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My friend wanted a pink poodle party for her daughter's first b-day!  This is what we came up with for the cake!!  The poodle is the stand up duck pan and is white cake.  The present is chocolate cake filled with chocolate bavarian creme covered with white fondant that I sprayed black.....scared me to death!!!  When I first started spraying it looked purple, then turned black!!!!  Either way, I was happy with the finished result!
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By zoozieqv
May 7, 2005
French Vanilla cake, chocolate filling, MMF and Buttercream details.  
My version of jjcakes Pink & Brown cake.
15 176
By gma1956
Oct 10, 2005
Fondant covered cakes in a whimisical design (Collette Peters) This was a bridal shower but would be great for a birthday celebration as well. Gum paste accents give this cake flair...
22 316
By Cakebaker57
Jul 2, 2005
This cake was done for a 40th birthday party.  Gumpaste squiggles were fun and easy.
7 46
By amandasweetcakes
Nov 25, 2005
2nd attempt at a stacked cake.  i was givin the colors black and pink and using the bunny logo.  so this is what i ended up with though wasnt what i was going for.
By jjbrink
Jan 24, 2006
This was a cake I did for my sisters Lingerie was Yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting and Kaluhua Raspberry Cream Filling (this filling was a hit!!)  The corset, bra and panty are all and pocket book are Barbie accesories I found at the store by accident and it was a perfect match!!!
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By cakes4fun
Feb 1, 2006
This cake was done for a co-workers daughter, who was turning 21.  These are the colors she wanted. 

the cake itself is three layers of Kaye's chocolate butter cake, with cookies and cream filling..yum!  It is covered in white chocolate fondnat. the bow is also white chocolate fondant.  It was my first time making a bow.  Not bad for my first time.  :)

