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This was the cake I made for my Son's 5th birthday. I could have done a better job on the railings but I ran out of time.
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By mjones17
Jun 13, 2005
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By oohlalacakes
Sep 3, 2005
I made this cake for my sisters bithday, it was a chocolate cake with mocha icing.
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By Barbara76
Sep 10, 2005
Well here is a pirate ship I just did. i was going to put rails on it, but I decided I like it just the way it is.  This request was from a lady who didnt want much. She wanted sponge bob, patrick, superman, spider man, blue and green power rangers and a  It took me a few days and told her I would put them all on a pirate ship.  I am not sure if you can see but the pirate is her boy. I took they face and put it on a cartoon pirate I found.   This was made from the 3rd largest oval and then iced with the basketweave tip.  This was a fun cake to do.

Thanks for looking.
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By cakeconfections
Nov 18, 2005
Yellow sheet cake carved and stacked. with chocolate MMF and mmf decorations. painted over the mmf for a wood effect... silver highlighter dust for cannon balls... wafer paper for sails....;peanut butter for rope...
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By lastingmoments
Dec 9, 2005
This is the pirate ship cake I made for a little boy named Mitchell. It's just white cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant accents. Thanks to all the others who've posted pirate ship cake pictures. I really was able to use the inspiration on this one. I wish I had more time I would of loved to add more details but I only had 3 days notice.
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By Nermal03
Jan 20, 2006
I made this for my twins preschool Pirate party today. What fun hey!
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By bmote1
Mar 4, 2006
This was the birthday cake for my BIL. He told me once that when he were a little boy he adored pirate ships but never got one. So now he has. It is from Debbie Browns book "Enchanted cakes for children". It was fun to do but I had problems with the modelling paste. I made it by kneading tragacanth into MMF but it wouldn´t get hard. That´s why the railng cracked. However he liked his ship very much.
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By luggi
Mar 10, 2006
thanks for everyone's help. i didn't have/couldn't get in time the bigger basketweave tip, so i used #47. wondering what most people charge for something like this- i told her 25, but she gave me 30, which i think is a better price. it was the football pan for the ship, on top of a 1-layer 10 inch. all buttercream, some mmf accents, obviously plastic pirates and the sails were just paper. jolly roger was just clip art i printed
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By smashcakes
Mar 12, 2006
I discovered that this kind of cake works better with yellow or white cake.  I tried to use chocolate but the cake was too moist and broke apart.  My husband (with an engineering degree) tried his best but to no avail. : )  So if you want to make a cake along these lines don't even bother with chocolate.  Thanks for looking.
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By braggmama2
Mar 27, 2006
Ahoy me hearties! yo ho ho, and all that!  This ship was free-hand cut from a basic slab cake - complete with "walk the plank" (on other side of ship) and Lego pirate.
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By Feefs
Apr 5, 2006
Serves about 125. All done free hand, all edible exept for sails and dowels.
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By illkittyn
Apr 25, 2006
3d cake the lady liked it so much she almost cried.
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By marcimang
May 9, 2006
I was asked  to make a 3d Dora pirate adventure cake for a little girl turning 3....she loved it!!the ship is made of buttercrean fondant and characters are royal icing, gumpaste and candy melts. Lots of fun to make but lots of hours too : )
By twoprincesses
May 14, 2006
This customer only gave me a couple days notice and I already had 2 other cakes to do.  If I had more time, I would have added more detail to this (cannon & balls, anchor w/ rope, palm tree, etc.).  The customer will be adding pirate toys to the cake before the party, so that will help. 

All yellow cake with buttercream water and choc. buttercream on the ship.  Graham cracker island.  Masts (dowels) and sails (paper) are not edible.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 19, 2006
A popular cake that we do at work.  All done in buttercream.
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By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
I made one of these before and was hoping to add a lot more detail to this one.  That was before I burnt the heck outta my hand and could barely pipe the icing, let alone add more detail.  

