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I copied this off the cake in Good Housekeeping magazine but changed the bunny to two daffodil flowers. It was fun making it. I loved that I had to buy a bag of M&M's for the project and eat the rest that weren't green. :-)
11 13
By Susan94
Apr 13, 2005
Made for twins turning 65.  Carrot cake with crusting cream cheese icing and fondant pea pods.
6 7
By astro
Feb 9, 2006
This was for a small party for twins. One likes blue, one likes pink.
By jenurator
Feb 2, 2006
This is a Strawbery cake, frosted in cream cheese icing, the peapods are made from Fondant using the invitation as my inspiration.
2 2
By frosting111
Jul 23, 2006
A little girl from church asked me to make her some I-pod brownies for her birthday.
By AngelaDay
Aug 9, 2006
Here is a baby shower cake and cupcakes iced in buttercream with fondant pea pod and babies.
29 341
By pinkflamingo
Aug 25, 2006
One of eight Pettinice carnation, buttercup, seed pods and leaf, bouquets with logo sugar tag created as a National Payroll Week luncheon "party favor". First time for the carnation! Your critique would be greatly appreciated.
3 1
By tiptop57
Sep 5, 2006
A baby shower for triplets!  A very large cake, used 1/2 ball pan for the heads.  All covered in mmf, gumpaste bows.
10 67
By Rexy
Apr 9, 2006
Fondant covered cakes, ped pod made from half ball pan carved, fondant accents.  Cupcakes were the favors, all made to match the invitations.
36 492
By SweetResults
Oct 29, 2006
I made this cake for a baby shower for 100 people.  Their theme was Pea in A pod.  I didn't want to do the pods, cause they had so much of that.  I used this idea from some of the cakes on CC.  I had a lot of fun doing this cake and they loved it.  Bottom is Yellow rum cake and tops are Chocolate cake with Kahlua Mousse filling.
1 13
By jjkcarrier
Oct 30, 2006
This is a picture of the side of my cake.  It was a tall one.
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By jjkcarrier
Oct 30, 2006
Baby shower cake for twin boys.  I confess, I am an idea thief.  Thanks to Rexy for her great design to help inspire me.
2 22
By peterlori1
Nov 4, 2006
Hand molded w/MMF and gumpaste.
15 81
By sherrialex
Dec 16, 2006
White cakes iced with BC, and wrapped with MMF ribbon( hand painted) MMF sweet peas and peas in the pod.  Idea from baby's nursery.  Twin girls!
2 13
By kellylowe
Jan 13, 2007
Peterlori1 posted one like this yesterday and I was dying to try it. As luck would have it I got to stay home today because of the snow so this is my rendition of a "peas in a pod" cake. Covered w/ mmf.
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By rhopar33
Feb 1, 2007
1 3
By moptop
Feb 21, 2007
Thank you to kellylowe for your inspiration and advice on this cake.
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Pea pods and bow are made with 50/50 MMF and Gumpaste.  Bow and ribbon are painted with thinned out Wilton coloring paste.
9 23
By gourmetcakes
Feb 26, 2007
All buttercream.
10 26
By jenncowin
Oct 22, 2006
This was inspired by the shower invitation that had the same image of a baby in a pea pod, right down to the purple hat and rosy cheeks. 1/4 sheet w/ b/c icing. Pea pod and accents made from mmf.
6 22
By rhopar33
Mar 11, 2007
This was a 14 x 14 cake.  I used a butter cake with white chocolate mousse filling.  The babies are made with MMF and the writing is buttercream...not my best looking cake, but it sure did taste good!
3 3
By Dancingprincess64
Mar 16, 2007
Stacked 6" on 10". Top layer yellow, bottom "darn good chocolate cake". Light green buttercream with. gumpaste/fondant sweet peas. leaves,peas,baby and flowers all steamed and dusted with luster dusts.
3 24
By sweetviolent
Mar 24, 2007
This pea pod cake was made for a friend having twins.  Two peas in a pod!