My co-worker and her daughter both LOVED it!  Thanks for looking.
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By sancar80
Feb 26, 2006
This is my version of  "Tdub's" "parisian bubble bath" cake.  Thanks for the inspiration Tdub!    Deep dark chocolate cake, 6 - 9 inch layers, Filled with White chocolate Raspberry mouse, Iced with Buttercream, All decorations are fondant except the bubbles, they are whipped topping.  Had alot of fun doin this cake.  Learn alot from it too.
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By gma1956
Oct 27, 2005
Daughter wanted something different for her 16th birthday. So I went with her fave colours. Black and Pink. It's a German Chocolate cake covered with cherry flavored buttercream, FBCT, pink and black roses, and pink and black fondant boarder...
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By size4again
Mar 3, 2006
This is a bridal shower cake that I did for one of my best friends.  It was my first ever attempt at tulips and now I know I have a lot to work on!!  I love parrot tulips, so I tried to do some of them as well.  She loved it so that makes me happy.
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By dolcesunshine20
Mar 13, 2006
I was going to make this for a shower tomorrow and then we had to cancel.  But, I had already ordered the Eiffel Tower and had to make "taster" cakes this weekend anyway, soooo I figured "what the heck" and just went all out.  I emailed the bride and groom the picture and said "in 10 years, you won't remember that you didn't get to eat the cake...enjoy the picture!"  This is my first pink and black cake...I just love the color combo!! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Mar 17, 2006
2 layer white cake with pink buttercream and black fondant bow.  This was for one of my best friend's daughter's 18th birthday yesterday.
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By thyterrell
Mar 20, 2006
For my niece's birthday she wanted a skateboard cake so this is what I created for her. I made a 100% edible skateboard.
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By terrob97
Apr 19, 2006
This cake is a lot of firsts for me: first square cake, first present cake, first Viva smoothing, first loop bow, first "decorated" cake board.
Chocolate cake, mocha filling.  The black frosting turned out bitter unfortunately...but the bride loved it so that's all that matters I guess!
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By clb307
May 1, 2006
This really had a Parisian feel to it! Maybe it was the black and soft pink colour combination. Whenever I hand-write on cakes, it always looks so French? I think it reminds me of those beautiful chalk menu boards at restaurants!
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By antonia74
May 6, 2006
10" and 6" rounds.  Butter pecan cake with Pecan-flavored BC.
By Misdawn
May 23, 2006
this cake has been done on this site a gazillion times but I always love every version of it. I finally was able to have an occasion of my own to create this for. It was for my brother's girlfriend's bday. I haven't given it to her yet, hope she loves it. Its tiny, not that you can tell. Its a 6" bottom layer with a 2 1/2" top layer. Pink with black scrolls. artificial lily on top, I'm not great at making sugar lilies. Roses are about all I can do out of gumpaste. thanks for looking
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By SherisEdibleDesigns
May 23, 2006
The cake is a chocolate torte with chocolate ganache and coffee mousse fillings, butter cream icing.  The bride-to-be loved it and asked me to do the bridal shower cake pretty much the same but two tiered!
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By lindambc
Feb 27, 2006
Double Layered 10" Strawberry Cake with Buttercream Filling.  Decorated in MMF.
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By CakesUnleashed
May 27, 2006
This is a simple square wedding cake.  The very bottom layer is a dummy, and the two pink layers are white cake soaked with rum simple syrup and filled with a rum cream filling.  The middle black layer is a chocolate cake with a coconut pecan filling.  All covered in fondant.  I hand made the roses for the top tier of the cake out of gum paste and the vase holding them was made out of a styrofoam ball.
14 26
By mymichelle04
May 30, 2006
First attempt at doing a present cake.  8" square, five layers.  I didn't let it settle long enough before I covered it with the fondant so it sagged a little.  Oh well, live and learn.  It was a last minute request for my sisters last minute Bday surprise party.  I had another cake due on the same day (pregnant shower cake).  It was my first time having 2 cakes due the same day.  Everyone loved it, and that's all I wanted!
3 7
By doc_farms
Jun 13, 2006
This is a cake I made for a friend that just finished a2 year term as PTS Pres (brave i know).  I was trying out the new 9" magicline Sq pans.  I like them, but they seem to cook differently>  The Cake rose all the way to the top and the cake was HUGE, at least 6 inches.  But it made for a nice effect.  I also tried the quilt mat on Buttercream.  learned why people cautioned not to rub edge of mat, and had troubkle with lining up top and bottom.
8 71
By acookieobsession
Jun 20, 2006
Birthday cake for my sister who loves Paris.  Covered and decorated in fondant.
8 14
By mnmmommy
Jun 21, 2006
Wedding reception was held at a 50's style resturant.  I posted my woes on this cake in the disaster section, but I thought I'd go ahead and add it to my photos.
2 19
By dolcesunshine20
Jun 26, 2006
This is about as naughty as I wanted to go with this bride. She is a very sweet girl, with a really good sense of humor.... considering.
By goodcakefairy
Jul 5, 2006
Fun cake to do:)
3 7
By drurys
Jul 16, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's wedding.  It was alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake, frosted completely in a soft pink buttercream.  I accented the layers with black buttercream polka dots, and black satin ribbon and bows.  For added texture, I covered the center layer completely with the star tip.  I used 24 fresh pink roses to finish the cake.  I like to call this my "Audrey Hepburn" cake, because it reminds me so much of the era.  Thank you so much for looking at my cake.
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By Botanesis
Jul 31, 2006
This is a fondant and buttercream tiered cake.  The top and bottom tiers are covered in fondant with the middle tier being covered in buttercream.  All of the decorations are made with fondant.  The cake is inspired by a picture brought by a client - could possibly be someone from Cake Central.
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By Dennisclan
Aug 7, 2006
I didn't care for the way this turned out.  We were pretty rushed in class trying to get it done.  I do like the colors pink, black and white though.
I didn't want to put the dots on the ribbon but one of my fellow students touched the ribbon with her finger that had food coloring on it.  Since I didn't have time to redo the cake I just threw some dots on.  
Working with fondant was fun and I think I will remake the gift box cake but spend more time on it.
7 13
By JoanneK
Aug 15, 2006
Chocolate Cake with banana cream filling and swiss mocha buttercream covered in Satin Ice.  Sorry the picture is far off and doesnt let you see the detail of the cake.  I was very happy with the final outcome.
12 23
By GenesisCakes
Aug 16, 2006
Butter Pecan Cake w/Bavarian cream filling, iced in buttercream.  Fondant accents.  Customer wanted a modern cake with no flowers.
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By newtocakes
Aug 17, 2006
Made for my niece, who just decorated her room in pink, black and white.  This is a chocolate cake iced with peanut butter fudge icing, covered with marshmallow fondant.  The circles of different color and size, were cut from marshmallow fondant and attached.  It was my first try with the marshmallow fondant, and while it is tasty, it is harder to roll out as thin as regular fondant.   The marshmallow fondant was too rich for the cake, so in the end it was pulled off just the same.
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By gibbler
Aug 20, 2006
This pink & black cake is fondant with luster dust, this was my first time covering a cake in fondant & my first time using luster & it didn't help the cake that my DD thought it needed more (& put more--haha).  Yellow cake w/chocolate buttercream & Chocolate cake w/ french vanilla buttercream
6 5
By daltonam
Aug 21, 2006
I made a "plaque" and "glued" the edible image to it.  Then attached it with royal.
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By RisqueBusiness
Aug 21, 2006
The top tier is chocolate with raspberry filling, the middle tier is red velvet with strawberry cream cheese filling, and bottom is french vanilla with strawberry filling.  Of course I waited until some bumped into it before I took the picture.
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By umfalcon
Aug 23, 2006
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By mari_golde
Aug 23, 2006
pink fondant with edible ink black dots.  Notebook and lipstick made from gumpaste, as well as wallet and pearls.
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By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
By jewelykaye
Sep 1, 2006
This was the final cake for the cake class so I had a lot of fun with it. It's all fondant. Please leave good or bad comments. Thank you!
By jewelykaye
Sep 1, 2006
8" round with fondant numbers, accents & banner.  Husband ordered cake and wanted it to say "The Big 50" and wife like pink so this is what I came up with.  Fun to do.
12 73
By bjfranco
Sep 6, 2006


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