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I made this for a little girl's first birthday. Her mom wanted a white puppy with hot pink nails and bow. I found the idea and basic instructions on a Texas cake club website that is no longer there. If you'd like the instructions, just PM me and give me your e-mail address.
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By HollyPJ
Jul 25, 2005
This is my little fluffy pink poodle that was ordered when I was gone.  A friend took the order for me and suprised me with it when I got back from my vacation from seeing the In-laws.
9 5
By tcrema
Sep 11, 2005
I recently made these for my twins 2nd Birthday's.  It was my first attempt at making and decorating sugar cookies.
8 9
By hilde
Sep 13, 2005
I made the image from a plate the customer gave me. This is a gluten-free cake with crisco and margerine icing. The birthday child had certain food allergies.
7 10
By traci
Oct 9, 2005
this cake was 1/2 choc and 1/2 vanilla.  BC frosting and designs of shoe, skirt and record done in MMF
By tcrema
Oct 15, 2005
Black Poodle
10 27
By rydersmom
Oct 19, 2005
Black Poodle
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By rydersmom
Oct 19, 2005
THis cookie bouquet was for our dogs groomer.  Cookies in the shape of the breed--salt and pepper min. schnauzer, black giant schnauzer and beige poodle.  Put the names on the cookies in case our groomer forgot them--Ha! Ha!  Once you've dealt with our dogs, you can't forget them.
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By Mac
Jan 8, 2006
Small practice cake for a lady's 50th birthday. Poodle and accessories are fondant. Everything else is buttercream.
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By brendaanne
Jan 11, 2006
This is the cake that I was saying the side fell off of and the cake layers shifted during transporting.  Still in a learning process
By christiethomas
Jan 21, 2006
Used KopyKake projector for poodle image; freehanded rest of design.  All buttercream.  Coordinating petit fours to go with cake.
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By LisaMS
Jan 23, 2006
This was for my daughter's fifties theme birthday.  Used the pampered cheff glass mixing bowl for the cake skirt.  Was thrilled when I found a jukebox candle go with it!
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By beanyhunter
Jan 23, 2006
This is my first cake.  It was for my daughters first birthday with the "pink poodle" theme.  It is a chocolate and vanilla layered cake.  3 layers in each tier.   I used fondant to cover, do the stripes, polka dots and dog bones.  I used chocolate molds for the letters attached with pipe cleaners.
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By katieavery
Feb 5, 2006
9 8
By tawnyachilders
Feb 11, 2006
Pink poodle for a 50th birthday. Buttercream (gave me fits with smoothing) and fondant accents.
16 19
By brendaanne
Feb 22, 2006
5 10
By rydersmom
Apr 14, 2006
This was for a little girls 10 th birthday. She wanted something fifties, so I printed a picture of a poodle skirt, and freehanded the sweater, and did a FBCT. The background is airbrushed. The record s are also FBCT. Yellow cake w/ BC. Lots of fun to do. I'll let y'all know how she liked it.
By kraftychristy
Apr 27, 2006
This cake was done to go along with the Pink Poodle party supplies.  The poodle and the boutique sign are made from fondant and hand painted.
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By craftmasterchris
May 3, 2006
Pink poodle theme...for a 1950's party.  Vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  All buttercream.
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By Tat
May 10, 2006
Pink Poodle in Paris to match party theme.
5 26
By KimAZ
May 12, 2006
Used 3D ball halves for body and rice krispy treats to mold head.  Not real excited about the way this one turned out but hopefully customer will enjoy it.
11 50
By Kitagrl
May 27, 2006
I made these cookies for my niece 1st birthday party.
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By di55
Jun 2, 2006
Pink poodle cake for Emma.  Cookies n' Cream cake with bc icing.  Poodle done in royal icing.
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By Tat
Jun 16, 2006
This pink poodle cake was made from a 3D duck pan using rosette to make the curls on the poodle. This was my first time making this cake. It was fun to make but make sure you use pound cake in the duck mold to hold it's shape.
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By lookin
Jun 20, 2006
Chocolate cake for dog bed, yellow cake for poodle....all buttercream.  I used the Wilton lamb pan for the poodle and cut pieces out of another cake for the legs.  The dog bed is an 11X15.  The bow is ribbon.  Thanks for looking!
15 26
By CustomCakesBySharon
Jun 23, 2006
icing plaque, buttercream with fondant accents.
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By _ChristyB_
Jul 1, 2006
Icing plaque, chocolate tower, buttercream with fondant accents.
7 38
By _ChristyB_
Jul 1, 2006
icing image on buttercream
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By _ChristyB_
Jul 1, 2006
buttercream with colorflow decorations
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By maddog
Jul 1, 2006
I made this cake for my mothers 50th birthday party, which was the 50's theme.  Everything is buttercream icing except for the skirt it is fondant.  The poodle is a patch I bought.  The records were iced and then I took a comb & made the lines, and the label is fondant.  This cake is really easy.
10 56
By Taralynn
Jul 6, 2006
These are cupcakes I made for my granddaughter Kindergarten class.
12 36
By ZoeAnn
Jul 21, 2006
poodle in paris theme cake for little girls birthday. Slight whimsical. Very busy but she loved it!
7 6
By AmberC2
Jul 25, 2006
I used a pattern off of the Internet to make the poodle.  I used a small start tip for the light pink and a big star tip for the bright pink.  It was lots of fun.
2 3
By cathywood99
Aug 2, 2006
This is my first attempt at making a 3D poodle.  It's not the best, but my granddaughter loved it for her poodle party.
10 55
By ZoeAnn
Aug 5, 2006
This is a buttercream covered cake based on a birthday party plate.
4 10
By Dennisclan
Aug 7, 2006
Little girl wanted a "dog" cake.  I came up with this because they are going to a glamour type shop for her birthday party, and are getting dogs to dress up as well.  All buttercream with gumpaste and wire springy balls.
By izzybee
Aug 24, 2006
Made for a friend's child that shares a birthday with my daughter.  The cake did not rise well for some reason, so I had to re-bake!  Rather than throw out the first cake...I upgraded her order to a double layer as a gift!  The stripes and writing on the sides are airbrushed.  The poodle drawing is with help of a projector!
3 8
By gmcakes
Apr 17, 2007
this is a whipcream iced cake for a little girl that was having a pink poodle party.
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By heyahiya
Sep 7, 2006
I Love the Fifties...and was really excited to get a chance to make a cake like this!
All the little things on the cake (Poodle skirt, Shoes, Records..) They are All made from Fondant!
I used the back side of a Tip to cut out the Records then used the Small part of a tip to cut out the middle of the records...and also to cut out the little holes in the shoes for the shoe strings.
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By Cakesbykaye
Sep 16, 2006
My friend wanted a pink poodle party for her daughter's first b-day!  This is what we came up with for the cake!!  The poodle is the stand up duck pan and is white cake.  The present is chocolate cake filled with chocolate bavarian creme covered with white fondant that I sprayed black.....scared me to death!!!  When I first started spraying it looked purple, then turned black!!!!  Either way, I was happy with the finished result!
4 6
By zoozieqv
May 7, 2005


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