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Sculpted white cake covered with candyclay with tinted candyclay accents.
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By pattyasken
Dec 30, 2007
This is a cookie I did for my dad who is the President of the club. It is an edible image of their logo on fondant on a butter cookie. I thought they turned out pretty good since they were my first edible image cookies.
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By esq1031
Jan 2, 2008
Each kid got their own polar bear for dessert! They loved it!
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By thecakegirl
Aug 6, 2005
This cake is supposed to be the coca cola bear on an iceberg.  This is the first cake I have done without explicit instructions on paper... I could not have done it without the fabulous Mel C's help on the polar bear....bear is fondant covered in royal icing...I know its not perfect, but I am happy with it..
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By charleydog
Dec 16, 2005
I was inspired by Ladybug03 for Mr. Penguin here.  I used my huggable Teddy Bear pan and with a bit of carving ~ a party penguin!
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By wyatt
Sep 13, 2006
White cake with strawberry filling.  Decorated with decorator icing, and royal icing.  Penguins, Polar bear, and Walrus are fondant.  Block ice wall made with sugar cubes.  Piping gel used for water and "chilly" ice accents!!  Notice the humor incorporated into this wintery scene!
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By mommykicksbutt
Dec 16, 2005
Iced in buttercream with gumpaste Polar Bear and snowflakes.
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By ShirleyW
Oct 4, 2006
I found a picture and traced the image on the cake and then used white edible glitter for the snow.
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By mocakes
Jul 20, 2006
This was an unusual request for a baby shower cake when they asked for a polar bear and penguin.  I racked my brain trying to figure out what to put on it, and then I came across these two really cute pictures and put them together.  I put a little plastic baby bottle in the bear's hand, and  I added a bonnet to the penguin to make him look like the baby.  The lady I did this for was very pleased!  For this picture I used the gel pattern transfer method.
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By Susieindy
Aug 29, 2006
Polar bear Christmas party cake for a work friend.  Inspiration cake from ShirleyW's polar bear cake and TooMuchCake's polar bear cookies wearing sweaters.  Bears made from gumpaste and wearing fondant sweaters..painted with food colouring and fine paintbrush..border is meant to look like swirling snow..hope I achieved that... My friend wanted chocolate and something wintery so this is what I came up with.  Also great help in the forums with suggestions. I am proud of this cake.
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By JaneK
Nov 29, 2006
This is one of six cakes I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  Royal icing ice cream cone trees, fondant bear and snowmen. The little pond is made with clear piping gel.  Snow is powdered sugar sprinkled over the cake.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
Igloo cake with fishing polar bear, polar bear is made of 50/50 fondant/ gumpaste. Choc cake with bc icing
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By Ursula40
Dec 7, 2006
Another version of the peguin cake that so many friends have done here on CC... Thanks for looking!!!
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By Florimbio
Sep 17, 2006
The polar bear is made out of white chocolate, molded in a candy mold, on buttercream icing sprinkled with white nonpareils and white cake sparkles.
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By mathiasmom
Dec 10, 2006
10 inch white cake with light peppermint flavored buttercream. I added crushed candy canes to some of it for the filling. half sports ball pan for igloo, all covered in MMF. Polar bears and sign are also mmf. water is piping gel. Little bit of sifted powdered sugar to look like a light snow flurry. Thanks for all the CC inspiration!!!
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By aligotmatt
Dec 11, 2006
This is a train cake for Polar Express day tomorrow in my son's first grade class.  It's based on the Polar Express cake by thecakegirl and the Thomas cake by scourtney.  The cake is a funfetti cake mix I doctored up as a butter cake with chocolate buttercream icing.
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By belindajax
Dec 14, 2006
lady wanted a cake for her auntie...she left the design entirely up to me so i thought id tryan igloo cake (wanted to do one for ages!!) little figures are inspired by my xmas cards!!
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By button-moon
Dec 24, 2006
Gumpaste Polar Bears on a sled, hats and scarves, and igloo are gumpaste as well. I liked the cake plate, thought it needed a polar bear cake.
