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3D Lotus Birthday Cake with  Chocolate Jade Plaque
By Yu-Ecake
Feb 26, 2012
5" square tiramisu cake with chocolate ganache and tiramisu SMBC filling. Silhouette letters.
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By PeggyMichel
Mar 3, 2012
Painted with food colours. Plaque with a teddy on to put on a cake or cupcake
By nataliehix
Mar 26, 2012
I made this for a surprise Birthday party. It is a 12" vanilla rum cake with dulce de leche filling. The flower is a Fondant plaque and it is handpainted.
By karukaru
Mar 28, 2012
Plaque, shell candle holder, lotus on the cake all done with fondant.
By SSN_sweets
Apr 16, 2012
By SSN_sweets
Apr 16, 2012
Royal icing and fondant flowers.  Gumpaste plaque.  Friend requested zebra with hot pink flowers.  Inside was zebra striped white and hot pink cake.  Fun!
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May 4, 2012
Cap made from RKT, top is fondant covered cardboard, border is gumballs.
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By yummyeverafter
May 21, 2012
This is a fondant plaque I made to sit over a choc slice (didnt get pic of it on the slice tho did I....) hand painted with paste colors.
By maccajackkk
May 24, 2012
Chocolate cake filled with whipped chocolate cream and crushed Ferrero candies.
By Walkinmomma
Jun 10, 2012
By leanne1972
Jun 12, 2012
cake with brushed embroidery ,quilted,chocolate fondant , pastillage plaque
By auticakemom
Jun 15, 2012
A Spiderman cake I made for my younger son's fourth birthday. I got inspiration from so many wonderful cakes here on CC, especially Cakester_ who made an absolutely wonderful Spiderman cake :)

The bottom tier is a 2 layer 12" cake and the top layer is a 3 layer 6" cake (the top tier needed to be higher so it could support Spiderman).  The Spiderman is a plaque made with candy melts and using a Wilton Spiderman pan I had at hand. The buildings, which can't really be seen properly on the picture but surrounded the top layer, are made of gum paste. The cake is covered in fondant. The cars are Spiderman and Venom cars that were a gift for the birthday boy :)  TFL :)
By Fridsemd
Jul 3, 2012
This cake was inspired by a picture I found online by Thank you! 
The ribbon I made from white chocolate candy clay.
By Pamkakor
Jul 8, 2012
This cake was made as a mock up for a potential 'basic wedding cake class'.   I kept it simple and elegant.  Hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking!
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By heatherhasstyle
Jul 12, 2012
Made for a friends baby shower.  WASC with BC and gumpaste hydrangeas, leaves, and plaque.
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By Sassy74
Jul 21, 2012
4 tier all buttercream with fondant plaque.
By tash-does-cakes
Aug 19, 2012
My parents took me often to visit castles as a child. They were full of precious porcelain, glass, paintings, furniture and other decorations. I have always loved Wedgwood blue, so that was the inspiration (and a new Wilton Jewel silicone mold :)  - love that color). Could surely do with better quality golden paint, paintbrush and camera - the blue color is just remotely similar to the real one. It's a dummy. TFL!
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By Panel7124
Aug 26, 2012
Buttercream 10- and 6-inch round cakes with fondant accents.  The plaque  topper is gumpaste/fondant mix. Inspiration came from a photo my client sent me.  Wish it had a name with it and I would have given them an acknowledgement
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By grandmomof1
Aug 31, 2012
A Mocha Hedgehog slice for something different, hand painted fondant comic strip topper.
By maccajackkk
Sep 2, 2012
one of our earlier cakes . . . Baby's First Birthday . . . Winnie the Pooh is a chocolate plaque made from candy melts using a Wilton character pan.
By SliceOfSweetArt
Sep 5, 2012
10- and 6-inch round buttercream with fondant accents.  The birthday girl was having a waterslide with Palm Trees on it at her birthday party and she wanted the waterfall and Palm Trees on her cake.  The monkey and colors came from the birthday plates.
By grandmomof1
Sep 7, 2012
6", 8", & 10" white almond cake w/buttercream, strawberry, & chocolate ganache fillings. Covered in fondant with edible pearls. The bride added the topper later. TFL!
By SugarSweetCakes
Sep 15, 2012
Made for a 10yo who loves and plays basketball.
By SugarSisters
Sep 15, 2012
Two tier birthday cake for an eagle fan. I wanted the cake to look  like a plaque than just a helmet.   The helmet is made from pound cake , gumpaste face mask and edible image wings.  The bottom cake is lemon with edible image
By jackson721
Sep 16, 2012
Here it is, the little cake that was supposed to be 2 pretty cakes for 2 pretty ladies. At midnight, at the end of the Week from Cake Hell it morphed into 1 kinda ugly cake they would have to share. Sorry Jen and Ava....I'll try harder next year. Happy Birthday! ?? ??
By cakesbyRaewyn
Sep 26, 2012
12 inch (three layers) white cake with blue swirls.  Ariel is a chocolate plaque.  Covered in buttercream. Letters and some seaweed is fondant.  Seaweed and coral is royal icing.  Seashells are white chocolate.
Served with chocolate and strawberry "water" cupcakes.
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By Lydia227
Sep 30, 2012
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland style birthday cake in jewel tones and name plaque.
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By sweetjoyfulness
Oct 22, 2012
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By kadeebo
Jan 22, 2014
Madeline's 12th Birthday White Velvet Cake, Oreo Filling, White Chocolate ganache  I took Richard Ruskel's Topsy Turvy cake class on for the structure. I recieved a lot of great info on this class!
5 16
By amyoungbl00d5
Jun 4, 2013
By grandmomof1
Jun 14, 2013
By Jamie_L
Jul 7, 2014
Fondant plaque
By katielb
Jul 6, 2013
hand painted welcome plaque
By MissMona
Apr 27, 2013
The invitation was a box ... so was the cake
By LuisaMaria
Aug 3, 2014
18-, 14-, 10-, and 6-inch round fondant
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By grandmomof1
Jun 1, 2013
By joslynnfae
Apr 18, 2014
This is my secong attempt at airbrushing an animal from a stencil.  I cut this stencil using a calender photo.  I didn't like how it came out only airbrushed.  After airbrushing, I handpainted the details and then highlighted with buttercream accents.  (I was truly amazed how beautiful this turned out!  I actually considered throwing out the plaque after it was just airbrushed!!!)
By gmcakes
Jul 28, 2007
This is a plaque I made out of icing for a general in the army, I placed it on a camo cake!
By djdjsmith
Mar 2, 2008
Here's a closer picture of one of my handpainted plaques on the side of my Beauty and the Beast cast party cake.  I have more, PM me if you  want to see the other ones!
By drwendy
May 13, 2008


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