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One of my co-workers decided to move to the US and I thought the "child-like" cake might cheer him up.  It did...
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By gegon
Apr 13, 2005
A WWII Mustang cake for my husband's b-day.
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By saas74
Oct 30, 2005
I made this cake for my Dad because his favorite hobby is building and flying radio controlled airplanes. He made his masterpiece from scratch and has flown it flawlessly (if you make just one mistake, it's bye-bye plane!) so I thought this would be a suitable tribute to his accomplishment. Those are his colors and id letters just like the real thing! The motor at the nose of the plane is made from royal icing. The rest is decorated in bc.
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By TheCakeWizard
Jun 3, 2005
Frozen Transfer with Huckleberry filling The banner the plane is flying is a welcome baby sign. The border is white and blue mix for the clouds.
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By tirby
Dec 27, 2005
This was for a friend's baby's 1st Birthday.  I had a royal icing banner with his name made to sit on the front bottom tier but it broke into three pieces because it fell over and off the table to the floor.  Jay Jay's wing broke off as well...used white royal to patch him up because I was in a hurry (which you can see very clearly!).
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By fytar
Feb 6, 2006
I was very inspired by the amazing Airplane Cake at so please let me recognize them for the design of this! Such a cool webiste and so creative.

I used a 1/2 sheet of cake cut into thirds to creat this cake for 15 people at Air Canada for a birthday.

