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By brikl
Dec 20, 2009
Buttercream Icing with Fondant Ribbon Bow and Plaque.
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By SugarTrain
Jan 2, 2010
Each of the 4 tiers is iced in buttercream with fondant luster dusted accents.  The wedding couples initial adorns all 4 sides of the top tier and a fondant/gum paste bow tops it off!
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By cindycakes2
Jan 6, 2010
Two layered butter cake with lemon cream cheese filling.  The outer was covered in white chocolate fondant and piped lavender flowers and sugarpaste plaque and ribbons.  However when I got to the event the fondant had dropped giving a bulge at the bottom and displaced the silk ribbon from the base.  The car ride was a little bumpy and it was very hot.  It took one and a half hours to get there.  So I guess it was meant to be, luckily it was for a friend and not a paid job.  So back to the drawing board with how to transport safely.
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By Colliegirl
Jan 14, 2010
Birthday cake for a 3 year old boy who loves superman.
By kcassano
Jan 18, 2010
Here's the cake I made for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Cake is covered in buttercream with MMF/gumpaste decorations & stars.  Boots & Dora are an icing plaque made from edible image paper.  This was my first try with the icing plaque, I usually do chocolate transfers.  It was so easy...I felt like I was cheating! Thanks for looking.
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By SweetTater
Jan 28, 2010
Chocolate cake with Belgium chocolate embossed plaques painted in gold. 
Figurine of "The Kiss" was made of gum paste.
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By macdacruz
Jan 31, 2010
different mediums of gum paste,
pooh is painted with gel colours onto rice paper using piping jelly
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By tammyrey
Feb 4, 2010
This is a 14" hexagon sourcream pound cake with french vanilla buttercream covered with marshmallow fondant.  Gumpaste plaque and cameos on edible paper. Flowers are gumpaste and little birds from local hobby store.  TFL.
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By Lorabell
Feb 9, 2010
8" yellow cake with buttercream covered in fondant.  Gumpaste plaque with ribbon roses top and bottom.  Finished with PME Lustre spray.  I can't take credit for this design.   I know I've seen it on CC, but can't remember who did it.   To the designer....Thank You!   TFL.
By Lorabell
Feb 12, 2010
Elvis is made out of royal icing. Since I had to mail this all the way to California I decide to make a plaque and it actually made it in one piece.
By onemissa
Feb 12, 2010
Sitcom (mostly) birthday cake!  Everything is edible except the tissue paper and the tiny NBC logo on Kenneth Parcell's lapel  We've got caricatures of Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock), Sue Sylvester (Glee), Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) and Benjamin Linus (Lost - obviously not a sitcom!).  Chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling covered in white chocolate fondant.  The happy birthday tag is wafer paper and the characters are handpainted onto wafer paper and attached to chocolate fondant mixed with a little gumtex to help it stiffen up.  I wonder if anybody bit off Sue Sylvester's head the way she bites off everyone elses!!!!  Hope the birthday girl enjoyed it!
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By jonahsmom
Feb 13, 2010
Triple layer cookies & cream cake with crushed oreo filling. I made Whimsical Bakehouse buttercream and it set the flavor of the oreos through the roof! Personalized fondant Converse with baby's name and Saints emblem, chocolate plaque & rattle. TFL!
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By chilz822
Feb 26, 2010
Cake is lemon poppy with lemon filling, frosting buttercreme, fondant bow and plaque also made out of fondant, I like how the cake turned  out but for the fondant ribbon around the cake I would lay on on top then put it on the cake. I did each seperate, I was frustrated.. Live and learn
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By live2create
Mar 24, 2010
I made this cake for my cousin's shower.  This is the first time that I did the quilting and it turned out okay.  It is also the first time I did the plaque and I had to paint over it with food coloring to make the color stand out more.  The cake is peanut butter cake with peanut butter icing and MMF.  I piped royal icing on the quilting pattern and around the monogram.
By Aeropanda
Mar 26, 2010
So my Aunt's birthday was last week and she wanted to celebrate today at the same time as Easter so I mixed the 2 cakes together. The "L" is for Lynn which is her name, the "Happy Birthday" is obviously for her, and the "Happy Easter" & bunny is for Easter of course. The flavor of the cake was also done for my Aunt as it was "Caramel Machiatto", her favorite Starbucks coffee. Espresso cake with a caramel filling and caramel buttercream. Everything is MMF! This is my first time doing a quilt pattern and I'm not thrilled with the turn out but that's ok. I did like 7 cakes in the past 10 days or something which I am not used to doing so I was SOOO wiped out last night, I just didn't care that it didn't look perfect. lol! Thank you to whoever uploaded the little bunny yesterday, he was my inspiration for my bunny. :)
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By supermama322
Apr 4, 2010
Buttercream cake with fondant/gumpaste accents and plaque.
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By Suzisweet
Apr 6, 2010
Sponge cake with run out / pastillage plaque, celebrating / commiserating the closure of our Ceroc dance class.
By AlixsCakes
Apr 11, 2010
Fruit, chocolate and sponge tiers covered with fondant. Tatto is an edible image mounted onto gumpaste and cut out (fiddly!) The bride and groom and dog were made from sugar paste.
