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This was a cake I made for my niece's first birthday. I did add a wand to the cake when I got to the party.
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By chikie
Feb 12, 2006
I made this cake for a little girl celebrating her 4th birthday. She wanted a princess in pink.
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By desertm
Mar 15, 2006
5 26
By TinaRe
Mar 21, 2006
Cherry chip cake w/vanilla cream filling.  Whimsical castle cake covered in MMF.  Stars, princess, turrets, & flowers are fondant, fondant edible image birthday plaque, and rock candy.  Based on a design from Just Fabulous website.  Cake is 7" high.  Thanks fro looking!
8 30
By newtocakes
May 4, 2006
Pink castle cake for daughter's 3rd BD! All edible, loved the pink glitter!
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By ladybug03
May 12, 2006
Inspired by Colette Peters, tiara is made of royal icing and is my own design, bottom cake is red velvet cake made pink with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and top cake is white chocolate whisper cake with raspberry preserves as filling and raspberry buttercream for frosting.
5 77
By carrielynnfields
May 14, 2006
8X3 and 6X3 round chocolate cakes iced in buttercream with a fondant bow and silver dragees as accents.  Tiara came from the Dollar Store.  The little girl loved it and didn't want to cut it!
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By tripletmom
May 29, 2006
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By ken
Jun 10, 2006
5 yr old girl wanted a Princess Theme.Bow,Banner,Pearls and wand made from fondant,Tiara made from Royal Icing.Dusted with super pearl lustre dust.WBH buttercream.8 inch base...6 inch top
10 83
By Kiddiekakes
Jun 22, 2006
This is a yellow cake with bc icing.  MMF covered purse and handle.  Flowers and heart plaques made of Wilton fondant.
6 36
By Tat
Jun 29, 2006
This is a princess cake. The 2 girls it was for helped me finished decorating the cake putting the leaves on the roses and the egg candy on top. they called it the princess egg cake.
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By Eeyore16
Jul 1, 2006
This is mud cake I did a while ago now. Before I didn't have a finished picture of it.  I made the stand for the cupcakes out of two pots which I covered in icing to match the theme on the top of the cake. It was a lot of fun to make. The wings are made of rice paper. Thanks for looking!
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By melissaanne
Jul 31, 2006
9" and 6" round w/ fondant.  Fondant crown.
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By cakesbyallison
Aug 5, 2006
The cake is Darn Good Chocolate Cake filled with oreos and buttercream, iced in IMBC, buttercream border (don't know why I did that should've used IMBC oh well) tiara's are chocolate with lustre dust same with the writing and edible images.  The border around the edible images is piped in gold.
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By gibson
Aug 22, 2006
Piped with gold
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By gibson
Aug 22, 2006
This cake was done for my daughter's 5th birthday by my baker, i told her what i wanted and she accomplished a fabulous job. It tasted delicious. Everything is fondant except the castle. Thanks Yvonne! I wanted everyone to see it !!!
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By mia0214
Aug 28, 2006
MMF over FMButtercream.  Used a Strawberry Shortcake doll, instead of a doll pick, they are just the right size and then the little girl is not disapointed to find half a doll in her cake!  LOL!
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By SweetResults
Sep 4, 2006
Thanks to all of the great examples on this site, I made my first castle cake using fondant for the first time for my 5 year old's birthday party!  I used Wilton's packaged fondant, and covered a box, paper towel holders and ice cream cones with fondant. The fondant was so easy and fun to use I made the banners on the cake with fondant too.  I used a sharpee to write on the fondant banner. The top tier was a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.  TRoyal icing and gumdrops finished off the royal castl
By littlelamb
Sep 6, 2006
Fairytale Contest
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By StandingForJesus
Sep 13, 2006
Got this idea from the 2007 Wilton catalog.  White chocolate candy plaque is decorated with royal icing flowers.
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By sweetcakes2005
Sep 20, 2006
Last minute call for a cake for customer.I didn't have time to do the carriage and horses in Royal and the Royal Icing was no cooperating so I used candy melts and fondant.Candy melt tiara and shoes,earrings.Wand is fondant( Star)  and so is pearls,mini flowers and banner.BC roses.
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By Kiddiekakes
Sep 23, 2006
This is a 10" round and 6" round stacked cake with buttercream icing and pink cake sparkles.  The white border and writing was irridescent pearl icing.  The topper is a child's toy tiara.  The birthday girl wanted something "very pink and princessy" and she got it!
