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I made this cake for my aunts birthday.  The theme of the whole party was black olives and she wanted black olive pizza to eat.  So, I made a black olive pizza!  This was a vanilla pound cake with vanilla pastry cream and covered in buttercream.  Then I put a thin layer of marzipan on the top of the cake and a ring of marzipan for the crust. I airbrushed the side of the cake as well as the "crust" and "sauce".  Then I topped it with the fondant "cheese" and "olives! It was fun to make and eat!
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
One of my favorites! The table is made from a full sheet. The watermelon and pizza are made from 10". Everything is buttercream and airbrush. The pepperoni are piping gel.
15 69
By Jenn123
Jan 3, 2006
14 inch started out as a disaster cake. I used to much batter and had a second cake growing on the bottom of oven. It's marble fudge with BC icing airbrushed and piped BC. Very fun to make!
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By stylishbite
Jan 16, 2006
This was my first cake ever!!!  My son wanted to have a pizza party for his 5th birthday, so I decided it would be cheaper to make a cake than to order one.  I used two 8 inch yellow cakes and store bought vanilla frosting tinted light brown, red, green, grey, and black.  I would love some great cake-decorating-book ideas.   Thanks.
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By robynlewis
Feb 19, 2006
Single layrer 12" chocolate, w/whipped cream frosting, "pizza sauce" is raspberry filling, pepperoni is fondant, cheese is grated white chocolate, and the crust is fondant.  Got a box from the pizza shop.
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By QueLinda
Feb 19, 2006
A 10" single layer cake decorated with buttercream icing.
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By Genna
Mar 14, 2006
10" peanut butter chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  Made "cupcakes"(meatloaf with colored mashed potatoes on top) for supper and "pizza" for dessert for april fools day.  Kids thought it was great
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By momlovestocook
Apr 1, 2006
Retirement cake from a pizza resturant...chocolate fudge with chocolate filling and buttercream icing.
By micfish
Apr 6, 2006
Here is a cake I made for my son's birthday.  He had a pizza party and we even served it for dessert!  A 14" round cake covered with BC and butterscotch chips and marshmallows!  It was fun and quite a hit!
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By mariamom
Apr 20, 2006
This was for a dad that loves pizza.  Cut out of a 1/4 sheet cake, all decorations are buttercream. I've included a side view as well.  It went over really well.
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By mendhigurl
Jun 17, 2006
12X12 inch cake serving as a table to hold a 'pizza, all dressed'; Italian tablecloth is rolled fondant with red pattern painted with red gel color disolved in vodka; the pizza & the baking dish are made completely out of chocolate (the hardest color to make was the reddish-brown for the pepperoni. Pizza is sliced, one slice is partially eaten & 'someone'  discarded a mushroom ! (you must serve one of these for dessert on Family Pizza Night!)
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By Fascination
Jul 10, 2006
This cake is for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, and her reply (practically the only word she uses) was "pizza!"  It's a 12" round, with BC tinted for sauce, grated white chocolate cheese, and fruits cut for the veggies.  Was a huge hit.  Even had a "table" for the center!!
8 13
By LukeRubyJoy
Aug 4, 2006
This pizza sauce, crust and cheese are colored buttercream icings, but the ground meat, onions and green peppers were MMF.
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By TToomer
Sep 12, 2006
I just finished this cake for my son's class.  They sold the most magazines this year and they are having a pizza party.  My son has been begging me to make a cake for the class so I thought this would be a good opportunity.  Chocolate cake with Cookies and Cream. Recipe from the Whimsical Bake House. Soooo Yummy!!  Buttercream icing and fondant accents.
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By sandralita
Sep 28, 2006
This is a 14" x 2" round cake with buttercream icing crust, piping gel sauce, buttercream cheese, and fondant peppers, onions, sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms.  It is for a co-worker's teenaged boy's birthday party.
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By rsaun
Oct 12, 2006
The pizza box is cake.  The pizza is a cookie with buttercream sauce and cheese and fondant toppings.
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By dutch220
Oct 13, 2006
I made this for my nephew who wanted an italian/pizza theme. Table cloth and most of the pizza is fondant. Strawberry jam for the sauce and white chocolate for the cheese.
Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks for looking!
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By aoliveira
Nov 12, 2006
Birthday cake based around a girls night in. Sponge cake covered in my first ever MMF attempt (was ok to work with) as I usually use ready made. All decorations made from fondant then brushed in vodka and water for a nice sheen.
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By seraphim
Nov 19, 2006
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake made for a little boys 4th. I used the small bear pan to make the turtles. Thanks for looking :)
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By my2sunshines
Nov 22, 2006
pizza cake. with buttercream icing and ppiped buttercream  peppers.olives, ect..
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By confectionaryperfection
Nov 24, 2006
I made this cake for my second wedding reception for my husband. He used to work at this pizza shop. The cake is chocolate with bc frosting.
