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Our friends are opening a new buisness called party planet so we made them a cake for a little surprise
By tirby
Aug 29, 2005
My daughter was studying the solar system at her preschool, so we brought "planet earth" cookies for snack. Sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By dydemus
Feb 16, 2006
16" Lemon with MMF, cupcake & BC sun with MMF accents. Gumball planets and candyrock asteroid belt. For 9yo DS class after studying solar system. Not quite what I wanted, but it gets the point across.  Thanx to all CC friends for input!!
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By gilpnh
Apr 26, 2006
Buttercream icing with fondnat accents. The spotted effect was acheived by using a toothbrush and dipping it into white icing color then flicking it on the cake. I then did the toothbrush thing with silver luster dust. Buzz is fondant.
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By krissy_kze
May 20, 2006
THis was for a boy scout court of honor thing, and the theme was future/space.  I got this idea from someone on cakecentral, but I can't remember who, so if it was yours, please make yourself known, and thank you!
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By APCakes
Aug 3, 2006
My son's 4th Birthday Cake-He's a big Jimmy Neutron fan.  Fondant covered 2 layer 12 inch cake with gumpaste stars and planet ring.  Planet is a styrofoam sphere covered in fondant.  (Took a long time!)  Used luster dust and coloring to paint over the fondant planet.
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By angelas2babies
Sep 18, 2006
This just for a customer whose son requested a purple rocket with red writing and fire coming out, flying through space.
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By Kitagrl
Sep 24, 2006
This cake was made for my friends son who wanted the surface of mars for his lego ships. It's frosted in buttercream, I made "sand" using graham crakcer crumbs and made "rocks" out of fondant.
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By ltlmzcbw
Nov 9, 2006
9" round and 6" round stacked cakes. Covered in MMF. UFO is cake baked in small bowl and covered in MMF, the outer ring of the UFO is made of gumpaste. Planets and aliens are chocolate transfers.
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By BakingGirl
Dec 2, 2006
12" round cake, iced in buttercream.  Airbrushed blue on and around cake.  Did all the cut outs out of fondant ahead of time, when dry, added airbrush detail.
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By cakesbyallison
Dec 13, 2006
This 8 year old boy (my son's classmate) loves to read and likes science very much, so I made him a surprise Solar System cake. He was trilled. It's a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Stars & galaxy were from melted chocolate, planets are Roche chocolate & truffles. It's also a cake  to compliment a rocket cake for another boy in the same joint birthday party.
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By nanzz
Jan 13, 2007
I can't take credit for decorating this.  I'm an advisor to a youth group . . . they came up with the idea, baked, and decorated - I just figured how to design & construct & showed them how.  The cakes are chocolate and marble.  The space shuttle was carved, the earth & moon were from the sports ball pan, and the other planets were made from the mini ball pan.  There are MMF stars, and ice cream cones dipped in orange candy melts to form rockets.  Can you believe they didn't place?
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By Tkeys
Mar 1, 2007
One last view of the shuttle - still without the tail attached.
By Tkeys
Mar 1, 2007
All buttercream Earth (used the sports ball pan but it didn't come out perfectly round) The space shuttle is fondant
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By CrystalRain
Mar 3, 2007
chocolate cake with cookie and cream filling.    The planets are gumballs, the sun is a chocolate transfer and the Milky Way is made with powered sugar.  Edible star decorations.  The 5 year old I made it for loved it
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By monizcel
Apr 2, 2007
The base cake turned out pretty cool (picture does not do it justice).  I dry painted it with purple, 2 shades of green and luster dust.  REally cool out of this world look.  I had such a fit with the spaceship.  I made it out of rice crispy treats, it was 3 pieces but the middle section broke  so I could only use the top.  Then that was the weekend of bad hot it was melting.  Overall - my nephew was happy with it.
Apr 14, 2007
I made this cake for my son's Buzz Lightyear birthday party.  I put his face in the rocket window (blocked out by the star) and he was flying toward a RKT moon covered in MMF.  My brother in law actually took the moon home to eat!  The cake is covered in BC with fondant planets and stars
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By Irishprincess
Apr 16, 2007
This was my very first time using an airbrush... i used orange then red. I airbrushed the board with black looked really cool neat affect... was made for nephews 5th outer space birthday heehe. chocolate cake with buttercream filling and covered in fondant aliens made from fondant..
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By Ariginal
Apr 28, 2007
Devils food cake baked in a cake pan. The ring is made out of Karo syrup, sugar and water melted together and I made a mold for it. This was exactly what my 6yo wanted and he picked the colors!
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By Pucka1378
Apr 30, 2007
These cakes are iced smooth with buttercream. Continents are MMF.  Animal figures will be added to the cake at the birthday party for an Animal Planet themed birthday party.
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By gourmetcakes
May 18, 2007
This was for an "space" party.  The big round cake has planets all around on the sides (in order from sun to pluto), with MMF shooting stars on wires.  The smaller cake is a moon cake with craters.  My daughter made the alien out of MMF for the "finishing touch".
