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By dawng
Jun 17, 2008
120 cupcakes decorated with pink and purple buttercream - topped with padded icing stars will royal icing dots to make it a western theme star and piped 18. Vanilla spounge inside cupcakeds
By kelly620au
Jun 20, 2008
This cake I donated to my sister's bank for Relay for Life.
By monkeychow4u
Jun 21, 2008
6" cake for a 1st b-day portrait session.  All buttercream, except for the fondant bow.
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By Melodee1980
Jun 26, 2008
This cake was for a 2 yr old little girl.  Mom did not want too much Dora.  10" and 6" yellow cake with BC.
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By bmbard
Jun 28, 2008
3rd dummy cake I made for the special reception area of a Willy Wonka junior production my daughter was in. The director gave me a copy of this picture, which I copied, which came from edith meyer's website. It's a beautiful design, and I think it came out okay compared to hers. Unfortunately, I ran out of the same shade of RI to fix the breakage that happened on the way, and I ended up having to use white -- :(. Otherwise, I'm happy with it.
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By tobycat
Jun 28, 2008
I made this cake for a coworkers, 5-year-old's birthday.  Her only request was that it had one pink layer, a cartoon cat that was pink and purple, and a bottom layer of cornelli lace and well, this is what I came up with.  This was my first ever attempt at cornelli lace and I hope it looks okay. 
Thanks for looking.
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By Crissy_Cakes
Jun 29, 2008
vanilla cupcakes for a child's party.  they didn't want to spend a lot so we opted for the streamers and pony to decorate.
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By mom42ws
Jun 30, 2008
Followed the instruction as to the size of the cake pans, but I have no idean how they were able to put all the towers on the cake with 10" and 6" on top and the roof, but again I am not Wilton.  Anyways All white cake/ all BC, turets are covered in MMF same for the flowers.  Did this for one of my good friends who's daughter thinks she is a princess.  They picked it up on Saturday and the towers had some issues so I ended up going out there yesterday before the party started and fixing it.  TFL
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By Shyanne_Mommy
Jun 30, 2008
A version of my HM cake. Guitar, 8 and stars are krispie treat covered in fondant. Butterceam icing with fondant accents. I am way over purple and pink ! Thanks for looking
By vescakes07
Jul 2, 2008
Zoey's first birthday cake. Buttercream icing with hand painted fondant insects.
By heychele
Jul 5, 2008
I made this cake for my sister's and cousin's birthday. The sides are colored 
pink, green, and purple with a white dot border on top and bottom and between 
each of the colored sides. The top is dot writing and other polka dots to 
By CulinaryActor
Jul 11, 2008
I used half of the soccer ball pan to create the rattle and the ball at the end of the handle is a rice crispie treat.
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By skstuard14
Jul 13, 2008
This is a cake I made for my twin niece's birthday. They wanted it made out of buttercream icing, so that's what I did. I will probably never do that again though. I think you can see the slant of the cake better with fondant. But I am still happy with it.
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By Michele01
Jul 15, 2008
Believe it or not, this is a wedding cake.  Indu people love very colorful weddings. 
This bride went with Purple and Pink . Buttercream finish. Airbrushed gumpaste flowers.
I didnt make time :>) .. Hope you enjoy.. Thanks for looking................ Edna :>)
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By tonedna
Jul 21, 2008
Woke up this morning with cake on the brain. I knew I would have to bake or I would be really crabby all day. So I played. Here's the result:
3 layers (strawberry and french vanilla) with banana flavored buttercream.
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By CakesbyBecca
Jul 25, 2008
Vanilla rum cake and chocolate cake with Buttercream and fondant accents. It took forever to smooth out the buttercream. I can't wait to get my hi-ratio shortening and retire Crisco. I covered up the cake with a lot of fondant. The bow came out pretty good I think. I had to do a little bit of surgery on it because it started to break on the right. Filled in the area with royal icing. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. TFL!
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By aa053103
Jul 27, 2008
I made this for my nieces 7th birthday.  What a fun cake to make!!!
