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I had been wanting to do this cake for a while.  I based it on the one from Cake Strings.  Cake is covered in MMF.  Crown is gumpaste with Luster Dust and glitter.  Pearl Dust on purple portions.
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By _ChristyB_
Oct 14, 2005
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By cakes
Oct 15, 2005
This is a cake made for the daughter of a friend of mine. Bottom tier is french vanilla, vanilla mousse filling and vanilla BC. Top tier is chocolate cake w/almond BC. 
Crown and wand are cake decorations. Flowers and accents are royal icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 29, 2005
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
These are cupcakes that go with the barbie cake.  Vanilla cake with strawberry icing,  strawberry cake with vanila icing.   the crowns  are chocolate they need more decoration on them but are too fragile to do it so this is how they will stay.
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By susanmm23
Dec 17, 2005
3 tier pink and white with a crown on top. Buttercream icing and edible pearls. I envisioned this cake much differently and was kind of dissappointed in the end. I think I was too tired once I had got to this one!
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By traci
Feb 13, 2006
just another view
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
This is a cake that customers were buying for a woman's birthday at their job.  The cake is a princess crown set atop two pillows, at the front of the cake sits a princess with a crown next to her sits an ugly toad.  They wanted me to write  around the cake, Do you know who I am?! .... The hottest girl in the bar!  I guess this was a joke between them.
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By icingonthecupcake
Mar 31, 2006
Another Princess cake!  Fondant with chocolate crown.
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By _ChristyB_
Apr 16, 2006
This cake was for my neice's birthday.  It was french vanilla layers with strawberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.  She is the little princess at our house.  Sorry for the horrible picture... bad camera.
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By beez
Apr 26, 2006
This is a cake for a one year old.  The invitation was pink and white stripes with a crown on top.  I made it to match the invitation.  The crown and accents are fondant, the cake is frosted in buttercream.
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By gingoreilly
May 1, 2006
This is the smash cake to the princess cake I did for the one year old.  Everything is buttercream except for the crown
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By gingoreilly
May 1, 2006
Here is a close up of the crown.  It is made out of gumpaste using a clay gun to make the pieces.
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By missyek
May 21, 2006
Ok here is the 8inch square that went with the tilted cake I just posted.
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By fosterscreations
May 21, 2006
Taken from the amazing previous cakes of Sugarshack and Boween! Thanks to you both for the inspiration.

I wrote on the gumpaste bow & plaque by hand with food colouring pens. (I love my Americolor pen set!! It has saved me hours of labour so far.)

I wanted it to be all pink, but could only find toy crowns for sale with coloured crystals, so I had to improvise a bit. I took the toy crown and painted in those areas with pink nail polish and stuck pink crystals inside.
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By antonia74
Jun 25, 2006
I did two of these for my twin nieces' 8th birthday. These were the very first cakes I have ever done, and I was pleased with the look of them. Had some problems with my icing drying out. You can tell that some of the purple fell off the bottom. They were a big hit with all the kids though!
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By yummyhobby
Jul 2, 2006
Decorated to match party decorations. The customer requested to have the crown on top.
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By traci
Jul 10, 2006
9 x 13
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By shrn1975
Aug 23, 2006
9 x 13
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By shrn1975
Aug 23, 2006
My daughter searched through the computer and found a cake with a crown on top and absolutely loved it.  She asked if I could do the same.  The only difference was that I didn't put the crown on a pillow.  I wished I would have.
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By dhmichaud
Sep 2, 2006
Sugar cookie with antonia's icing, fondant pearls, all dusted in pearl luster dust.  Made for a new big sis to twin brothers.
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By dodibug
Sep 5, 2006
This is the cake I did for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  We had a Strawberry Shortcake Princess party and nearly every aspect of this cake was inspired from the invitation.  10, 8 and 6 inch layers covered in MMF.  Tiara is a plastic tiara and ribbon is real ribbon.  Garland swags, strawberries and pearls all MMF with the exception of the pearls on the middle layer that were purchased edible pearls.  Swirls on top layer are royal icing.  A lot of planning and work, but I was SO happy with this cake....
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By ape
Sep 18, 2006
Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  Fondant covered cake and designs.  Crown made of chocolate.
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By Rexy
Sep 20, 2006
round layers covered in mmf and quilted using the edge of a plastic ruler.  fondant 'dragees' cut from mmf using  round decorating tip and touched with luster dust.  sprinkled all over with edible glitter.
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By srmaxwell
Sep 27, 2006
Both cakes are iced smooth with buttercream.  The design on the top of the main cake was done to duplicate the plate for the birthday girl's theme.  All accents are done in fondant.  Accompanying purse is accented with a fondant handle and heart.
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By gourmetcakes
Oct 16, 2006
I made these for my step sister she turns 9 this weekend. They are no fail with royal icing.
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By Brendansmum
Oct 16, 2006
All buttercream icing with plastic crown.
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By traci
Oct 29, 2006
This cake was for my nieces birthday.
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By mathiasmom
Oct 29, 2006
The crown on top is color flow, the rest is buttercream with a cute rosette bottom border.
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By dutch220
Nov 5, 2006
This was my first time working with Gumpaste...still trying to get the hang of the stuff!
By yoktom
Nov 7, 2006
I made this cake for a friend of mine. I had SO MANY issues with this cake, but the roses were fun!  The girl was 8 years old and designed the cake herself.  The cake is white cake with mint chocolate chips, the filling is chocolate with crushed up mint candies and the buttercream frosting has a peppermint flavor.  I wish I could eat this one.  I just can't get a smooth buttercream to save my life! AGH!
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By taznjo
Nov 10, 2006
Cookie cake with fondant crown.
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By sampy
Nov 24, 2006
I threw this together for my daughter's birthday party at daycare.  45 strawberry cupcakes covered in BC.  I had too many orders this weekend to do anything elaborate, but she loved this just the same.
By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 29, 2006
One of 2 cakes done for the same 13 yr. old.  Yellow cake, buttercream icing. Fondant crown,flowers, and banner.
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By subaru
Dec 8, 2006
ANOTHER princess cake, white chocolate crown
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By Rexy
Dec 18, 2006
6" and 8" rounds. Top has diamond pattern with edible pearls and toy tiara. Bottom has stripes and dots with fondant bow and ribbon roses painted with pearl luster dust. Inspired by Boween's version.
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By KimAZ
Jan 7, 2007
I made this crown cake from the Wilton pan.  I made a basic yellow cake w/snow white buttercream (Wilton's recipe).  The colors are pink, purple and I just used regular food coloring to make them.
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By prncsslmndrps
Jan 12, 2007
This didn't turn out like I had envisioned. 10" on bottom 6" on top, frosted in buttercream w/ fondant crown. I shouldn't have sprinkled the pink edible glitter all over it, I thought it looked gawdy after I did it, but too late!! I wanted the crown to sit on the top layer but it never got hard enough, so I wrapped it around the top layer to hold it up. Oh well I learned what NOT to do. Better luck next time!
By angelcakesmom
Jan 18, 2007
Chocolate devil's cake with buttercream frosting. Cake sparkles were added to give the cake extra "glamor."
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By naekramer
May 19, 2005


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