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By berlyq
May 20, 2007
I uploaded this picture of a few days ago without the animals.  My friend added them at the birthday party.  She found a picture on CC that was similar and wanted to use that as the centerpiece.
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By gourmetcakes
May 22, 2007
This was done for my son's 5th b-day. Rocket and big planet are made from
rice krispies and covered with SophieBelles jello fondant.  The planets on the bottom are jello fondant.  The kids went nuts for the planets.
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By brilandken
May 22, 2007
Rocket ship made out of rice krispy treats and covered with fondant.  Iced in buttercream with fondant accents and edible image plaques.
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By newtocakes
May 29, 2007
Credit goes to "merissa" for an amazing 3D space shuttle cake - my son absolutely insisted on having the same one! Planets made the same way as cakeballs... my son is a space freak.
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By citygirlcakes
Jun 18, 2007
iced in buttercream and royal icing
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By lynsey
Jun 22, 2007
This cake was inspired by Debbie Brown's Cartoon Cakes and was created for my son's 11th birthday (who loves both astronomy and dinosaurs). The cake itself is chocolate/chocolate chip with chocolate buttercream in between the layers. The party was held at the Challenger Learning Center with a simulated "Voyage to Mars" - so we had to have a cake to match!
By vuemura
Aug 6, 2007
Buzz cake done for a 4 year old's birthday party.  All buttercream with fondant and fondant/gumpaste (the ones on wires) planets and stars.
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By MandyE
Aug 22, 2007
This was a birthday cake for a 7 yr old girl with an Animal Planet theme birthday party.  The girl's mom ordered the hippo cake toppers and asked me to build a cake around them.
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By Laura102777
Sep 14, 2007
This cake is covered in mmf.  The rocket was carved out of oval pans. Very fun, but VERY long!  Oh, btw,  it's supposed to look like he landed on the planet of the snakes.
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By christielee
Sep 28, 2007
This is a Yoda cake that I made for a 50th birthday. spice cake, 8"round on bottom, mini sport ball pan, and a mini bear pan for Yoda. Comments and suggestions always appreciated! Thanks for looking.
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By cherub5
Nov 3, 2007
My son had placed in his order more than half a year ago!  He wanted the circle around the planet.  I had to figure out how to meet up with the challenge :o)  He was not happy with Santa upside down on the planet.  He wanted the Christmas tree there too.
Moist chocolate cake with melted and colored white chocolate circle.  Buttercream 'soil'.  Don't have a ball pan.  Baked in 2 steel mixing bowls.
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By mydelights
Dec 15, 2007
I made this cake for my 6 year old's party that was held at the planetarium.  Astronaut is BCT.  Earth I used a 1/2 ball pan, covered in white/blue swirled fondant, and land is green BC.  Red planet is a large gum ball.  Planets around base of cake are all buttercream.  Moon is mini dome cake with fondant.
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By kristen_worth
Dec 26, 2007
Okay, I couldn't figure out WHAT to do for this cake....I posted in the forums about it.  11 yr. old boy, fav. color red, likes x box, ps2, and star wars.......since I couldn't do any of the licensed gaming things, I decided to try to do a play on STAR WARS even though because of licensing I couldn't DO Star Wars.....this is my rendition lol  It's just airbrushed with some royal icing white dots for the can't tell in the pic but ther'es hollographic glitter on it too....looks pretty!  : -)
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By KHalstead
Jan 4, 2008
colores NFSC dough used as clay to make these.
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By dutchdecorator
Dec 31, 1969
My son is crazy about anything dealing with outer space.  So he wanted all the planets on his 6th birthday cake.  I searched all over the internet and our local library and couldn't find anything he'd like.  So he and I got a box of fondant and went wild!  He heloed make all the planets and the sun.  The stars are candy that I found in a local dollar store and just picked out the yellow ones.  The inside is Duncan Hines yellow with white chocolate mousse.  The frosting is buttercream tinted dark blue.
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By Bakingbythebeach
Mar 2, 2008
This cake is basically a five tier wedding cake that is iced over the sides to hide the separator plates.   The bottom layer is a 12", the next is a 10" with the top edge carved in, then two 8" layers then the wonder mold.  The planets are all half ball pans and are chocolate cake.  The "SAM" on the ship stands for "St. Angela Merici"  and it was for space camp night for all the 2nd graders and their parents.
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By bonnebouche
Mar 3, 2008
My kindergartener is really into space these days.  I tried to get it as acurate as possible.  He and his friends loved it!
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Mar 7, 2008
Thanks to Doug w/suggestions for this one!  Most cakes are BC...Mercury and Venus, as well as the moon, are MMF.  Rock candy for meteors.
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By Kate714
Mar 9, 2008
Our library had a summer program about the solar system this year.  I made cookies for the last day.  Sugar cookies with royal icing.
By momlovestocook
Aug 24, 2005


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