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hello this was sooooooo as last minute cake and im not very happy but here my cars from cars his name is lightening mcqueen.........Its for my nephews 1st birthday .....mmf with the designs "painted on with food gels"
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By lastingmoments
May 27, 2006
Sheet cake with teal icing, oversprayed with Wilton Blue food spray....Nemo & Dori are Happy Meal toys....other small characters are picks....#16, #18, and #352 coral formations on sides.
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By FlourGirl
May 21, 2005
This is my first attempt at a "Professional" looking cake.  I used BC frosting for most of it and I used MMF for the road.  I used crushed sugar cones (which came like that from Target-I was not happy) for the "mulch" around the trees to try and break up some of the green.  The only thing I might do different next time is to make and decorate the cake in stages instead of starting at 4 P.M. the day before the party and getting done at 3 A.M. the morning of...
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By hmarie_73
Aug 24, 2006
Buttercream icing over triple-layer chocolate cake.  Fondant checkerboard and Piston Cup; plastic figures and printed flags.
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By andersonsg
Aug 26, 2006
I used the 3D car pan.
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By ptselena
Jun 2, 2006
Butter cake with fondant accents and BC frosting.
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By kimhering
Oct 31, 2006
McQueen was sculpted out of a loaf.  He sits atop an 8" round and 10" square.  I left the roadway empty because the mom who purchased the cake wanted space for more cars.  This is all bc.
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By divaofcakes
Dec 10, 2006
Carved from a 1/2 sheet cake, covered with MMF, airbrushed & edible markers for the blended colors.  Not my best work, with the details as it was for my son and didn't have alot of time to make this one.  Thanks to Uberhipster for helped me plan out how I was going to do this!
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By Schmoop
Dec 16, 2006
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By Tat
Jan 4, 2007
I did this cake for my friends son. He was so excited when he saw it. It is a vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting.  The cars are done with the frozen buttercream transfer method. After I transfered the images onto the cake I went back over the tires and a few other parts on the cars to make them more dimensional. I was very happy with the end result.
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By lovencakes
Mar 8, 2007
Betty Crocker "Starlight Yellow Cake".  Shortening buttercream icing.  Used Wilton Lightning McQueen pan.
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By psupatty
Sep 19, 2006
This is a 12" Chocolate Fudge cake filled and frosted in BC and the Mcqueen is Devils Food covered in fondant and CT's and BC accents.  This was a great deal of work, but well worth it.  My son loved it!  And so did the other kids for that matter.  That you Merrisa for her tutorial which helped =)  I ended up using 2 9x13 pans and using the rounded edges as the top part of the car and it worked perfectly!  Would to love to hear feed back, Thanks!
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By joby1
Apr 14, 2007
I made this cake for my son's birthday, it's chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream filling. Covered with MMF. It was my first time with MMF, so I had a hard time using it.
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By jouj
Apr 18, 2007
11 x 15 double layer sheet cake, butter cake with chocolate buttercream dream filling, mcqueen was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream dream all decorations in fondant. My nephew is still in shock.
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By notjustcake
Apr 22, 2007
By far the toughest cake I've done so far.  This one had me worried up until it was finished.  Trailer - 11x15 banana layer (cut in half lengthwise), 11x15 chocolate layer (cut in half lenghtwise) and stacked.  Cab - vanilla cake carved.  Buttercream icing with royal icing transfers.
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By sreale
Apr 28, 2007
Different view including front of cab
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By sreale
Apr 28, 2007
Another Cars cake - edible images on fondant, BC mountain and bottom cake.
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By SweetResults
Apr 30, 2007
Buttercream with Edible Images of the cars and fondant accents.
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By karmicflower
May 2, 2007
I used regular Cars diecasts for the top of the cake.  Kids loved it!
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By Ladyfett
May 8, 2007
My attempt at Mater was no where near what my imagination created.
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By Strazle
May 19, 2007
First attempt at anything "Cars" related -- not clever enough to actually make a car cake, so this was the best I could do... vanilla cake with buttercream icing - made for my friends little boys' 2nd birthday.
