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In September I have a ton of bdays and my dh gets to eat them all so I thought for his birthday I would make something different.  It's cheesecake with chocolate roses and chocolate around the edge.
By sweetbabycake
Jun 5, 2007
This was a square bottom with 2 rounds on top. Buttercream icing w/ fondant drapes and plaque with candy melt monograms and sugar pearls. The flowers were real.  WASC w/raspberry filling. This was my 3rd wedding cake and my favorite so far! TFL!
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By Amy729
May 25, 2008
Chocolate Cherry 11x15 sheet cake with 6" round WASC with raspberry filling ornamental tier.  BC icing, RI roses and apple blossoms.  I made 18" vines to wrap around the cake and pillars, but they were so heavy they sank into the BC.  I ended up enhancing the vines with more roses and leaves as necessary.  The plaque is gp and fondant mixed.  It was hard as a board and sitting up leaning on the pillars, but the humidity caused it to tip over, so I ended up laying it down.  Looks just as good that way :).
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By missmeg
Jun 10, 2008
Tiara is made out of white gumpaste formed around 6 inch round pan that was greased prior to placing gumpaste around it.  Let it dry for a couple days.  Removed it and then painted it with gold luster dust mixed with lemon extract and then added crown tip decorations.  Plaque made out of gumpaste, dried for couple days, then trimmed with pink fondant and allowed to firm up for 1 day.
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By tanyacakes
Jun 21, 2008
This was a 10, 8, 6 strawberry and banana with BC icing. I used a rubber stamp and stamped the plaque on fondant then brushed it with antque gold luster dust.
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By debster
Jun 28, 2008
choc/choc bc, white choc plaque, choc bc "F", white & choc MMF rope around plaque & on corners
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By bkdcakes
Jun 30, 2008
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By darylrc
Aug 16, 2008
Bottom cake is yellow cake with pineapple creme filling and the top cake is chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  Covered with fondant and fondant accents. The plaque is fondant with royal icing accents and letters. Inspired by Boween. TFL!
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By tracycakes
Sep 13, 2008
Butter Cream with Raider Fondant plaque.  The Raider logo is made from royal icing.
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By friendtilthend
Sep 15, 2008
My nephew couldn't decide, so I did a Batman/Superman cake with an edible image plaque and swirled cupcakes all buttercream except Batman and Supermna emblems and board...
By rlreynolds217
Sep 22, 2008
Buttercream buildings and spidey made out of candy melts. Thanks to stephanie214 and traci for the inspiration and lots of the how to!  Choc and white layer cake (white layer tinted orange cuz that's his favorite color)
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By cakemommync
Sep 26, 2008
14" cake covered in ivory fondant.  Lillies, stems and leaves are all fondant. The fleur de lis and plaque are made from molded white chocolate.  The colors were to match the wedding colors as this cake was for a bridal shower.
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By bonnebouche
Sep 27, 2008
All buttercream with sugar pearls and gumpaste plaque and a bow.
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By drgaddy
Sep 28, 2008
A 9" single layer hex cake iced in buttercream which is textured with a paper towel.  Flowers are gumpaste.  Name is hand written on a gumpaste plaque
with edible writer pen.
By kakeladi
Oct 2, 2008
SMBC and fondant, Marine going away cake
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By ski
Oct 4, 2008
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By janpolycarp
Oct 15, 2008
8" Peach/Mango flavored cake. Apricot preserves & peach BC filling. Frosted with peach BC. All decorations are sugarpaste. Board covered with fondant. I saw the board idea on a few cakes on CC, thank you for the idea.
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By superstar
Oct 21, 2008
Buttercream iced with gumpaste looped bow and plaque. The letters were painted with purple paste color. I also added some white pearl dust, not sure if you can tell. Thanks for looking
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By cakeandpartygirl
Oct 26, 2008
This is a fondant hockey puck with a buttercream base.
By hockeymom5
Nov 15, 2008
This was for my co-workers 27th bday. She requested a Hello Kitty cake. I really like the way it came out. Thanks to inspiration from one of CC's cakes in the gallery. .. Cake is strawberry, BC icing, w/MMF accents & topped it off with my first attempt at an image plaque.
