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THis was done for a friend's daughter and delivered to her school.
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By Mac
Oct 19, 2005
Made for the AF Ball fundraising auction.  The cooler is 3 layers of cake (choc/yellow/marble), the ice is plain gelatin, and the sodas are real.  Unfortunately, this one didn't make it to the auction...a car pulled out in front of me and it fell over...the guys in the office enjoyed it though!
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By oohlalacakes
Sep 19, 2005
Another version of the infamous cake ball.  After setting overnight they are firm enough to put a stick in.  Decorate as you want
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By AlamoSweets
Feb 18, 2006
3 1
By elif
Mar 22, 2006
Decorated using Alice Cookie Icing
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By Cake_Princess
Nov 13, 2005
Heart shaped sugar cookie pop decorated with Alice Cookie Icing. Depicting a silhouette of a couple embracing at sunset. Overpiped to give a 3-D effect.
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By Cake_Princess
Mar 28, 2006
Sugar Cookies decorated with Alice Cookie icing. Lady bug, Daisy and Hand-Painted Tulip. The pot inspired these cookies. It's painted with tulips, daisies and ladybugs
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By Cake_Princess
Mar 29, 2006
Bear and Roses Sugar Cookies decorated with Alice Cookie icing. Goldilocks was away at the time of filming.
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By Cake_Princess
Apr 12, 2006
This was a cake I made fro my friends Bday.  4 stacked 6'' cakes all decoratd in MMF.
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By glitterkris
Jul 29, 2006
This was a horseshoe w/ horses cake made for a little girl who loves horses. Big thanks to rsaun since I borrowed most of her ideas for this cake. The horseshoe was carved from a 16" round pan and then filled w/ pudding. The horses are cookies on sticks. Thanks for looking.
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By my2sunshines
Nov 14, 2006
Daisy Sugar Cookie decorated with Alice cookie icing. Overpiped to give a 3-D effect.
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By Cake_Princess
Mar 28, 2006
I made this cake for a friend's daughter.  They call her Holly Lolly Pop.  I made it to look like a lolly pop.  It is a 14" round double layer.  I striped the inside of the icing bag with different colors of icing.  I used a large dowel to stick in the end of the cake for the stick.
By pastrypantry
Nov 21, 2006
This was a last minute cake I made for a guy who is crazy about Mountain Dew soda pop.
By cncgirl00
Dec 10, 2006
These were favors for a childrens birthday party
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Dec 23, 2006
Used bat cookie cutters to cut out sugar cookies.  Inserted candy sticks into the bottom of the cookie prior to baking.  After cokkies were baked and cooled, I decorated them with colored buttercream icing.  Used a foam block covered in tissue paper to place the cookie pops in.  Easy to transport them and display them this way.
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By somethingmoore
Feb 25, 2007
Vanilla cake with BC frosting, Fondant Superman with Daily Planet, Lex Luthor with Kryptonite hiding behind a huge Superman Lolly Pop. Everything edible but the Daily Planet and the Lolly Pop Stick.
By Natali3
Mar 6, 2007
Made with NFSC and Royal Icing
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By EverlastingSweets
Mar 25, 2007
3 tiers, all fr vanilla with vanilla buttercream designs
the care bears are the bday boys toys and the cookie pops are
sugar cookies baked in wiltons star cookie pan and frosted with 
matching bc designs
1 3
By southrnhearts
Apr 20, 2007
9" heart shape with cake covered in buttercream. Thanks for looking.
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By ThanhThanh
May 9, 2007
My daughter loves soda pop girls and personally picked every color, flower and heart and where she wanted it on her cake. It was fun baking with her and was glad to accomodate all her wishes, you only turn 4 once!!!
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By icingonthecupcake
May 27, 2007
pepsi can and bottle...toba's glace icing over butter cookies
31 92
By kneadacookie
Jun 28, 2007
Pepsi Can is fondant covered and airbrushed.  Luster dust for the metallic look.
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By DecoratorJen
Jul 5, 2007
Customer requested I change the Mountain Dew logo to the party girl's name, Mandi.  All buttercream, freehanded logo while looking at a picture.  11x15 sheet, carved large loaf pan for "can".  Added cake sparkles to enhance the "icy" look, and used piping gel for "condensation".