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By crazymomof3
Jul 29, 2008
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By sandykay
Aug 4, 2008
Both layers are chocolate WASC in BC - I struggle with these petal pans, I cannot get the "grooves" of the pan to stand out enough.  It just looks like a round cake with a few bumps, and I just could not get my BC smooth on the top tier (good thing it's hard to see in the pic).  GP and MMF decorations.  Hopefully the B-day girl likes it.  TFL
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By Winter1979
Aug 9, 2008
8", 6" Tinkerbell cake.  I hand drew the tinkerbell on top of the cake.  Fondant flowers and stars.  All painted with luster dust.  I also added AB crystals to give it more sparkle.  This was for my daughter so I did not bother to fix my flaws.  Thanks for looking
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By pennywells
Aug 11, 2008
White Cake, White Decorators BC, Pink and Purple Polka dots.  Ribbon is the only non edible on the cake. Puppies are hand made from fondant...
They were quite fun to make!!!  Enjoy!
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By CelebrationCakery
Aug 16, 2008
A tier heart shape Cake. This was for my granddaughter's birthday.
Decorated in all buttercream. Tinkerbell candle on top.
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By margaret5
Aug 20, 2008
Chocolate cake, BC  Fondant dots and bow with luster dust.  Wire topper.  50 will be added later.
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By CelebrationCakery
Aug 23, 2008
This is a cake I made for my daughters 6th birthday party.  It was alot of fun to make, and even better to eat.
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By romney777
Aug 26, 2008
Inspired by "cupcaketastic" from "" (found via Google search).
Carved 9x13 vanilla cake with almond bc icing.  Fondant accents with florist wire antenna.  Sparkle added to wing design.
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By Spills
Aug 27, 2008
Decorated in buttercream with fondant flowers and banner.
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By Michele25
Aug 29, 2008
I was playing around with vibrant colors, and clouds just seemed to fit! clouds are vanilla bc and the rainbow is sour candy strips my b/f thought would be perfect. ( who knew?) LOL
Is there an album catagory for just cupcakes?
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By JessDesserts
Aug 30, 2008
last minute cake for my step mom i really did not no what to do so i just did this simple design
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By pinkbiz
Sep 1, 2008
6"/8" rounds covered in mmf. For my friend's little girls second birthday, she loves Dora and Diego. Dora and Diego made from rice krispie treats covered in mmf.
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By Carson
Sep 1, 2008
All done with buttercream icing--the customer loves bright colors.
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By chloe1979
Sep 2, 2008
I made these for my friend's bday. Chocolate w/ buttercream icing.
By jwanis
Sep 8, 2008
This cake was in the wilton fun with fondant book. It was originally 5 tiers with pastel colors and white dots. My friends daughter picked the colors and I just threw the topper together as a last minute idea. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think...good and bad I want to hear it all LOL
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By nyc2003
Sep 9, 2008
Yellow sour cream cake, with fondant...
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By briannastreats
Sep 13, 2008
Dora transferred onto cake. White cake with bc frosting and colored piping gels.    I believe the customer found this cake on CC and I copied it for them.  Thanks for your inspiration!
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By Ruth52
Sep 25, 2008
This cake was requested by a customer for an 8 year old girl's birthday.  Laminate picture with real compact disc.
By amazinggracecakedesigns
Sep 25, 2008
This cake I haven't put the topper on since its so heavy we wanted to wait until the last moment to do that. I know the top isn't completely smooth but once Tinkerbell is on were adding more ivy and flowers and that will be covered.
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By HipnotiqGlamour
Oct 5, 2008
This cake was a learning experience as the weight of the wires kinda cut the cake a bit. Only after doing this cake did I find out about using coffee stirsticks to hold the wires. Thanks for all the cool Hannah Montana cake ideas!
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By thegrrrl
Oct 11, 2008
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By Nyma
Oct 11, 2008
An attempt at marbling fondant to achieve mother of pearl effect.  Not perfect, yet not bad.
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By Tamanna
Oct 1, 2005


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