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By ShirleyW
Mar 24, 2007
Done for a christmas party.  Got it from the whimsical bakhouse book
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By lrstone98
Dec 26, 2006
All done in B/C.  This cake is supposed to depict Polar Bear Swimmers.  The person who the cake is for is one of those people.  They're the ones who jump in water in Winter and swim for fun.  Not me!  Summer maybe, but not Winter.  The sign reads "Polar Bear Swim Today at Sunrise".  The snowmen were fun to do!
By Smoochiefrog
Jan 5, 2007
Skiing polar bear and skiis made of fondant.  Ski hill made of tin foil covered in fondant and painted with pearl luster dust and white cake sparkles. First try making this. Idea came from a polymer clay book.
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By KimAZ
Jan 12, 2007
This was for a little boy who loved the Polar Express movie, just white loaf pan cakes stacked and trimmed into the correct shape.  The cars are just hauling "oreo coal crumbs", man does this family love the mint oreos, lol!
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By ribbitfroggie
Feb 1, 2007
This is the cake I made for my 2 kids' b-day party today.  I have a 4yo DS and 5yo DD, so we chose something that was fun for boys & girls alike.  The sides of the bottom cake represents the aquarium section of the zoo, the top is the arctic animals (fondant), next is the savanna group, and the top tier is the tropics.  Everything is edible except the monkeys & bananas on the top tier- those are Imaginext toys from their jungle line.
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By momsandraven
Feb 3, 2007
Here's a closeup of the polar bears.  I had a lot of fun making them and thought they turned out really cute.
5 19
By karensue
Feb 3, 2007
I carved this out of two loaf pans... all butter cream.  Made to look like the Polar Express engine.
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By divaofcakes
Feb 6, 2007
Sorry for the double upload!!!  This Is the front, EE is for the Eddie Express!!  The movie "The Polar Express" made a big impact on my son's little friend this Christmas.  I had intended to do a sheet cake, but little fingers asaulted the train, and I had to spend time repairing it.  I ended up using rounds I had ready and iced for another project that I had hoped to do for fun that weekend.  You can see the little finger poke on the front window.
I would love to try this again doing a Christmas train.
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By lilikoigirl
Mar 1, 2007
I got this Idea from another user who did the same theme first.  Thanks for your inspiration!! BC and Train Molded pan and 2 loaf pans. My Digital Camers tooks the pics a little blurry.
By jackie20201
Mar 2, 2007
This was for my son's birthday and the buttercream froze on the cake and then started to pull off.  It was a mess.
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By Erika1276
Apr 16, 2007
I made this cake for my birthday party.  The bears and igloo are fondant.
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By MerR2D2
May 6, 2007
I demonstrated how to make these during the 2007 San Diego County Fair this year, I had 1 hour.  Most of these were made per request from children in the audience.  If you can make a ball out of fondant, you can make these!  I got these ideas from polymer clay books!
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By mommykicksbutt
Jun 18, 2007
Cake for my niece's 9th brithday party.  She requested blue whales, penguins, polar bears, white seals, and an igloo where she would be sitting - this was the result.  All figures are fondant.  Igloo is cake covered in fondant.
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By titijackie
Oct 26, 2007
For my son :)
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By Cenar
Nov 16, 2007
This bear is red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
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By mommy2owen
Nov 25, 2007
Decorated with buttercream.  The polar bear is a cookie which I decorated with buttercream.  The cakes are 6" and 9".
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By BCJean
Dec 4, 2007
White cake with buttercream icing (strawberry filling).  Polar bears are color flow.  Thanks for looking.
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By Rincewind
Dec 10, 2007
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By olana11
Dec 16, 2007
Two layer chocolate cake with two layer white under polar bear. Decorated with buttercream frosting. This is for a family Christmas party 12-22-07. I thought the polar bear with the santa hat was adorable and liked the way it turned out
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By SharonD
Dec 21, 2007
Igloo made of cake covered in fondant.  All decorations are fondant.
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By SpudCake
Dec 24, 2007
This cake was for a kindergarten class Christmas party and PE was the theme.  Was so wonderful when I delivered it as all the kids were dressed in there pajamas, ready for the party....they all wanted their picture taken with the cake....every minute of hard work paid off in that moment!
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By Hollis
Dec 27, 2007
NF with royal...TFL!
11 42
By yankeegal
Jan 3, 2008


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