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This cake was made for my aunt's 46th birthday.  The cakes are chocolate with whipped cream filling and covered in whipped cream.  I airbrushed them and then put final decorations on by piping more whipped cream.  The happy birthday tag is made of gumpaste and then the words are hand painted with food dye gel.  These cakes are supposed to lot sort of like a stack of presents.  It was fun to do.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
White cake with strawberry jam filling.  Buttercream icing.  Daisy's fondant ribbon, bow, pearl border, and gift tag.  Super pearl dust was used on the pearl border
7 8
By talmas
Apr 9, 2005
This is a cake I did this weekend for a bridal shower.  Buttercream icing. Filled with pudding, strawberries and bananas.  Bow is gumpaste.   Enjoy
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By Jennz818
Apr 24, 2005
This cake was suppose to look like 2 birthday gifts! I used a 10 in. and 6 in. square.
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By traci
May 8, 2005
3 tier stacked squares and 2 on each side made to look like birthday gifts. Bright colors made this one a hit!
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By traci
May 9, 2005
This is all MMF. Its for a girl who likes kisses a lot and the color purple.
By ChicosMom
May 9, 2005
This was my first attempt at a present cake. It was for a bridal shower. The smaller square was chocolate cake and the larger was vanilla. It is iced and decorated in buttercream. The orchids are silk and mirror the ones to be used in the bride's bouquet. The silver beads above the border were purchased from Michael's--they gave me lots of trouble!Although I was happy with the way it turned out, I had a tough time trying to figure out how to do the ribbon. Any good tips on this would be greatly appreciated!
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By Michele25
Jun 8, 2005
My first fondant cake!  I didn't get to finish it in class and never got around to it.  I think I like fondant - in small amounts!!
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By fytar
Jun 13, 2005
Fondant covered square with fondant ribbon and bow.
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By msbask
Jul 4, 2005
I'd never heard of a smash cake until reading about them on CC - what a fun idea!  This was for my niece's first birthday.
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By Newbie
Jul 4, 2005
Fondant bow on the top picture was a complete disaster.  I put the bow on the cake and started putting the flowers on when suddenly 1/4 the loops fell and broke.  I tried fixing but gave up and went with the bow on the bottom picture.  Thank goodness this was a practice cake.  Next time I will use gumpaste.  Fondant breaks to easy.
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By talmas
Jul 24, 2005
Fondant presents with fondant baby faces and polkadots on them to match the baby shower invitation.
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By thecakegirl
Aug 13, 2005
First attempt at a fondant bow.
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By mvucic
Aug 14, 2005
Present Cake I made in Course 3.
By Misska21
Aug 18, 2005
I made this little cake for my sister with some leftover fondant...she loves Tiffany so I was going for that effect.
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By Misska21
Aug 18, 2005
This was my first time using gumpaste and doing a bow.  Next time I don't think I'll use white "glue" for the bow, but at least it was fun to practice!
8 24
By APCakes
Sep 11, 2005
We were still very new at fondant when we made this as you can tell, but practice makes perfect.... right????
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By dky
Sep 11, 2005
Fondant roses, fondant bows.  Buttercream accents.
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
Covered with mm fondant and mm fondant bow.  Tried to make a Dora out of a mini bear pan....didn't look good, so I put in a toy!  My daughter loved it!!!
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
Covered in mm fondant and mm fondant bow.  Same thing here.  Actually, I got the two pic mixed up!!!  OH well.  Both my daughters LOVED their cakes!!!
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
I made this cake in my 3rd Wilton class. It was my first experience with fondant, so excuse the errors. Fondant is fun to play with but it sure does taste awful!
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By kmarsh
Sep 22, 2005
This was my first fondant bow and cala lily.  The color of the cake matches the bridesmaid dresses.
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By amandasweetcakes
Sep 23, 2005
I love making these bows.  They are pretty easy and add a great look to the cake. These two were my first successful bows. Since I learned to add gum-tex.
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By angelcake4u
Sep 26, 2005
Made 4 sheet cakes for a baby shower.  I got a lot of ideas from this site.
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By talmas
Sep 27, 2005
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By tawnyachilders
Oct 11, 2005
6 inch fondant present cake with fondant stethoscope.
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By thecakegirl
Oct 14, 2005
8" Square cake covered in fondant
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By CakesByEllen
Oct 14, 2005
Wilton Course III first cake.  I made it, but didn't have enough class time to do the border.  I went off for a business trip and when I came home four days later the thing had just about melted.  Yay!
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By rbbarker
Oct 15, 2005
Wanted to try the square corner method in the tutorial - not as easy as it looks!  Lemon cake, lemon curd filling.  The colors remind me of sherbet flavors - love them together.
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By Newbie
Oct 16, 2005
First time trying the fondant bow...used the Wilton Ribbon cutters for all the cutting of fondant, and a Wilton "Punch" tool to get the flower shapes cut out of the fondant ribbons.
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By cindycakes2
Oct 19, 2005
I made this cake for a friend's baby shower.  Although I made a few mistakes, I am pretty proud of the way it turned out. I ran out of time to make a fondant ribbon, but this beautiful satin one did the job nicely. I was flattered (and nearly appalled) when one woman thought it was a stack of presents and reached out to move it! I took it as a compliment!
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By Viviane
Oct 27, 2005
4-tiered Baby Shower Cake made of different flavors and fillings.
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By cakegirls
Nov 9, 2005
2 tier stacked squares decorated to look like birthday gifts. Buttercream icing and curly ribbon on top.
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By traci
Nov 26, 2005
This is my first attempt at using Fondant.  This is a Wilton Course "Present" cake.  It is covering green styrofoam (didn't feel like making a cake that week).  Thanks for looking.
Nov 28, 2005
Double layer 12" carrot with cream cheese frosting covered in Satin Icing (wonderful to work with).  Gumpaste bow with luster dust.  Fondant tag.
7 6
By bulldog
Dec 6, 2005
Added small green dots to the "wrapping paper" of the present.  Looks much better.
5 7
By bulldog
Dec 6, 2005
6 42
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Wedding present cake is 6,9,12,14".  Gumpaste bow that I am extremely pleased with.  The best bow I have ever made.  I am so glad that stress is over.
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By talmas
Dec 11, 2005
Chocolate cake with ganche and Fondant wraping and bow.
By Cakemaster26
Dec 15, 2005
This elegant cake features offset tiers of "package" cakes, each one decorated with a different design and topped off with an edible sugar bow. 

By: Maria Short
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005


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