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All buttercream icing and accented with edible pearls.
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By traci
Nov 21, 2006
I made this cake for my goddaughter's 6th birthday.  This was my first attempt at making gumpaste shoes and also my first try at ribbon roses.  Can't wait to try both again.  Shoes were made using boonenati's tutorial (thank you), Bratz logo is a chocolate transfer, bc icing with fondant accents for the "zebra" look.
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By ps3884
Apr 22, 2007
This cake was for my mom's friend on her 40th birthday.  I covered the cake in fondant and painted it pink.  The board is covered in fondant as well, decorated in zebra print and finished off with black and pink ribbon on the bottom.
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By rachmakescakes
May 18, 2007
This was a fun cake to make and was inspired by pictures on cake central.  I made it for
my sisters birthday and she loved it.  Thanks for the great ideas!
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By wendyh12
Jul 16, 2007
Another view of my Zebra cake.. Strawberry cake and chocolate cake with french b/c. Covered with MMF. Thanks for looking
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By Lizzard1
Aug 4, 2007
Inspired by: grgapch....   Thanks
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By donvi
Aug 17, 2007
Fondant covered cake & stripes. Fondant cutouts with a star shaped cookie cutter with wires pushed in and then dried. Alternating chocolate and strawberry torted layers to add to the zebra effect.
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By Monica_
Sep 15, 2007
Made this for my co-worker's daughter's 12th birthday.  box and purse are chocolate cake with chocolate mocha buttercream then covered in fondant.  the lid was styrofoam covered in fondant and the shoe was gum paste.  the birthday girl LOVED it!
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By EmmyD
Sep 16, 2007
Thanks to tdleath for the design idea! - pink fur with grass tip and stripping with rosetip - birthday girl loved it!
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By coffeecake
Oct 19, 2007
My customer wanted a LOT of cake...this is just a simple design to go with the stacked Hannah Montana cake! I think I loved this one the most! LOL
Thanks for looking!
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By step0nmi
Jan 19, 2008
I am thinking of using her to design all my cakes now. I love how this turned out.   She picked the shapes, colors, etc.   The top and bottom layer were red velvet with pecan cream cheese filling.  The middle layer is white almond with buttercream.
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By bonnebouche
Jan 27, 2008
I had someone ask for the hot pink and during the conversation had mentioned the girl liked zebra print. I iced in the hot pink the sides are fondant that I striped to make it look like zebra print and the top is a fabric bow. Tag is fondant.
Fun cake to do.
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By cakemaker11
Feb 14, 2008
10 and 8 inch chocolate cakes covered in MMF, everything else is MMF
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By rudycutie
Feb 18, 2008
This was a cake I made for my sisters 20th birthday. She loves PINK and zebra stripes.  This was my third cake and the first time I have ever used fondant.  Both cakes are classic white and frosted with buttercream.  They are covered in fondant and the stripes are hand-cut.  The roses and writing are buttercream and are pearl dusted.  Thanks to everyone who answered my questions on zebra stripes!! TFL!!
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By Curr
Mar 7, 2008
Brief was cake for teenage girl who always leaves her make up everywhere!  Thought black, white and pink would be nice girly combination so just went from there.  All sugarpaste with modellinging paste cosmetics.
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By seraphim
Apr 1, 2008
9x13 fondant zebra stripes, bc roses
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By sweetcakes
Apr 22, 2008
This was for my daughters 7th birthday.  Thanks to  "Lambshack" for the inspiration on this one.
Star on bottom with 6" round on top.  Fondant overlay on both.  gumpaste guitar, stars, notes and curlies.  Printed HM sign on gumpaste.
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By tlreetz
Apr 28, 2008
10 81
By racheycake
Apr 29, 2008
I started calling this cake "Wilma Flinstone Meets the Cheetah Girls".  My SIL found a picture of a cake very similair to this a few years ago and has been asking me to make it ever since.  She had just printed the picture from a website so I'm not sure who to give credit to for the original idea, but if you know who did it, let me know!  It is such a fun cake and my first whimsical so I learned a lot from it. Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By jamilyne
May 1, 2008
This is an 8" round cake with mmf zebra print, the rest is buttercream. Thanks for looking. This was for a 10 year old girl's birthday
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By turtlemom
May 12, 2008
My pink and zebra cake! the inside was a chocolate cake with a layer of cheesecake baked in...yuummm!!
By emilee_meg
May 15, 2008
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By donvi
Jun 27, 2008
Iced in buttercream. Stripes are fondant, Letters are chocolate
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By mommy2owen
Jul 24, 2008
this one seems to be the favorite among 16-21 yr old girls i have had 4 orders for this cake the exact same way everytime.
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By twistedsplinters
Aug 25, 2008
Here's a cake I did a couple of weeks ago for a cake auction we had at
our church.  6 in. chocolate with white buttercream.  Covered and decorated
in MMF.  My first bow.  A lot of fun!  TFL :]
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By sweetslover
Sep 12, 2008
Small cake. 5 in and 7 in cakes. Everyone wants topsy turvy cakes. :) 
Buttercream icing and fondant decorations. Bow has a small amound of 
gumpaste. Used the mold for the pearls from first impressions.
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By melkneec
Oct 4, 2008
This cake was a learning experience as the weight of the wires kinda cut the cake a bit. Only after doing this cake did I find out about using coffee stirsticks to hold the wires. Thanks for all the cool Hannah Montana cake ideas!
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By thegrrrl
Oct 11, 2008
Iced w/ bc, fondant bow, stripes, and flowers.
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By arosstx
Oct 11, 2008
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By malry8
Oct 31, 2008
I made this for my daughter turning 6, this past week. All buttercream, fondant and gumpaste accents! TFL
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By mygirlsmne
Nov 8, 2008
Purse cake covered in Fondant with Zebra print front
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By VS8894
Nov 18, 2008
This is 5, 4, and 3 in rounds.  Mini, hot pink with zebra stripes.
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By Michelle104
Jan 10, 2009
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By SusieLu182
Feb 7, 2009
Bottom layer is French Vanilla with strawberry filling and the 2nd layer is Chocolate fudge with cream cheese filling. Butter Cream icing!
By Reneeblueeyes
Feb 11, 2009
By emwilson77
Feb 24, 2009
My first attempt at making a feather/starburst topper. Still not sure if I did it right but it seemed to work out OK. Also first time trying zebra stripes - lots of fun doing this one. Great fun
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By notmymum
Mar 7, 2009
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By cakemom24
Mar 8, 2009
little birthday cake! zebra with hot pink fondant balls and fondant rosets!(first attempt at those they turned out pretty good!)
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By unioncollege05
Mar 8, 2009
Made this for my niece's b-day, she squealed when she seen it. Top is chocolate and bottom is vanilla, butter creme frosting and a ribbon bow.
By jodiejoey
Mar 19, 2009
10" round, Iced with IMBC, fondant decorations
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By yellowjacket
Oct 25, 2006


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