The wings are cardboard cutouts covered in fondant (which I forgot to colour, so I dusted them with non-edible dusting powder in Royal Blue!) and the tail fins are gumpaste (also forgot to dye blue, so also dusted).
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By antonia74
Feb 22, 2006
This was one of my first, so it is a plastic airplane toy, covered in BC
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By drurys
Feb 28, 2006
This was for a baby shower, the planes were purchased by the lady that made the order.  They loved it!!  My first stacked cake and I thought it turned out pretty well!  All BC.
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By oohlalacakes
Nov 5, 2005
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By MikeRowesHunny
Apr 3, 2006
I don't seem to try anything easy for my first  This is the cake for my Sweetheart.  It was his birthday, and a surprise party.  I knew I was going to put his fave plane on the cake, but didn't know how until I read up on the frozen buttercream transfer method.  He loved it, and didn't want to cut into it.  It is all buttercream and I wanted the border to resemble clouds, which they do ...sort of :P
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By KrisD13
Apr 6, 2006
Made this cake for my twin nephew's 2nd birthday.  All the characters are BCT.
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By staci32dj
Apr 11, 2006
This was taken right from a napkin used for the party, I used an overhead then hand piped in the colors with BC.
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By julibel
Apr 11, 2006
All buttercream.  Was done to match the baby shower invitation.
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By jenncowin
Jun 4, 2006
This was my first edible image plaque.  I lost a bit of it on his face but I think it turned out great.  The clouds are mmf.
By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
Saw a cake by Staci32dj and loved the design. All BC.
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By KittisKakes
Jun 8, 2006
Promotion party for Navy Commander and a farewell party, as the family is moving to Hawaii.  All images and islands are fbcts.  Flowers made with crusting buttercream.  Customer was very pleased and so was I.
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By sweetcreation
Jun 30, 2006
Vanilla Sponge with buttercream icing
By SScakes
Jul 3, 2006
My childs third birthday.  Bottom layer yellow cake with caramel pecan filling.  Middle layer chocolate cake with pineapple filling and top layer yellow cake with lemon filling
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By cakedeco
Mar 27, 2006
All buttercream.  Did to match the napkin provided by the customer.
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By jenncowin
Jul 20, 2006
This is a cake for a pilot, chocolate cake w/chocolate buttercream.  Top of cake is a piece of fondant - I mixed the sky blue and white to make "clouds" in the fondant, and then I used white buttercream to make 3-D clouds as well.  The plane is a blown glass Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby.
By Sumer
Aug 12, 2006
This is a bigger pic of the plane cake previously posted.  Thanks for looking!
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By Sumer
Aug 12, 2006
By Sumer
Aug 12, 2006
First Birthday, 2-layer stacked cake with edible image, sides were decorated with single images of the trains, planes, and automobile cut out from the image on top of the cake.  The original cake decorator had a family emergency and I had been contacted on a Wednesday night to have this cake ready for Saturday afternoon.
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By KrazyKross
Sep 11, 2006
Just playing around with leftover fondant & royal.  Love covering cookies with fondant!
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By zoraya
Sep 11, 2006
Ok I admit this is not a great looking cake.  I thought it was going to be super easy.  But I have a neck injury that sometimes causes my hands to shake and of course tonight was one of those nights.  I may just have to start over and do another one :-(
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By JoanneK
Sep 15, 2006
These are the cupcakes I made to go along with the airplane cake I made for a one year olds birthday party.  He loves planes.  The banner says Holden is turning one!
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By JoanneK
Sep 17, 2006
another haphazardly done fondant covered cake. it was for my son's baptism. this cake was made during the time when i had to wake up in the middle of the night for the night feedings. used cookie cutters to make it sooo much simpler. not really happy with it plus the ribbon didn't match the color of the fondant.
By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
same idea, different medium. this cake was iced in white chocolate cream cheese. sugar cookies with color-flow of course. the bday boy's name is on top of the cake.
By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
Did this 3-D plane with Faux Fondant for the body and fondant for the pilot and wings.
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By christeena
Sep 23, 2006
I made the globe out of cake and covered it with Chocoalte Clay.  The base is a big rice Krispie treat, since that is what the honoree really missed while he was gone.
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By yoktom
Sep 27, 2006
I made the legal size (7 1/2" x 13") transfer for the top of this cake.  Since I needed a really good airplane photo, I went to a website that had copyrighted pictures that allowed me to pay for the one-time use of the photo.  Since this cake was presented at a gathering of dignitaries at San Francisco International Airport, I did not want to take the chance of using a photo of someone's elses without getting the copywriter's permission.  I avoided the possibility of a mess if the photographer was there.
By CShields
Oct 2, 2006
This is an all BC cake I made for my son and a little friend from his playgroup.  They had a joint party for their 1st birthday.
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By rlhartmann
Oct 3, 2006
This was done for a 5 year old...the number 5 was later pit on the wing for his age.  mmf with some bc decoration.  dusted in blue pearl dust and nusilver on the tips of the clouds and the pit of the plane.  Very fun to do, took alot longer than I hoped!
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By sarahleecookies
Oct 7, 2006
all mmf--except banner/clouds
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By margery
Oct 17, 2006
Buttercake carved into plane shape. The wings etc... are made from chocolate.
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By trepte
Oct 17, 2006
This cake was a last minute order and I had a hard time with the design which I am not happy with, and with the fondant drying. I only had two days and when I went to assemble the airplane some of the pieces were not dry enough. I spent so much time trying to get the plane to stay together that it was to late to do much with the rest of the cake.Oh well. Hopefully I will learn tell people no when there isn't enough time but I doubt it. I always tell people I can do it and then figure out how later.
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By mariak
Oct 24, 2006
Tomorrow is the last day of school, this is the cake, which I will donate to the class. Choc cake for the planebody, vanilla for the wings. Carved cake. Bc and Fondant covering, gumpaste accents
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By Ursula40
Jul 5, 2006
Plane cake done for good friend who is a pilot turning 52.  The # on the plane match that of his plane. Planes are sugar cookies with antonia's icing.
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By dodibug
Oct 24, 2006
the cake was a pound cake that i craved a little bit.  i think i should have made it a little slimmer but my first craving and i was nervous about it!
the wings are made of gumpaste and everything else is fondant.
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By seven
Nov 18, 2006
Did this for a friend who had just gotten a new plane.  The tail fins and propeller cones are not edible (I made them out of royal icing and they broke... so plastic had to go in at the last minute.  The propellers are licorice... I used the cross pan and just carved it to shape it.
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By itsmylife
Dec 12, 2006


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