Yellow 11X14 base with yellow loaf pan cut for ship.  All BC & choc. BC.  Crushed graham crackers for sand.  Dowels (masts) & paper (sails) not edible.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Jun 2, 2006
A cake I made for a firneds son's brithday
By mcp
Jun 8, 2006
This is a Pirate Ship I did yesterday. Thanks especially to Claudine1976 for all her help with modelling the figures. And a big Thank You to Lou whose Pirate Cake was a huge Inspiration.
Thanks for looking,
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By karennayak
Jun 9, 2006
For a little boys party, argggggg....hehe! Sails were made from parchment.
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By Ginger08
Jun 25, 2006
Last picture, just wanted to give a full view.
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By mnmmommy
Jun 28, 2006
The family I made these cakes for are really into the new movie Pirates of the caribbean.  They ask If I could put Jonny Depp on the cake but I  So these are the ideas I came up with... Wish Id found this site earlier some really great Pirate themed cakes on here!
By RedAngelHawk
Jul 8, 2006
Another view of the ship alone
By RedAngelHawk
Jul 8, 2006
Fondant covered cakes that I airbrushed, and then used an edible marker to make the treasure maps.  Edible images with fondant decorations and chocolate sea shells.  Chocolate fudge cake w/cream filling and french vanilla cake with whipped raspberry filling.  This is for my sons 5th birthday!!
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By newtocakes
Jul 21, 2006
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By jowhip
Jul 25, 2006
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By mo-mo
Jul 30, 2006
Here is a picture of the cake that I did for my nephew's 4th birthday. The water was a 9x13 cherry chip cake frosted with buttercream frosting. The fish were gummies & I used chocolate coins in foil wrap. I pirates I bought at a party store. I also used pirate themed candles. I orange treasure chest was also bought at a party store. The ship was made out of 2 8" cakes cut in half & put together with frosting in between them. The cannons were malted milk balls, the sails were post-it notes w/ wooden skewers.
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By tfountain
Jul 30, 2006
Here is a picture of the pirate ship that I did for my 4 year old nephew. The ship was made using 2 8" chocolate cakes w/ buttercream frosting in between each. I used my basketweave tip to give the ship a "wood" look. I used Rollos for the cannons, malted milk balls for the cannonballs, & the pirate men came from a party store. The sails were made from post-it notes & wood skewers. I did used the wood skewers to hold the Rollos in the cake & to offer extra support. This cake was a real hit for my nephew!!!
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By tfountain
Jul 30, 2006
French vanilla cake w/ Bavarian cream filling.  Iced in buttercream then covered with fondant "wooden planks".  Fondant decorations, wafer paper sails, edible image pirate flag, chocolate sea shells, graham cracker sand. Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
Aug 4, 2006
Chocolate cake and cupcakes.  Cupcakes topped with buttercream and a gold coin.  Cake covered with chocolate fondant.  Pirate, barrel and coins all made from fondant.
The picture doesn't show it well, but I did wood grain detail on the boat.
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By meghanb
Aug 4, 2006
This was for my sons 5th birthday.  The sheet cake is chocolate and the ship is yellow.  It's covered in cbc icing and most of the decorations are mmf.  I made the ship out of a loaf cake that I froze overnight and carved.  The pirates are mmf.  The trees, posts on the ship, and the plank are all tootsie rolls, and the parrot is a starburst.  (Just wanted to see if it would work!)  The sand on the beach is graham cracker crumbs.  He loved the cake!!
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By frog80
Aug 6, 2006
This was made for a 4yr. old birthday party.  I used the actual deck, pirates, cannons and sails from a Leggo ship. The deserted Island was made from candy rocks and graham cracker crumbs. The oceans was made from frosting.   The ship was two-3 layered cakes stood up on their sides. There were gummy sharks in the water.  It was hard to get a good picture of the entire cake.   The kids are still talking about this cake two years later!!
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By stessie
Aug 11, 2006
Thanks to everyone on this site for your help and advice when doing this cake!
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By nathanikka
Aug 23, 2006
another view/ candles not lit.
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By kjb
Aug 28, 2006
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By kjb
Aug 28, 2006
2 layer cake w/ 3-d pirate ship
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By mykidsarekillingme
Aug 30, 2006
Pirate Ship in water cake
By tdun
Aug 30, 2006
This cake went along with the treasure chest due to the large party and pirate theme.  Once again chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.  The islands were yellow cake baked in the sports ball pan.  The sand was crushed up vanilla wafers.  The pirates were my son's toys.
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By fabbo
Sep 4, 2006
this is my son's pirate cake. it is 3 sheet cakes carved and stacked with choclate icing, and a fondant railing. i'd never used it, so it isn't so great, but it's a start.  the water at the front was regular icing tinted blue, in texas it melted :(  but the kids loved the "chest" i filled it with rolos for treasure, and used pirate figures and a cannon. the candles were out the side as cannons also. they loved this!! it was my first carved cake, but loads of fun!!
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By collin16
Sep 6, 2006
This was a very fun cake to do if not frustrating.  It was for my 5 year old godson Zack...and he doesn't like chocolate so the cake is a yellow cake...and I really tried to use straight butter cream tinted brown for the wooden planks...but the look just didn't (okay here is comes) float my boat!  AH  So I mixed in some Fudge icing...and it worked much better...given more time I would have added more detail to the ship...but as it was I was 35 minutes late to the party.
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By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005


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