanted a cake, with a horse and purple and pink on it.
By CherylAnn
Jan 25, 2008
I am thinking of using her to design all my cakes now. I love how this turned out.   She picked the shapes, colors, etc.   The top and bottom layer were red velvet with pecan cream cheese filling.  The middle layer is white almond with buttercream.
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By bonnebouche
Jan 27, 2008
An attempt at marbling fondant to achieve mother of pearl effect.  Not perfect, yet not bad.
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By Tamanna
Oct 1, 2005


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