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By jcaste
Dec 5, 2008
14" red velvet cake with cream cheese filling.  Scrolls and piped beads on the sides.  Fondant plaque with their initials.  TFL
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By Denise
Dec 10, 2008
White chocolate groom's cake with raspberry buttercream.  It's a copy of one of Debbie Goard's designs.  This was way fun to do...for those people who don't like to eat fish!
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By 2muchsugar
Jan 2, 2009
Painted plaque with run out royal Icing collar which I did at cake decorating classes.
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By Bibbycakes
Jan 3, 2009
This was like the other Britto Cake except she wanted pink pink pink.... Hand painted just like the other... Edible Plaque, number, stars and Topper... Everything is Edible, everything is handpainted.
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By pinklesley1
Jan 12, 2009
This is a buttercream cake (14"x14") with a 6" round smash cake on top.  The lion head is a chocolate plaque made by using a lion cake pan as a mold.  The "one" on the smash cake is also chocolate.  The other details are fondant.  I also used royal icing for some of the details.
By pipergirl
Jan 24, 2009
Royal Icing plaque, BC, 14" chocolate w/ ganache and chocolate cherry cream.
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By Banana0501
Jan 25, 2009
This cake was kind of sprung on me (my son wanted one cake and at the last minute he said "i would like a james bond cake instead"  so after much thinking and with only a couple of days to go, this is the design i went for. My son was turning 7 so i had to keep the design simple and not too grown up. Everything is edible. The car is an icing plaque, the figure is mean't to be james bond and he is made out of fondant/gumpaste mix. I just made 2 eyes looking out of the tunnel so my son could use his imagination and choose which james bond vilian he wanted it to be.
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By sasporella
Feb 11, 2009
This customers husband was an avid fisherman and his nickname was "fisherman." I tried to make it looked like a fish on a plaque :) Cake was all fondant and hand painted with food coloring! Thanks for looking! -Bella Torte
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By bellatorte
Feb 11, 2009
All fondant.  Plaque is fondant and gum tex.  Swirls are royal icing.  Chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  I could not find my camera at the time so I used my son's.  His camera takes really bright pictures.  Sorry it is so bright.
By friendtilthend
Feb 16, 2009
This cake is strawberry cake with buttercream and fondant accents. The booties and blanket are fondant with super pearl dust. Polka dots are also fondant with fondant plaque.
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By dmhart
Feb 20, 2009
This cake was for a lady having her 100th birthday. I felt so honored to do this cake. She asked for the colors pink and purple. This was WASC, buttercream with fondant accents.
By dmhart
Feb 20, 2009
This cake is WASC, Buttercream with fondant animals and accents. I loved the little pigs.
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By dmhart
Feb 27, 2009
I made this cake for a 20th Anniversary.  The party was centered around the Casino Theme.  The cake was based on design provided by the person who requested the cake, I changed the design slightly by adding the Plaque behind the two dice and a few other things.  I added blinking lights to give it the real Casino type feel.
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By PSLCakeLady
Mar 1, 2009
Two tier sponge cake with footrrpints and flowers. Sleeping baby and bears from modelling paste.
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By AlixsCakes
Mar 3, 2009
This was my version of a photo given to me by the client. Sorry but I don't know who to give credit to. Buttercream  with fondant accents and gumpaste shoe, flowers and plaque. Airbrushed with pearl dust and the shoe is also covered with disco dust. TFL!
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By Amy729
Mar 6, 2009
all are edible images on fondant and cut them out to make the plaque. the kraby patties are gummies that I found at bj's.  royal decoration for the leafs and flowers. jelly fish done with icing. letters out of fondant on tooth picks.
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By petalosr
Apr 3, 2009
Baby girl on a blanket. Made out of fondant with Tylose added. Made this topper for a friend back East. Can't make the cake so I am sending the topper for the baby shower cake, it will be going with Grandma next week.
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By superstar
Apr 4, 2009
This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake and fondant plaque.  Overall, I'm happy with the result, although next time I'll do some things different.  :)
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By andysprite
Apr 14, 2009
The base icing is buttercream.  The scrolls are piping gel.  The plaque is fondant, painted, and with edible glitter.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 18, 2009
This was done for a squadron going away party. Col. Polomsky is a great commander and we will all miss him.
By KawaiiCakeCook
Apr 28, 2009


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