7 78
By RedMandy
Mar 25, 2007
Strawberry cake with straberry filling, white fondant and my own recipie for the frosting.  This is my first fondant cake, it was  hit the mommy to be loved it.
1 19
By mmachin
Apr 3, 2007
The cake is all buttercream with a buttercream transfer.  It is hard to tell from the picture, but there was some light green shading around the border that I did with the airbrush.
4 9
By klo289
Apr 7, 2007
I made this cake for some friends that are twins whose birthday is tomorrow.  They both coach softball and they both bowl so that is what the 3rd and 4th “peas” are.   I am really happy with how the pea pod came out, I have been wanting to try one for awhile but they are the only twins I know!  Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy.  Not sure what happened.  Thanks for looking!
11 39
By auntiemcakes
Apr 15, 2007
This is a bouquet I did for a baby boy...NF with RBC and royal.
4 3
By yankeegal
Apr 20, 2007
did this for a pea in the pod themed baby shower.
By crystallabridger
May 2, 2007
Here is an I pod Birthday cake I did for my 17 year old cousin.  I'm amazed how air temperature effects the consistancy of the frosting.
By theboatlady
May 4, 2007
Vanilla and milk cake with manjar (boiled condensed milk) filling.  
I made this cake for a 10 year old boy.  It was my first paid cake.
By Gapi
May 5, 2007
This is a music themed cookie bouquet I did.  The cookies are i pods, guitars and music note.  I painted the pot to match.
3 12
By jaklotz1
May 12, 2007
I got the idea from this site from all the awesome pea in the pod cakes.  It is WASC with stabilized whipped cream mixed with (not too strong) raspberry conserve for filling, BC with raspberry conserve for side icing, and chocolate ganache with a little bit more raspberry for topping.  Fondant/gumpaste mixture for peas and curls.  The cake started falling apart on me but I think it looks alright.  Hopefully it tastes alright.  And if the mom-to-be likes it then nothing else matters.  Thanks for looking
1 1
By TRisser
Jun 1, 2007
Two tiered cake in fondant with sugar babies.
3 5
By dzianne
Jun 11, 2007
This is my "sweet pea" baby cookie-idea came from a scrapbooking sticker...NF with RBC and royal....
46 358
By yankeegal
Jun 18, 2007
I used MMF for the peas and the pod with the babies. The rest of it this is buttercream. Before she picked it up I did take out the ' on Pea's. I just didn't retake the picture after that!
3 12
By SsrenL
Jul 5, 2007
1 8
By SsrenL
Jul 5, 2007
This is for a baby shower for twins. I piped the vines, leaves, and the Ladybugs in buttercream, but everything else is fondant. I used the smaller sport ball pan (twice!) and 2 - 9" x 13" rectangle pans and carved out the pod from them. Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Thanks for looking!
3 14
By cherub5
Jul 8, 2007
made 15 little sweetpea baby cupcakes for shower tomorrow...they are choc cupcakes with fondant babies, peas and pods...
These were sooo much fun to make and I am sort of attached to those little things...they each have their own personality! (yes I know I am losing it)
Thanks for looking!
46 144
By JaneK
Jul 10, 2007
Had no idea what I was doing till the last minute.  Cake is Starbuck booze chocolate cake SMBC MMF - filling is carmel.
9 14
By dyenana
Mar 6, 2007
#5 cake for me.  Its my 1st 3D cake and my first time to make my fondant and 2nd time to use it.  I am so proud of myself and ready to make my next one.  I used the Easy marshmallow recipe that I got from this site and I was very very pleased.  Plus is really was easy!! Love fondant!  I should have detailed the pod more but the other hosts backed out so I did this cake in a hurry!
3 4
By CarolynScribner
Jul 16, 2007
Made this for my SIL's shower.  2nd time attempting fondant, first time stacking fondant, 2nd fondant figures.  I learned a lot from all of my mistakes.  I may be more happy with it in the morning :)  Two pea pods on either side at the bottom.  I made two little girls with baby blocks spelling out the last name.  I hope she likes it!!
4 8
By sarahkate80
Jul 29, 2007


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