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By AlixsCakes
Apr 11, 2010
Chocolate mud cake covered in basket weave buttercream. Fondant board and edible images mounted on fondant  to show what the recipient can throw away, now she has retired as a speech and language therapist! The plaque uses Makaton, a sign and symbol system used with people with learning disabilities.
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By AlixsCakes
Apr 11, 2010
Fondant covered forty cake covered with stripes, some of which are painted with lustre-dust.
Pastillage plaques and run-out royal iced balloons
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By AlixsCakes
Apr 11, 2010
12" Red velvet with butter-creamcheese icing.  The monogram really turned into a pain in the butt.  I ended up doing it freehand, I guess it didn't turn out to bad.  Edible gold beading at intersections and gumpaste cala lilies with ribbon attached.  TFL.
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By Lorabell
Apr 24, 2010
All 2 layers on each tier... Top Tier 8" Strawberry, Middle Tier 10" Chocolate, Bottom Tier 12" Vanilla Cream... All covered in buttercream icing all decorations made of fondant except for silver dragees and Silk Sunflower on top...
By Cakeyladey
Apr 25, 2010
This was supposed to be my first, but my cousin needed help, so I ended up doing my first two wedding cakes in one week!  This is sour cream pound cake with, cc's crusting cream cheese icing, mmf, and edible transfer plaques.  The two side cakes were needed for extra servings, and I was nervous about making a taller cake, so that's how I decided to do it.  TFL!
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By Aeropanda
Apr 26, 2010
A friend was making a cake for someone at her church who was turning 100 and wanted something special to put on top.  So I made a plaque from fondant and attached gumpaste flowers.  The pearls on the edge were molded from fondant.
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By JuliSchulze
Apr 29, 2010
This is a 1/4 sheet cake covered in chocolate fondant dusted with gold luster dust.  I painted the plaque with gold luster dust and vodka.  The writing was painted on.  It messesd up when I treid to pull the plaue off the was paper because it did not harden.  Next time I will do it a few days in advance.  Thanks for looking.
By mzkat2u
May 4, 2010
Was not how the cake was intended - the apples/carrots were meant to be round the plaque but they were too big so did it this way - pretty pleased with the outcome and will keep playing with this style as I can do most of the work early such as the painting and making decorations.
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By strathmore
May 7, 2010
Pretty much an exact copy of Macsmon's Duff style cake. What the friend wants the friend gets. First time attempting zebra and it is much more difficult to get "random" than I thought. Heck what can I say I like patterns. I used an fmm lace cutter to make the plaque and painted the name with a very thin paintbrush and black food colour gel. This had to travel to the other end of the UKin the well of a sports car, never had a cake that has had to go that far but my friend moved. Thank goodness it made it in one piece. Thank you to Macsmom even if you didn't know you were inspiration.  TFL comments most welcome. Han x x
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By HannahLass
May 17, 2010
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By sugardaze
May 22, 2010
Made two of these for a court of honor, each 12" round.  One white with homemade lemon curd and one chocolate with chocolate mousse.  Buttercream.  Gumpaste plaque.
By crystalina1977
May 26, 2010
Buttercream iced.  Real ribbon on bottom border and on Minnie.  Minnie is a candy plaque I molded from the Mickey Wilton pan.  Pink cake sparkles.
By trayc88
May 29, 2010
By Dells
Jun 5, 2010
This was done for a family celebration following the christening of a baby girl.  One chocolate and one white layer finished in buttercream.  Stripes, hearts, and scalloped border are fondant.  Cross and plaque are a combination of fondant and gumpaste.  Silver doves were purchased.  Cross and plaque were dusted with pearl lustre.
By Betz
Jun 13, 2010
Granddaughter's 16th b'day cake.  Looking through old photos (pre-digital
camera & compter, found this & others).  Vanilla cake, BC icing, royal 
butterfly, plaque & flowers.
By cakes47
Jun 23, 2010
Made for a sunflower-themed wedding shower.  This is my first attempt at brush embroidery.  WASC cake with IMBC frosting and gumpaste plaque.  For the board, I used a gumpaste cutter to press impressions into the fondant that was covering it.
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By Lindakbh
Jul 1, 2010
12" fruit cake - covered with fondant - plaque is fondant with tylose with royal icing piping
By purplemosy
Jul 8, 2010
My grandson's 1st birthday cake.  Double layer 10" square on top of a single layer 9x13 buttercream icing with fondant accents.  Head is a candy plaque, hands are royal icing mounted on fondant covered plastic dowel rod arms.  First time doing the candy plaque and I'm happy with the way it turned out considering that both ears broke off when I unmolded the plaque and one of the hands broke in half.  Had to do a lot of patching but I learned a lot of what not to do for the next time.
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By nanahaley
Jul 11, 2010
14", 10" and 6" tiers. All strawberry cake filled with strawberry buttercream. Cake stand is a 14" dummy covered in black wrapping paper (I think I'll cover it in royal if I do it again). Board is edged with gold beads - used velcro with the self adhesive back to attatch to board and back of ribbon.
By melmar02
Jul 13, 2010
By bides
Jul 20, 2010
Vanilla 1/2 sheet cake with pink Buttercream, the top is a roulade sheet that was baked on top of a cocobutter stencil, the picture is all white chocolate and colored chocolate
By jeffreymays44
Jul 26, 2010


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