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This is a cake I did for my niece for her 6th birthday.  Her only request was that she wanted it purple with flowers.  So here is what I came up with.
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By gingoreilly
Sep 12, 2005
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By vayacondia
Sep 21, 2005
1/4 sheet cake.  Basketweaved with tip #8.  Drop flowers in 3 shades of lavender.  This cake was made for a friend to take to an office birthday party.
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By kerririchards
Oct 10, 2005
This was my Graduation Cake from Wilton Course III.  Since it was one week before my daughters High School Graduation I used her school color.

I used silk flowers on the top and had them cascade over the side.
By damechatelaine
Nov 11, 2005
These were the leftovers from the bratz petal cake just listed. Best not let things go to waste.
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By dky
Jan 14, 2006
Hawaiian pattern design copied from some fabric I liked. Royal icing flower lei with logo in center. Half sheet stacked on full sheet. My first time doing a cake this size. Built a plywood platform board for this cake.
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By KimAZ
Feb 25, 2006
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By SaraKay
Mar 10, 2006
Cake is iced in BC allbows and flowers are fondant with gumtex, stripes on bottom layer are fondant.
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By brendaanne
Mar 18, 2006
Just a quick and simple 6" violet cake. All buttercream.
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By ellyrae
Mar 22, 2006
This was my very first commission AND my very first time to work with fondant!!  For the middle cake I ran into a problem trying to get the fondant to go on smoothly down the sides.  I ended up gathering it in the front, hence the flowers to cover my mistake.  Someone tell me how to do the fondant right, please!  I painted the leaves and pansies with super luster dust.  The flowers are royal icing, the leaves buttercream.  The top cake was supposed to be quilted.  The lines were really faint, though.  Help!
By PixieDiva
Apr 3, 2006
Bottom layer Choc w/choc frosting and BC accent.  Doll is Yellow cake w/BC.
I had to raise the doll and used the stacked construction because her feet were coming out the bottom of the cake board!  I like the way it made he look like she was walking across the ground.
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By jewels625
Apr 18, 2006
By gaylarenee
May 1, 2006
I did these little cakes for the women in my church.  We had a potluck so I thought I would bring one of my favorite things CAKE!  I didn't want to decorate a whole cake and my mom had just given me the mini cupcake tree as a gift so I opted for these little cupcakes. Lemon vanilla cake with 1/2 butter 1/2 crisco buttercream and edible pearls.
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By Katydidz
Jun 22, 2006
hat made with half ball and all covered in fondant, some artificial flowers. Cake french vanilla all in almond butter cream.  Added the name after I took the picture. put together 2 11x15 single layer cakes
I used the mold to make the hat and let it dry, than made the ball and covered in BC and just slipped underneath the dried hat.
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By Reyna
Jun 26, 2006
used half ball mod to make the hat and let it dry, than baked the 1/2 ball cake , covered in BC and placed hat over it.  Hat is fondant and decorations are artificial. Didn't have enought time to make fondant flowers.
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By Reyna
Jun 26, 2006
This cake is milk chocolate with a Butter cream icing.  It is the first cake I made for someone.
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By bamagirl92
Jul 2, 2006
This is a dummy that I did just for practice and fun. The icing is buttercream and the flowers are royal icing. I'm still fairly new at this...Thanks for looking!
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Jul 3, 2006
Fondant daisies with superpearl luster dust, creamcheese icing on a banana cake.  Thanks!
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By FatAndHappy
Jul 24, 2006
Simple cake, filled with pineapple custard and iced with almond buttercream
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By sarahb
Jul 24, 2006
Cake for daughter's opening night performance of the 60's musical "Beehive"
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By Tonja
Jul 26, 2006
These were done for the same girl I am doing the schoolhouse cake for.  They are a french vanilla cupcake with buttercream - simple and not much to them.
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By divaricks
Jul 28, 2006
all petals are done with a #104.  Borders are a #22 shell & reverse shell border.  Leaves are #252 and stems are a #3
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By jsmoliks
Aug 6, 2006
all petals are a #104.  Borders are #22 shell & reverse shell borders.  Leaves are #252, stems are #3 & hyacinths are#9
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By jsmoliks
Aug 6, 2006
Strawberry cake w/whipped strawberry filling, iced in buttercream.  Fondant accents and edible image Tinkerbell's.
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By newtocakes
Aug 18, 2006
Sheet cake made with fluffy boiled icing and fondant flowers. My first time decorating a sheet cake and my first time using fondant!
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By agentlorac
Aug 18, 2006
Quick basketweave effect with violet buttercream flowers.  This is my first order from a guy.  I thought the message he requested for his wife was sweet.
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By sweetcreation
Aug 29, 2006
This was my first attempt at MMF.  It was also my first time painting flowers with buttercream.  I liked the outcome!
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By LynnVC
Sep 2, 2006
Bottom white cake, top marble cake, iced in BC with fondant roses.  Last minute cake for friend
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By Solobaker
Sep 2, 2006
Inspired by Wildflower Bouquet in Wilton's 2006 Yearbook.  All fondant.  8" square, Colette Peter's Heavenly White Cake.
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By yh9080
Sep 3, 2006
Made for my brother and my new sister in law!
By girltrapped
Sep 5, 2006
These cupcakes were for a bridal shower.  I used three cake stands to present them and decorated with fresh flowers.
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By tammiemarie
Oct 2, 2006
8" square cake with all bc icing. Flowers are royal icing.
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By KimmysKakes
Oct 4, 2006
inspiration from wilton 2007 yearbook. White choc mud cake covered in fondx. Bodice and flowers are fondant. Generally easy... little fiddly to attach bodice to dress skirt. Other tricky part was pan shape. In US its called WONDER MOLD and in Australia DOLLY VARDEN... while they are designed for the same purpose the US version is more squat and fat and australian version taller and pointier.. this meant resizing the bodice considerably from the template but overall happy. For my daughters 8th birthday.
40 417
By dky
Oct 6, 2006
I put white, purple and yellow in the bag to get the look on the flowers.
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By bakermomof2
Oct 30, 2006
French vanilla cake with bc and mmf flowers.  Could'nt get my mmf bow to turn out right so I made one with ribbon. But I'll keep trying, for me , its harder than it looks..
By ptain
Nov 2, 2006
This was my version of my Course II cake....It was strawberry cheesecake flavored cake.....the whole room smelled good when we were decorating everyone wanted to know how I made it!!!
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By ASupergirl
Dec 2, 2006
This cake was for one of my mother's best friends 50th Birthday Tea Party.  I had wanted to do one of collette's designs with the tea pots and cups but I had the flu all week and didn't feel up to tackling something new.  The lady loved it and was thrilled.  It is a 6in and 10in frenchvanilla with chocolate hazlenut filling covered in bc and fondant flowers and butterflies painted with lusterdust.
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By phoohbear
Dec 3, 2006
These were made using Royal.
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By Fairytale
Jan 7, 2007
made this cake just for fun. it's my first ever from-scratch-cake.  sure hope it tastes yummy!  went with spring colors.... hoping to forget that it's FREEZING outside.... -18 degree wind chill?!?!?! yuck!
By emf7701
Feb 4, 2007
Coconut Cream Cake with Bavarian Cream filling.  Fresh flowers are called "Stock" and are wonderfully fragrant
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By C8keLdy
Apr 13, 2005


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