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Individual cakes covered in fondant and decorated with 50/50
By BarbVanHorn
Dec 29, 2011
By DGoettsche13
Nov 11, 2012
10" square cake iced in buttercream with a fondant bow,ribbon, and tag.
By KHalstead
Nov 13, 2012
Wrapped Present Cake

My first square cake and attempt at a Peony.
Need a bit of practice on both, but overall happy.

Chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache.
Inspired by ‘Made with Loves’ Wrapped Present Cake.
4 6
By kiwimiriam
Jan 2, 2013
coconut cake with vanilla buttercream and vanilla fondant.
By MrsNisch
Feb 23, 2013
Fondant Gift Box Birthday Cake with Blue Fondant Bow & Flowers.
By SimplyDecadent
Mar 4, 2014
Santa's toy bag. Based on the toy bag for sale in the Pottery Barn catalog. I used 2 9x13 sheet cakes, one cut in half and the other cut in thirds. The presents are made from rice krispee treats.
By michellejohnson
Dec 20, 2013
Christmas Present Cake with stars
By niamhy
Dec 16, 2013
By mo845
Sep 13, 2013
I made this for my niece.  The theme she wanted was of her cat, and I thought it would be cute to do this cake - the cat got into her present and the cake.

She was thrilled. The cat is modelling chocolate.
By dkn1973
Sep 14, 2013
Baby Shower Present Cake with Bow, Bottles & Rattle.
By SimplyDecadent
Oct 21, 2013
Stack of presents cake for Birthday Party honoring 43 youth who were turning 18 and aging out of the local foster care system.  It was an amazing evening, for some of them, this was the first birthday cake they've ever had.
By luvmykids2bits
Nov 3, 2013
Modelled after a cakecentral cake seen in an email last year.
By SpeechyKean
Oct 25, 2013
By MamaCakesNJ
Oct 22, 2013
By luvmykids2bits
Nov 17, 2013
Box lid
By Jillylynn
Dec 18, 2013
The cake I made for my precious little musician.
A cake to combine her love for music and her birth during Halloween.
Too many techniques for this cake and about a month of planning and sketching.
Decorative elements were made in different time and out of different materials:
Gelatin bow, modeling paste: lid, box, mask, giftsheet,
Royal icing to stencil the gift box
All combined one day before the party.
Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by.
5 9
By Kyriaki
Mar 3, 2014
How the grinch stole christmas
6 12
By Galatia
Nov 15, 2013
cookie monster birthday cake
By AnAngelsKiss
Dec 15, 2013
Stacked Presents Birthday Cake
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
cookie monster cake, birthday cake cookie monster is rice krispy structure gift is alternated chocolate and vanilla cakes. covered with fondant cookies are fondant.
By AnAngelsKiss
Dec 15, 2013
"Christmas Present"

A Christmas hat box.
By calumscott
May 23, 2014
Tiffany's Box cake
By rhondiecakes
Feb 20, 2014
By MamaCakesNJ
Oct 22, 2013
By AnnaP
Aug 19, 2013
By MamaCakesNJ
Oct 22, 2013
By AnnaP
Aug 19, 2013


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