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This is a close-up of the name-plate. This is all fondant.
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By 3tiers
Jun 8, 2007
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By Strazle
Jun 23, 2007
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By missyjo30
Jun 25, 2007
This was another of the 3 graduation cakes I had to make for the same party.  Edible image plaque, thanks to missyek for all of her help with this, and the rest is fondant.  Thanks for looking!
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By heiser73
Jun 28, 2007
This was the last of the 3 graduation cakes I had to make for the same party.  Edible image plaque, special thanks to missyek for walking me through it, fondant accents.  Thanks for looking!
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By heiser73
Jun 28, 2007
This is my first attempt at calla lilies. I think they came out pretty decent. The cake was vanilla chip on the bottom with vanilla buttercream and the top was chocolate with chocolate buttercream. The cake is covered in MMF and the lilies are on floral wire poked into the cake. . Thanks for looking
By swingme83
Jul 1, 2007
This is a small part of a large display for the towns 4th celebration. I would love any feedback to make it better. it is supposed to be the 3 firefighters at ground zero raising the flag. There this plaque will go on a cake with more around it. I just want to get some feedback on this now, to make sure I am on the right track or to get me there, Thanks so much
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By susanscakebabies
Jul 3, 2007
Made this for my daughter's Communion in October.  Did not turn out like I imagined it but I'm still happy with the results.  Made with a mixture of 1/2 modelling paste and 1/2 fondant.
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By BarbaraK
Jul 13, 2007
name plaque for an 80th birthday cake i have coming up,  the cake will be a fruit cake covered in almond paste then fondant for a lady who loves blue flowers..   all made out of fondant with tylose added...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jul 27, 2007
Just a close-up pic.
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By potatocakes
Jan 30, 2007
Vanilla cake, cream cheese filling, faux fondant crusting BC with character RI plaque for a co-worker's son B-day. (Cake dimensions: 12x15 x4; RI plaque:8x8
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By medinadania
Jul 29, 2007
This cake is all buttercream frosting.  They are chocolate fudge, yellow, strawberry, and spice layers.  The plaque says, "Savior of the World", which was the name of the play this cake is celebrating.  It was sooo much fun to make a 4 tier cake.  Maybe next one a 5 tier!!!!!
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By shoup_family
Aug 5, 2007
This cake is for my brother who caught a trophy walleye earlier this year and is still waiting to get it back mounted.  Full sheet cake carved. Covered in BC,  then fondant.  All detail work including fins done in fondant.  Plaque is fondant brushed with vodka diluted icing color.  After it started to dry, I drug a dry brush across to give wood grain appearance.  I don't have an airbrush, so color was applied with a mesh garment bag dipped into thinned icing color giving the scale affect.Thanks for looking!
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By chovest
Aug 8, 2007
This is a buttercream cake with a chocopan plaque (I chose chocopan because it does not harder completely and remains a little flexible, and is quite tastefull).  I hand-painted the plaque using luster-dust and vodka mixture.  The borders were made with a #18 tip. The sides were made with a #102 tip.
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By petersfy
Aug 19, 2007
This was my first attempt with the "stitching" method.  This cake was made for a lady who loves to stitch and although she was 92 years old, still continued with this love.  The plaque was made with chocopan and painted with a luster-dust and vodka mixture.  The plaque was soft enough to cut through without all the cracking.  The "Nanu" name and stitch was first made with running sugar, then when dried I used royal icing with a medium thickness to create the "stitching" effect over the name.
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By petersfy
Aug 19, 2007
This simple buttercream cake has a hand painted plaque of the boys favorite basketball team.  I used tip #18 for the top border with a #5 tip for the underlining top border as well as the bottom borders.  The border around the plaque is a #14 tip.  The "stars" were created from the drop flower tip #33.
By petersfy
Aug 20, 2007
This was made for an ordination celebration.  The plaque is a fondant Luther Rose and the designs of the banner is from the stole he can now wear as pastor.
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By feverfixer
Aug 26, 2007
This is a birthday cake for a boy named Brett who is a huge fan of Brett Favre of the Packers.  It is covered with MMF and gum paste ribbons.  The plaque is gum paste so he can save it.  Football pan used for top.
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By janey105
Sep 1, 2007
4 Tier square wedding cake with white chocolate initial plaque
By varneyk
Sep 12, 2007
Italian Cream Groom's Cake with White Chocolate initial plaque
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By varneyk
Sep 12, 2007
This cake was one trouble after another - I was ready to give up.  MY SIL looked through all of my books and pointed out what she liked and this is the end result.  It is in BC with gum paste plaques and roses (on top).  The top two tiers were damaged in transport so I had to patch the BC the best I could and improvise on the bottom borders.
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By calla74
Sep 23, 2007
This is a 12" buttercream iced baby cake.  The rattle was a carved cupcake with a gumpaste handle.  
The plaque was made of white chocolate fondant so it was easy to cut through.
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By petersfy
Sep 25, 2007
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By cakedesigner59
Oct 26, 2007
Made this for my son's 3rd birthday party.  11x15" iced in buttercream with airbrushed grass and cobblestone path.  Tip 233 buttercream grass, royal icing sugar cone trees, edible image gumpaste plaques, and melted chocolate mud bath.  My borders went a little wonky, but overall I'm happy with the outcome.  My son loved it!
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By DianaMarieMTV
Dec 2, 2007
This turned out to be a project that I really enjoyed doing and I am really proud of the outcome.

