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This cake has been attacked by the city rats!
By lolarott
Aug 18, 2005
My first attempt with fondant.  The mice are molded from fondant and the cake was baked in a pyrex bowl.  It was a big hit, my nephew yelled "there are mice on this cake auntie" when he saw it!
10 24
By lynnie
Sep 4, 2005
This is my first ever decorated cookie.  I know it's not Halloween yet, but I only have a pumpkin and a ghost.  I thought they turned out pretty well.
6 20
By thyterrell
Sep 10, 2005
Pumpkin cookies with royal icing.  Practice for Halloween.
3 11
By LaylasMommy
Sep 14, 2005
I did this cake tonight in class.  I didn't have time to put a border on it... and didn't feel like it when I got home.  LOL  
I wish I had now that I see the picture.
14 32
By missmersh
Sep 21, 2005
A french vanilla cake with almond buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant.
9 4
By texastoast
Oct 5, 2005
Pumpkin patch
7 27
By lovetobake
Oct 8, 2005
Yellow cake with buttercream icing. Pumpkins are made out of MMF.
5 2
By momoftwogirls
Oct 9, 2005
I made these as a seasonal gift to my favorite radio show.
2 2
By MomoRox
Oct 11, 2005
threw this cake together this after noon for a neighbor who baby sits my youngest daughter.  it's fudge marble bundt cake, with two muffins in the center hole, and one for the head.  the cake is covered in a poured fondant that was colored orange, and the spider was covered in a white poured fondant before being piped with purple colored bc frosting.  the eyes are MMF and the fangs are BC icing
3 7
By KCsmom98
Oct 14, 2005
I made some cookies today and decorated a few with mmf.
6 3
By momlovestocook
Oct 18, 2005
Buttercream icing.  background airbrused with edible paints.  Pumpkins done with buttercream.
7 25
By tootsa
Oct 18, 2005
I made some royal icing for the rest of my pumpkin cookies and iced them today.  Was wondering what to do with the cookies and the girls came home with note saying there is a bake sale at school friday.
3 4
By momlovestocook
Oct 19, 2005
For a playgroup Halloween Party. Cake is 2 yellow Bundts "glued"  together with whipped and bc icing. All decorations BC Icing... the orange on the cupcakes is whipped icing. The stem is 2 cupcakes top to top and iced in green BC.  Spiders on cupcakes are just piped with a star tip (don't rmember which), and the faces on the Jack'O: cupcakes is round tip 3. The cake was a hit! Thanks for looking..
7 6
By AndiSue
Oct 21, 2005
I JUST finished this cake about five minutes ago.  This was my first try for a large sheet cake, and I did everything free hand with just my own creativity guiding me.  The cake is iced in BC, the vines and leaves in royal, and the little boy in the pile of leaves is made of candy melts (my first attempt ever).  I'm very pleased with how it turned out for my first big one.
4 5
By rachaelwelch
Oct 22, 2005
This was a pumpkin spice cake iced with pumpking buttercream.  The flowers are all royal icing.  The pumpkins on the corners and big yellow leaves are colorflow...Most of my class cakes turn out yucky but this one I like ok.
By cakecre8tor
Oct 22, 2005
Chocolate Roll-out cookies decorated with royal icing.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 22, 2005
These are pumpkin (flavored) pumpkin cookies with pumpkin flavored icing.
By bonniebakes
Oct 22, 2005
actually 3 pumpkins but the other one is too small to count.
By fizzyfree
Oct 22, 2005
This is a sculpted pumpkin I did in class today. I took it with Alimonkey. Talk about a GREAT class. Anyway, hers is much cuter than mine, but I learned a ton. I'm definitely going to have to practice my fondant. The color is airbrush.
8 2
By gdixoncakes
Oct 22, 2005
Chocolate BC icing with fondant pumpkins with BC leaves and vines.  Was inspired to make this cake with multiple ideas from this website, thanks everyone!
10 43
By Sarabells
Oct 23, 2005
I have been wanting to try cookies for a long time - so why not halloween - Here is what I came up with
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By cakecre8tor
Oct 23, 2005
Had a lot of fun making it!
4 4
By thesocialfrog
Oct 23, 2005
i had to try out my new pumpkin pan.  the lighting was really bad in my MIL's kitchen.  the cake is wedding cake white with french vanilla pudding added, frosted with lemon flavored faux fondant.  my hand is very sore after all those stars..i have a new respect for the guys and gals on here that do all their work in stars...
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By KCsmom98
Oct 23, 2005
Based on Bronwen Weber's Spooky Cake Challenge design. Pumpkin and hat are cake, hat brim is fondant covered cake board.
10 85
By alimonkey
Oct 24, 2005
The Wilton "Haunted Pumpkin" pan was the inspiration for this sheet cake covered in buttercream frosting. I couldnt find the pan so I decided to just draw it on the cake.
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By krispy
Oct 24, 2005
This is my first cake EVER! Orange cake with buttercream frosting. chocolate outline. Mom watched but I made it all from start to finish.
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By bird95
Oct 24, 2005
i used the car pan and chopped off the back end to make it into a pick-up truck.  the pumpkins are the candy corn kind and i toasted coconut to make the hay.
3 21
By jellygirl
Oct 25, 2005
4 12
By dkay
Oct 25, 2005
8 6
By angelcake4u
Oct 26, 2005
Chocolate chip cookie dough, yellow cupcakes with BC frosting, and MMF pressed into candy molds for toppers.
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By bulldog
Oct 26, 2005
This is my seven year old first cake experience... I wasn't allowed to watch or help... Only my hubby helped with the general direction of it all... They did a great job...
By kristingeorge
Oct 26, 2005
By kristingeorge
Oct 27, 2005
By gapger
Oct 27, 2005
It wasnt until I downloaded this onto my computer that I realized all the gaps in the cake :-( I'm thinking about re-doing this cake.
2 2
By bethanne73
Oct 28, 2005
5 40
By krispy
Oct 28, 2005
This is a pumpkin shaped cake that was make using two bundt cakes, it is a made from scratch spice cake with pumpkin added to it, and cream cheese icing. I made this for a church gathering that we have to keep the kids from trick or treating. We have sooo much fun.
2 6
By mistygaildunn
Oct 28, 2005
My first time using a theme pan, used the wilton mini pumpkin pan.  Chocolate cake, buttercream frosting.  It was melt in your mouth delicious if I must say so
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 28, 2005
This was my first attempt that using antonia74's methods.  I put a darker shade on and I hated it, so I had to go back over with the lighter one and it ended up with 3 layers of icing.  LOL.  In the end, it's not too bad, but I need more practice.
By KarenOR
Oct 29, 2005
For a preschool harvest party.
6 18
By thecakegirl
Aug 6, 2005


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