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By Feefs
Jun 30, 2007
I made these for my son who saw Ratatouille movie with me recently.   NFSC cookie and Antonia74 icing.  I also use food color pen for lines and words for recipe card.  I forgot to add Remy's white whiskers, but my son ate the cookies soon after I took this picture - LOL. It was fun making these.
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By surfergina
Jul 19, 2007
Yet another Disney cars cake, made for my nephew who has always been a big fan. I used a lot of ideas from this site, thanks all for such great inspiration!
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By amberhoney
Jul 21, 2007
This cake was for my brother. Checkerboard cake,9" and 6", Buttercream clouds and grass. First fondant cake, both  MMf, and chocolate MMF ( and I love it!) This also was my first stacked cake (the correct way) It was a bad idea to make FBCT cars, when they were going to stand up, should've used royal icing to make them. This pic was taken immediately before he blew out the candles, and by the time I was done serving it, the cars had totally melted away. signs made of chocolate.
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By bigsisof3kids
Mar 14, 2007
Well, this was a learning experience.  My BC would not crust so the Melvira method just wasn't happening.  My top tier slid off the cake board as I was putting it on the cake (tin foil problem), so in this pic there is NO board.  The fondant checkerboard I originally made (painted) were too small so I redid them as I was putting the cake together at 3 AM.  The sign broke and I had to redo it too.  Then my boys were so excited they couldn't keep their fingers off it - can you tell? LOL.  I do like it though.
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By alittlesliceofhaven
Aug 4, 2007
A near copy of a cake I've done previously, I don't like repeating myself but the customer was dead set. Original ideas from here.
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By amberhoney
Sep 6, 2007
i kinda copied this from someone here (well several someones) but i added my own thing to it by instead of using a toy on top i made my lightning mcqueen out of rice crispies and fondant.
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By Sandra80
Sep 14, 2007
This cars cake was made for a little boy turning 4.
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By baker101
Oct 11, 2007
This was for my son's birthday. It was a joint party for my daughter, so I did another cake the same day (mermaid cake in my pics). I ended up having just a few hours to do this one, so I was thankful that so many others on this site had come up with this great idea (which I copied almost exactly - thank you!!!). The one thing I did differently was form the mountains to look like the ones in the movie, or at least I tried! Fudge cake with cookies & cream filling.
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By i_heart_pastry
Oct 12, 2007
My first "really" sculpted cake.  Carved from 11x15.  Buttercream with fondant accents.  Couldn't have done it without all the great photos from other CCers!
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By amysue99
Nov 2, 2007
Here's my first shaped cake!  It's also my first time working with fondant.  I piped BC for the decorations.  I think next time I will use RI or fondant and make the decorations earlier, then glue them on.  I accidentally cut the grill of the car the wrong direction so his smile is hiding....oops!  I had fun doing this and love Satin Ice.  I can't wait to find time to do another cake.  This one is a simple chocolate with plain buttercream.  The birthday boy was completely surprised and loved it.
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By ac2steachk
Nov 3, 2007
Here's my second Lightning McQueen.  I tried color flow for the lightning bolts.  They didn't come out shiny, like I had heard CF does, but I liked them.  I used extra color flow for the windows...but piped it right on the cake.  It was a little too thin so the windows are splotchy.  The picture looks like its wet but it's just really shiny for some reason.  WASC with plain BC inside.  The wheels are cookies dipped in melted black icing with red fondant in the middle.
By ac2steachk
Nov 7, 2007
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By sarah249
Dec 13, 2007
By karajoy
Feb 25, 2008
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By yvette131
Feb 27, 2008
10 " 8" and 6" 1/2 ball carved.  Lettering is mmf.  Cakes are covered in rolled buttercream.  Client provided the figures.
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By luelue1971
Mar 15, 2008
buttercream icing
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By Spills
May 9, 2008
Used a 11x15 pan,MMF &all the detail work is in BC~free hand
modified the # to13 ,it's the B.D Girl's age and her name on Wheels
By cre8ivemary
May 21, 2008
This was my first FBCT. I hated every minute of it, lol. :) 12" square with BC accents.
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By CakeDiva73
Jun 14, 2008
3-D Lightning McQueen made from fondant.  My first cake.
By eswoodley
Jun 28, 2008


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