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For a 40th birthday of a Scottish man who plays bagpipes.  The colors are those of his family name.
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By KimAZ
Jan 10, 2006
Here's this year's valentine's bouquet with the plaid again.
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By rlctic
Feb 14, 2006
I put this in the Valentine's Day gallerie because it obviously fits better here.  I made this for my own bridal shower which was at my church social hall.  They still had up their Valentine's Day dinner decorations, so we just decided to leave them.  My wedding colors are actually sage & pink.  But hearts are my theme.  ;0)  This is an 11X15 chocolate cake with a layer of buttercream covered in MMF, with MMF plaid and hearts.  I used a tiny bit of luster dust on the pink stripes (can't really see it).
7 32
By CustomCakesBySharon
Feb 27, 2006
So, I thinned out my icing and these look better to me.  The cloud ones were my sons idea and the roses on two of them are starburst roses.  I love making those.  TASTY!
7 5
By carrielynnfields
Mar 19, 2006
This is my cake entry from the Mid-Atlantic Wedding Cake Contest. The theme was four seasons and you were allowed to pick only one season. The fisherman knit sweater was done by braiding spaghetti thin pieces of fondant. The Burberry plaid wasn't difficult just very time consuming.
63 335
By krissy_kze
Apr 9, 2006
These are no fail cookie with royal icing. I'd like to thank Antonia and everyone here for all your help with the plaid. I've never done it before and you all really helped me out. These were for a family friend for Saturday. I enjoyed doing the fine detail. This is my first real atempt to do this kind of details. Thanks for looking.
7 9
By manatee19
Apr 28, 2006
This is a closer look at the plaid. Made of royal icing.
2 10
By manatee19
Apr 28, 2006
Just a few cookies done for Mother's Day!
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By tayakaleb
May 10, 2006
Did this one for all th summer birthdays at my work.  Wanted to do something nice before I go out on maternity leave! (And so they don't forget me! :)) It was triple chocolate fudge with a Heath Bar filling.  So yummy!  Even better the next day!
5 16
By mrwarnke
Jun 8, 2006
This was an arrangement I made to donate to a charity auction.  Very simple design but still cute.  It was titled "plaid about You"
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By Cyndi1207
Jul 6, 2006
French Vanilla cake, buttercream icing. Baby and ribbons in fondant.  This was inspired by the amazing cakes by the artist at  Her baby shower cakes are adoreable!!
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By snicker
Jul 30, 2006
Rolled buttercream top. I sponged the top and tried to do a plaid around the sides to match my kitchen.
By pbertone1005
Aug 3, 2006
My oven is still out so I tried another dummy cake.  This idea came from a green plaid cake I saw online.
16 75
By PennySue
Aug 8, 2006
These cakes matched the invitation for my friends 1 year old party. She wanted plaid. I was like ok, but they looked nice with the coordinating party items.
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By KellyKrocker
Sep 6, 2006
Barbie's wardrobe inspired cupcakes
By Tamanna
Oct 22, 2006
Doing a wedding cake in May. Couple wants pink plaid, so here is my practice.  I actually like it.  I painted the stripes onto MMF with a vodka and wilton food coloring mixture.
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By alicegop
Oct 24, 2006
This cake was made for a college graduation party.  The university school colors are green and white.
2 2
By ang3617
Nov 15, 2006
NF with RBC and royal....
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By yankeegal
Feb 5, 2007
NF with royal....
2 7
By yankeegal
Mar 4, 2007
All Buttercream, white cake. My lines are not straight!! Any tips on how to make them straight??
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By tayakaleb
Mar 29, 2007
11x15, airbrushed cake, baby shoes made from gp. fondant ribbon
8 30
By sweetcakes
May 5, 2007
This was a birthday/graduation cake. All buttercream.
3 39
By jenncowin
May 19, 2007
This cake was made for my job,  just for practice =). It is a 2 layer 9 inch round with a tilted design to show off the chocolate transfer logo. The tilt was done with the filling (like in the WBH book). Made my buttercream with warm water instead of milk, I think it really helped with the smoothing!
Cake: WBH Chocolate Butter Cake
Filling: WBH Cookies & Cream Whipped Filling
Frosting & Decorations: My Buttercream Frosting & Chocolate Transfer for logo
By elie
Jun 6, 2007
I would like to thank Jenncowin, I got this idea from one of her cakes.  This cake was such a problem!!! Buttercream icing with rolled buttercream on the sport items and fondant hat and diploma.
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By cfdwife
Jun 6, 2007
Did this 12 x 18 sheet to coordinate with a 8" round vegan cake for guest of honor.  Chocolate candy molds, airbrushed plaid, hand rolled pearl necklace.  Cake is half white / half chocolate.
3 11
By msauer
Jun 14, 2007
My entry in the 2006 Dallas Morning News Cookie Contest...didn't win this one like I had in years past!  Penny's cookie with fondant.
8 12
By kwdonlon
Jun 25, 2007
For a fan of Seinfeld.
8 3
By LittleLinda
Jun 30, 2007
The new baby's room was the inspiration for this cake
12 51
By MelissaRHK
Jul 14, 2007
baby shower cake for a baby boy. cars, etc. imspired by the baby's room decorations/wallpaper border.
4 1
By chefamanda
Jul 19, 2007
By blainebaby
Aug 8, 2007
NFSC with tobas and royal,
1 9
By isakov1
Aug 11, 2007
Hugs N Stitches theme.  Idea from sugar creations!
6 24
By mistybp99
Aug 18, 2007
This was for my dad's birthday.  Inspiration from Antonia74, thank you!  I used the Mckay tartan which is what our last name is under.
By Iheartcake
Aug 27, 2007
I made this for my parents for Valentine's day.
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By nelda1210
Sep 21, 2007
3 6
By jibbies
Sep 25, 2007
This was a cake for my boss who was leaving to another position.
Yellow two-layer cake with buttercream.  The border on top did 
not want to cooperate and was falling all over the place.  (However, 
there was not a crumb of cake left over. )  The logo is that of the Children's 
Hospital where I work.
1 1
By Mandy2221
Sep 29, 2007
All buttercream.  The sides weren't as hard as I expected but I need to figure out how to do the corners better.
5 17
By Steady2Hands
Sep 30, 2007
I did this for a baby shower to match the paper goods.  It came out perfectly and the mom to be and the lady giving the shower were both thrilled.  all buttercream with fondant accents and airbrushing for patterns.  fondant stars on wire.
1 5
By mommyof5kidz
Oct 1, 2007
This is just a simple 8' Raspberry cake covered in vanilla satin ice.  I had 3 cakes due in 3 days so I did not have a lot of time to decorate this cake.  Very happy with the results.
3 3
By Cougar0020
Oct 2, 2007
I did these for practice during the valentine's holiday.  These were a lot of fun and I am getting better each time.  Enjoy!
5 17
By rlctic
Jun 2, 2005


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