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By jterrill
Dec 1, 2006
This was for a pyjama and pizza party for Rosalie's 5th Birthday. Chocolate mudcake covered in fondant with fondant decorations.
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By socake
Dec 2, 2006
I have to thank "socake" for the inspration for this cake.  This is for 3 little girls, all best friends, turning 8.  They had a slumber/pizza party.  Top layer is chocolate with chocolate bavarian cream filling, bottom layer is white almond sour cream cake with BC filling.
6 17
By LadyGDiver
Dec 16, 2006
wanted to try this out, so i did it for dessert:-)
5 3
By kden3980
Jan 16, 2007
Decorated with royal icing.  These are supposed to be slices of pepperoni and broccili & pineapple pizza.  First time I ever made these, a bit rough but ok.  The customer LOVED them which is always good :)
3 13
By cookiecreations
Jan 19, 2007
Sugar cookie w/ BC icing for "sauce and cheese", fruit roll ups for "pepperoni". We put it in a pizza box and wrote "Thanks for being a "pizza" our lives". For teacher appreciation day!!
3 9
By CakeL8T
Jan 27, 2007
1 7
By midialjoje
Jan 31, 2007
Another candy Pizza made quickly with a little fondant edge, a spread of rasberry jam, tons of candy and grated white chocolate
5 14
By LizzyB
Feb 2, 2007
I just loved doing this cake -- the cake is carmel -- I placed the next smaller pan on top to cut out for the "filling" -- iced in buttercream and then covered with cookie icing (sauce) -- toppings are crumbled cake (hamburger), onions out of candy clay -- olives of fondant -- topped off with shaved white chocolate for cheese -- to cook -- i used a hair dryer to heat the chocolate -- final touch, to cut in slices --

What a fun cake!!
9 43
By MelissaRHK
Feb 27, 2007
I made this for a young lady turning 5.  Crust is a WASC cake baked in a 14" pan and iced in BC.  Red BC with piping gel was used for sauce, Fruit Roll-Ups were used for peppers (green and yellow) and the pepperoni.  Licorice was sliced to look like black olives and I shaved white chocolate over the top to resemble the cheese.  I went by Pizza Hut and purchased a pizza box for $.54.  It really made the presentation.
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By LadyGDiver
Feb 28, 2007
Pepperoni Pizza Cookie Cake for my nephew's birthday.  "Crust" is chocolate chip cookie that I baked in a 14 inch round pan.  Toppings done in buttercream.  Unfortunately, he got the flu and didn't even get to have his party.  Bummer!
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By acholloway
Mar 4, 2007
A pizza cake made with fresh strawberries.  The "cheese" is made from grated white chocolate and Wiltons yellow candy melts.  I made this cake for my step-daughters 12th birthday.
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By meowkitty30
Mar 4, 2007
I wanted to take a cake to our family outing at Chuck E Cheese's so after a lot of mind changing this is what I came up with.  I really liked the way it turned out and I was finally able to use my airbrush.
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By PistachioCranberry
Mar 11, 2007
This is an 8 inch cookie decorated with rolled buttercream and fondant.  It was for an office pizza party.  I think it fits the theme well.  I made three of them, to be cut with a pizza cutter to serve.  Thanks for looking!
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Mar 30, 2007
This is made from sugar cookie dough (I know it's not a cake but I love these!) and baked on a baking stone.  I covered it in BC and then used fondant for all the rest of the decorations. I grated white fondant for cheese,  This was for a ninja turtle birthday.
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By Renaejrk
Mar 31, 2007
Pepperroni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers and Double Cheese served to order at Pizza Hut Birthday Party. Staff were confused which one real and which one cake! No fondant used. Thin layer cake in large round pan.
3 2
By Mama_B
Mar 31, 2007
I made this cake for my sons 7th birthday party at a favorite pizza place... I picked up several pizza boxes the night before party and placed the cakes into the pizza boxes.....set them on the serving table with the food and everyone was fooled.  The cakes were white cake with buttercream frosting and the pizza toppings were made from candy molds....
9 71
By Pinga
Mar 31, 2007
Again for my sons 7th birthday... all white cake with buttercream icing and candy mold toppings.  I purchased a mold from out local cake supply store. They carry a large selection of candy and molds....that one had pizza toppings
The cheese is grated white chocolate.
7 20
By Pinga
Mar 31, 2007
These are cookies to go on a birthday cake.  The birthday boy requested "foods you can buy at a mall food court."  Yikes!  Thanks to antonia74 for letting me use her hamburger and hot dog design!  He was thrilled when he saw them.  I posted the finished cake, too.
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By sarduengo
Apr 8, 2007
My son turned 14 so we went with a 14" pizza
3 5
By tirby
Aug 29, 2005


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