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This cake was for a lady having her 100th birthday. I felt so honored to do this cake. She asked for the colors pink and purple. This was WASC, buttercream with fondant accents.
By dmhart
Feb 20, 2009
This cake is WASC, Buttercream with fondant animals and accents. I loved the little pigs.
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By dmhart
Feb 27, 2009
I made this cake for a 20th Anniversary.  The party was centered around the Casino Theme.  The cake was based on design provided by the person who requested the cake, I changed the design slightly by adding the Plaque behind the two dice and a few other things.  I added blinking lights to give it the real Casino type feel.
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By PSLCakeLady
Mar 1, 2009
Two tier sponge cake with footrrpints and flowers. Sleeping baby and bears from modelling paste.
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By AlixsCakes
Mar 3, 2009
This was my version of a photo given to me by the client. Sorry but I don't know who to give credit to. Buttercream  with fondant accents and gumpaste shoe, flowers and plaque. Airbrushed with pearl dust and the shoe is also covered with disco dust. TFL!
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By Amy729
Mar 6, 2009
all are edible images on fondant and cut them out to make the plaque. the kraby patties are gummies that I found at bj's.  royal decoration for the leafs and flowers. jelly fish done with icing. letters out of fondant on tooth picks.
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By petalosr
Apr 3, 2009
Baby girl on a blanket. Made out of fondant with Tylose added. Made this topper for a friend back East. Can't make the cake so I am sending the topper for the baby shower cake, it will be going with Grandma next week.
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By superstar
Apr 4, 2009
This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake and fondant plaque.  Overall, I'm happy with the result, although next time I'll do some things different.  :)
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By andysprite
Apr 14, 2009
The base icing is buttercream.  The scrolls are piping gel.  The plaque is fondant, painted, and with edible glitter.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 18, 2009
This is buttercream with piping gel scrolls.  The plaque is fondant painted with luster dust.  The cake is sprinkled with edible glitter.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 18, 2009
I made this plaque in a class on fondant plaques. I love this technique and I plan to do a lot more of them. I liked it so much that I put it on a cake, made some more decorations from fondant (roses, grass, bees, ladybug, butterfly) and gave it to my sister-in-law, who's a true Winnie fan.
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By Marianna46
Apr 27, 2009
This is a fondant plaque I copied from an image on my daughter's cell phone, because she told me it was her husband's favorite Dragon Ball Z image. It was great fun to paint and he liked it, he really liked it!!! The cake is a recipe of mine, an almond 1-2-3-4 cake.
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By Marianna46
Apr 27, 2009
This was done for a squadron going away party. Col. Polomsky is a great commander and we will all miss him.
By KawaiiCakeCook
Apr 28, 2009
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By scarlett9920
May 5, 2009
Hand-piped royal icing tiara painted with cotton candy pink pearl dust.  Everything else is fondant.  Plaque on middle tier was made by scanning a napkin, printing it as an edible image, and placing it on gumpaste, which was allowed to fully dry.  It was adhered to the cake with royal icing.  Everything else is fondant, including the cake board, with lots of super pearl!  TFL!
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By Cakepro
May 6, 2009
A 3 tier celebration cake for our grand country!  This is the top tier; the base tier and then as it was displayed in the window of my shop.  Iced in buttercream with all fondant decorations - plaques with frosting sheet pictures and glittered stars.  The pom-poms are non-edible.
By kakeladi
May 8, 2009
Chocolate raspberry swirl cake with raspberry and cream cheese buttercream filling. 10" base and 6" pillow. Homemade fondant and gumpaste roses, ribbon, and rope. Dragees on pillow and royal icing tiara, my first attempt at both the tiara and the pillow. For a customer's daughter's 5th birthday.
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By 350BakerStreet
May 21, 2009
18th Birthday cake for a girl who loves Eeyore and the colour purple. My first time doing RI plaque transfer thingies they bled a bit but they worked better than I thought. Next time I will let the black dry more before filling in the colours. Attempt at quilting didnt do enough diamonds but it's ok.  First time using my new funky cutters and I really like the way they turned out. A few green leaves and pearls to lighten it up a bit. TFL X
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By HannahLass
May 30, 2009
A small quick cake for an 18yr old.  They mentioned pink and hearts. The bow has disco dust which doesn't show up in the pic. The heart middles are painted hot pink. The heart shaped fondant plaque is accented with gilded edges, gold name and age .
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By tiersfromheaven
May 30, 2009
For a special gir's special guy.