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By rsaun
Sep 28, 2006
Well, this is one of the cake ideas in the 2007 Wilton Yearbook.  I modified it a bit.  Instead of making the castle out of candy, I ended up covering a board in fondant.  I tried the candy 3 times and everytime I unmolded it, it broke.  The birthday girl was ecstatic.
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By gatorbear
Sep 30, 2006
A princess cake made out of 3 cakes and rolled fondant. My daughter loved it, and I had fun doing it! :-)
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By Anonymous
Oct 3, 2006
Another shot of bottom tier of cake. Pink flowers are fondant that I sprinkled for decoration. Bottom is triple chocolate fudge with whipped ganache filling and hazelnut buttercream. Top layer was white with hazelnut buttercream icing.
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By mlparker
Oct 8, 2006
6 35
By Tat
Oct 8, 2006
Royal Icing tiara, IMBC, Fondant Decorations.  Tiara and fondant decorations dusted with Super Pearl luster dust.  I added a Happy Birthday banner and a few ribbon roses on between the tiers, but I forgot to take a picture.  Thanks to Carrielynnfields for the tiara template!
6 14
By yellowjacket
Oct 10, 2006
Yellow cake for a little girl's 7th birthday party.  She wanted the Disney's Princesses.
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By LuvCakes
Oct 13, 2006
1 12
By gracefull
Oct 21, 2006
Quickie princess cake for friend's dd.  Had problems with my bc crusting (and I was in a hurry!) so my quilting stinks but what does a 2yo know! lol Top is sugar cookie with antonia's icing.
10 61
By dodibug
Oct 24, 2006
Made from an 11x15" sheet pan. Buttercream icing.  Ice cream cone turrets.  Chocolate bar square windows and mini-marshmallow trim.  The princess was delighted!
2 6
By wyatt
Oct 31, 2006
Here's a cake I made for my babysitter's daughter.  She was a princess for halloween and her favourite colour is pink so, I came up with this idea that she loved!
2 9
By ang_ty95
Nov 2, 2006
This was my FIRST castle; I know what to do better next time.  It was for my 3yo neice and she loved it!!  I am VERY happy with it...hope you like it as well.
13 55
By sugarlaced
Nov 24, 2006
This cake is decorated with, UGH, whipped topping, hence the not-so-smooth surface, lol.   The customer requested only Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel to be on the cake. The border is a ribbon found at Walmart.  The one thing that I really liked about this cake was the roses.  It was the first time since February that I had attempted roses, and they came out pretty good, I think.
5 1
By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 25, 2006
Customer gave me a picture of a cake she saw so I tried to follow it a bit but added my own signature touches.BC roses ..fondant cut out flowers and banner.Fondant wand and candy melt Tiara.
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By Kiddiekakes
Dec 7, 2006
This was my first doll cake, first ust of fondant (we used a recipe from cc and it turned out fabulous!), and first try at making drop flowers with royal icing.  She turned out great if I do say so myself!! :-)  She's for my niece's 3rd birthday.
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By anniebuster
Dec 9, 2006
Castle cake for a friend's granddaughter's birthday.  8" double layer on bottom, 6" round double layer on top.  Iced in buttercream.  Towers are regular ice cream cones with an upside down sugar cone on top.  Put lollipop sticks through cones to help keep them in place..... would do something different next time, it's still top heavy and wobbly.  Suggestions?  Banner is made from a sheet of colored foam with foam marker writing.
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By kimmy37
Dec 16, 2006
This is the doll cake I made for my daughter's first birthday princess-themed party.  It is a cream cheese cake with crushed Oreo cookie filling, pink buttercream dream icing, and white pre-made gumpaste blossoms with dragees centers.  The pewter crown was purchased from Hobby Lobby.
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By beauty4151980
Dec 26, 2006
This cake is for my niece who turns 7 today.  She is totally a girly-girl so I thought this cake would be just perfect!  It's only my second full fondant cake so please forgive the imperfections.  The crown is white chocolate and the cake was dusted with Wilton shimmer (doesn't show real well in the pic, though.) Fun to make!  Thanks for looking!
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By Ishi
Dec 27, 2006
I made this for my niece's bday!!  She is a little princess and I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!!
5 14
By jdogga
Nov 4, 2005


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