My cousin, just celebrated 25 years as a religious sister, and this icon represents the charism of her Order

Thanks for looking.
By karennayak
Dec 23, 2007
This is an 8" cinnamon swirl cake with cream cheese frosting. I got some inspiration from jenncowin for the faux chocolate plaque. Its a piece of fondant dried, drew on a deer with colored pencil, carved it out with a sharp tool, then brushed cocoa over it to fill in the plaque. Very easy to do. Then I piped all the different colors on separately and smoothed them out viva paper towel style! LOL Thanks for looking!
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By step0nmi
Jan 14, 2008
White Almond Sour Cream Cake covered in MMF with fondant Hanna & Music sheep plaque.  Other decorations also fondant and dragees.
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By Julisa
Jan 28, 2008
I made this for my Grandson's 2nd Birthday. He loves Thomas!  BC with fondant plaques.   I am making my Niece's wedding cake in June and she has chosen a hexagon shape, so this was a practice for the wedding.  Thanks for looking.
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By Price
Feb 17, 2008
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By Melodee1980
Feb 26, 2008
This is the mothers day cake i made for my husbands mum. The open rose plaque i made at college.
By sasporella
Mar 2, 2008
As requested by my son, Mc Queen in 3-D, half sheet on the bottom.
This was a fun cake to make, but so time consuming. He loved it.
Fondant plaque
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By Natali3
Apr 3, 2007
This is a rich moist chocolate cake, covered in whipped ganache, the topper is a plaque plate with a rose and some calla lillies, with lots of little butterflies and 2 larger butterflies (the larger ones were a disaster - lol), this was made yesterday afternoon for last night - for my dh's granny's birthday.
She refused to cut it - she wants to show all her friends first - lol
Thanks for looking!
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By janine1972
Mar 3, 2008
I was so excited to make this cake because it was the first time I was able to use my edible ink printer, Canon IP3500!  I love it.  The baby, letters, and teddy bears are all EI fondant plaques.  Everything else is fondant.  The cake was made to match the shower decorations.
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By momtobtb
Mar 15, 2008
WASC with SMBC filling and Sugarshack’s icing.  Fondant accents and edible image photos.  Plaque is gumpaste and royal icing.
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By Lindakbh
Mar 17, 2008
Dedication cake for twins.  Design was borrowed from Tripletmom.  BC w/ gumpaste cross, lambs and plaque, and fondant flowers.  Thanks fro looking.
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By jillycakes
Apr 19, 2008
Buttercream w/ gumpaste/fondant accents...
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By bennett5
Apr 20, 2008
This is the side of my belly cake!  Thanks to Regan (sp?), ShirleyW, glad and anyone else I forgot to mention in the thread about writing so nice on the tags.
By nrctermite
May 29, 2007
WASC present with fondant accents, chocolate face and RKT hands and feet.  THANK YOU TO CRAFTMASTERCHRIS for the awesome help on this one!!!
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By wendalynn11
Apr 26, 2008
Buttercream w/fondant accents...
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By bennett5
Apr 26, 2008
Chocolate Cherry 11x15 sheet cake with 6" round WASC with raspberry filling ornamental tier.  BC icing, RI roses and apple blossoms.  I made 18" vines to wrap around the cake and pillars, but they were so heavy they sank into the BC.  I ended up enhancing the vines with more roses and leaves as necessary.  The plaque is gp and fondant mixed.  It was hard as a board and sitting up leaning on the pillars, but the humidity caused it to tip over, so I ended up laying it down.  Looks just as good that way :).
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By missmeg
Jun 10, 2008


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