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By StaceyC3
Jul 17, 2007
A cake for my dd's 7th birthday.  Vanilla cake with my own strawberry/rhubarb jam filling, iced w/buttercream and RI on the cookies.
By 4littlesprouts
Aug 7, 2007
Fondant icing and accents, puppy is carved pound cake
5 12
By KoryAK
Aug 8, 2007
i don't ever make these becaue it looked like it would be a pain.  Actually, i used the Wilton rolled cookie recipe in the magazine and it was great.  The taste was great and the cookies didn't spread out all over the edges of the pan.  instead of using cookie icing I just used a matching cookie cuter and cut out color mmf and stuck it on the cookies to decorate. very fast, pretty and tasty
By srmaxwell
Aug 27, 2007
This was a very last minute cake (4hr notice to bake,decorate,and walk out the door!)  I made for my mother-in-law for her birthday.  I have never seen her without a 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi near her.  The cake is 2 9x13 layers carved.  One layer is chocolate the other vanilla.  There is a layer of Oreo buttercream in  the center.  The cake was covered in BC, then with chocolate fondant.  The decorations are all fondant as well.  The lettering looked a lot straighter than it does in the picture.   :)
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By chovest
Sep 17, 2007
This was a lot of fun to make and had a lot of inspiration from the ideas on this site. Thanks to all of you that have posted your photos!
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Sep 26, 2007
This cake was for a lady's birthday that owns the local pop corn shop in town.  I stacked 3 6' rounds and covered with satin ice.  The popcorn is marshmellows dipped in food coloring to look like butter.
1 8
By Cougar0020
Oct 1, 2007
Just Practicing with different things. Having Fun!
3 1
By geri4292adams
Oct 29, 2007
I used Penny's sugar cookie recipe and frosted them in buttercream.

Back row (l to r): camera, strip of film, movie reel
Front row (l to r): pop cup, movie ticket, popcorn
5 12
By puzzlegut
Nov 9, 2007
Sorry for a second photo, waited awhile before adding so I didn't bump any others off too quickly.  Had to add, the other photo didn't show these well.  All items on table in gumpaste.  Salt on pretzels is white chocolate.  Details painted with the point of a pin.  None of the details were larger than half an inch.  Fun to do!  Thanks for looking!
5 4
By chovest
Nov 12, 2007
Did this for a camping trip.
By ExpoSteph
Nov 15, 2007
These were for my troop for our beginning year kick off luncheon party. I love mixing molded candy and cakes/cupcakes.
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By gscout73
Nov 25, 2007
6" white round cakes (4 of them, I think!); stacked them on top of each other and after they set up, I cut it to be able to lay down "flat".  Iced in buttercream; sprayed with blue Color Mist.  Can top, bottom, and logo circle are gumpaste dusted with luster dust (mixed with lemon extract).  "Liquid" is piping gel colored brown.
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By AmyCakes2
Dec 1, 2007
sheet cake used for this cake.  Buttercream frosting used and accented with candies made by the Spangler Candy Company.
By cakestodiefor
Dec 14, 2007
Sheet cakes used here also and decorated with the Spangler Candy Company Mascot.  Spangler Candy Company of Bryan Ohio home of the DUM DUM POPS and the famous Spangler Candy Canes!
By cakestodiefor
Dec 14, 2007
My youngest ( this was for his 3rd b-day) loves popcorn and when I got the latest edition of ACD I saw these and had to give them a try.  Let's just say that I am very content sticking with my piping skills on my cakes.  I'll leave the 3D carving to the pros!!  I decided to use real popcorn instead of marshmallows or gumpaste as the instructions call for.  I knew he would be disappointed if it wasn't real.  He loved it with the buttercream icing on it.
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By cakemommy
Dec 15, 2007
Holiday Basket, w/Molded Chocolate Pieces & Pops, Chocolate Pretzels, Marshmallow Pops, Decorated Sugar Cookies on stick, Bags of Oatmeal Raisin & Peanut Butter Cookies.   TFL     Happy Holidays
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By bkkimberly
Dec 21, 2007
RC and MoonPie for my dad's 58th b-day!!  The RC was 4x7 inches tall.  The "mini" sprinkle MoonPie was 6in covered in ganache.  This is my family's all time favorite afternoon snack (if you are from the South you understand =] )  They were quite yummy and my dad loved em!
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By pottedmeatchunks
Dec 30, 2007


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