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By cdavis
Jun 3, 2009
14" 10" & 8" WASC and Creamy chocolate fudge covered in buttercream with fondant monogram plaque and poly satin ribbon.  TFL
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By goldenangel88
Jun 20, 2009
Cake topper with yellow royal icing flower done in paintbrush  embroidery.
By Marianna46
Jun 25, 2009
Number 6 cake with fairy patch work cutters and butterflys. Plaque for the happy birthday message
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By Shellyscakes
Jul 9, 2009
This is a groom's cake.  9x13 carved into fish shape, covered with fondant, airbrushed w/sliver luster dust, then brown color and then dry brushed with copper luster dust. Piping gel on the eye and the fins are gumpaste. Wood board painted with brown food coloring and top coated with edible lacquer. Plaque says, "The Catch of a Lifetime!" and then couples names and wedding date. I was inspired by other fish cakes here on CC. Thanks:)
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By sweetsbyl
Jul 11, 2009
fondant plaque painted with food coloring
By MissInfo1
Jul 11, 2009
Triple tiered - 15" round, 10" square, 7" round.  Double layers.  Bottom is white chocolate cake filled with buttercream, middle is dark chocolate cake filled with cookies & cream, and top is marble filled with ganache.  All covered in MMF with MMF accents.  Flag is MMF, fleur de lis are fondant painted with gold luster dust.  Plaque on top is gumpaste with edible image and gumpaste rope border painted with gold luster dust.
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By DollyCakes
Jul 11, 2009
buttercream frosing with all decorations in chocolate or candy plaques.  For my nephew who does Tang So Doo korean karate, so I made plaques out of red candy melts to look like banners with tassels.
4 6
By cmfcakes
Jul 15, 2009
Since the individual letter cookie cutters didn't work out too well I ordered the funky letter tappits.  I need to adjust how I cut them out, but for the first time I think they came out pretty good.
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By cakeymom
Aug 13, 2009
White Cake, BC icing, Bow and Plaque are gumpaste, other decor is fondant- first time using fondant for a customer-looked a little sloppy, but over all I'm happy with it-- Thank You!!!
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By ladybird76
Aug 25, 2009
Gumpaste roses, calla lilies, plaques, bow loops, and side panels.  The picture does not show it, but the bow loops and side panels were embossed with a tiny diamond pattern from the back side of a FoodSaver bag! LOL
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By Cakepro
Sep 5, 2009
5th Bday cake for my daughter.  Taken from Wilton's 2010 idea book...slightly modified.
By sptddog05
Sep 9, 2009
Hand painted plaque.
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By semalo63
Sep 26, 2009
This Mickey Mouse cake was made for my nephew. The mouse hat was baked in a small pyrex bowl, the ears are made of fondant and Mickey Mouse is a royal icing plaque. The mouse hat is sitting on an 8 inch round on top of a 10 inch round. The cake is covered in buttercream icing and fondant accents. The stars are made of fondant on they are on jewelry wire.
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By 3SheetCakes
Sep 27, 2009
WASC covered and filled with buttercream.  MMF Stripes and dots.  Name plaque made from gumpaste.
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By TotallyBaked
Oct 27, 2009
Idea taken from childrens programme. 3D Plaque hand painted in edible paste colours.
By tenerife
Nov 1, 2009
made for my daughter's teacher's duaghter's 2nd birthday
top is a 5" coconut mud in fondant, base is a double barrel 7" in 1 in strawberry and the other in caramel vovered in fondant with edible image detail, silver cachous, fondant plaques and clear pearls are unedible
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By deliciously_decadent
Nov 12, 2009
This is a Coconut cake, it has shredded coconut, pineapple extract, rum extract & coconut swirl (Amoretti) mixed in the batter. The buttercream frosting is flavored with coconut compound (Amoretti) pineapple extract & rum extract. The plaque, flowers & teeny butterflies are fondant with tylose & cream of tartar. The ovals around the side are red fondant textured with an embossing mat. Silver bow is made with silver ribbon, the same ribbon that is around the board.
By superstar
Nov 19, 2009
Cake for my daughters 11 B-day.  Covered in fondant, sugar plaque "Nerds", buttercream accents.
By sheilabelle
Nov 21, 2009
This was my first topsy turvy cake and the first time I ever did brush embroidery. TinkerBell is fondant with RI brush embroidery. Top - Choc Cake with Choc IMBC, middle - Orange Blossom Cake with Orange IMBC, Btm - Yellow Cake with IMBC. All covered in fondant and decorated with fondant accents. Cake Board is made from fondant as well.
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By u71972
Nov 30, 2009
9x13. Buttercream with an edible image plague. Fondant details. Hand sponged the darker color to give the bc more depth of color!
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By dabear
Dec 6, 2009


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