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made for my daughters 4th birthday
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By cakecre8tor
May 17, 2005
This cake was a last minute request from a friend, Bright pink icing had a shimmer dust over it, bit hard to see in the photo.
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By fee
Nov 19, 2005
8" chocolate cake with buttercream filling and icing.  Stripes and bow are made with fondant.  Silver dragees along border for accent.  Inspired by Les8350 at the Ladycakes site.
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By tripletmom
Dec 3, 2005
I made this cake for my mom to take to her aunt, who is turning 95 tomorrow.  I had originally planned for pansies, but they didn't turn out like I wanted so I opted for apple blossoms.  I live in *apple country*, so I thought it would be fitting... ;0)

It's a four-layer (two torted cakes) french vanilla cake with peppermint icing and fondant.  

Thanks for looking!

- Tami -
8 21
By Biscat
Aug 18, 2005
My first Buttercream Transfer...I had to touch up some to add the details.  Hopefully the 2 year old that this is for will like it!  (Thanks for the directions on this site!!)
By ccoth
Feb 10, 2006
Chocolate layer cake (from this site - YUM!), chocolate buttercream, bc piping, and mmf ribbon roses (love these flowers!).  This cake was for my best friend's birthday.  Had issues with it, however, I originally used chocolate syrup frosting and cookies and cream pudding filling but I had major overflow of the pudding, even tho' I did a damn with the frosting.  I assume the chocolate syrup frosting is not stiff enough; I had to take the cake apart and put it back together with chocolate bc! Still learning!
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By jdelectables
Feb 19, 2006
These are cakes I made for my Grandparents birthdays. I was in the cake classes at the time, it made for good practice.
By tayakaleb
Feb 20, 2006
This birthday cake was done for my brother's girlfriend.  I needed to practice that design for an upcoming wedding cake so it was right on time when he called.
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By kimhamjohn
Mar 9, 2006
This is a 1/4 sheet Strawberry Cake with two shades of Pink buttercream icing.  I used the heart cookie cutters as a pattern on the top.
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By tsuitor
Mar 13, 2006
This is the cake I made for my sister and had such trouble with.  First time I used MMF and it cracked.  Liked the design, but MMF a disaster.
By Beecharmer
Jan 3, 2006
This is my first paid cake.  It's french vanilla with strawberry filling.  I think I did a horrible job.  I got up early this morning and was going to redo the whole thing but my DD said it was fine.  I'm just very disappointed in it.
By ljhow623
Apr 21, 2006
This is a small 6" cake I also made for mum's birthday.
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By elin
Apr 25, 2006
Just another Wilton Class cake for a little princess.  Very easy to make and turns out cute.  The little pearls can hide imperfections.
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By taznjo
Jul 20, 2006
This is a simple 8" chocoalte round cake iced with BC.  Background is airbrushed with puple.  The castle is made of fondant and dried on flower formers to stand up from the cake.  Letters are also (purple) fondant.  All fondant was coated with Super Pearl (my new best friend), quilted side design with lots of dragees all over the place!  This was a fast and fun one to put together last night.
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By msauer
Jul 25, 2006
Not too proud of how this one turned out....but oh well.  I put this cake together very quickly for my Mom's birthday (the guests had arrived and I was still finishing up!) - needless to say, I didn't have time to do a good job!
By kendraanne
Aug 2, 2006
This cake was for my neighbor who turned 91!!  She's like a grandma to me so I wanted to do something special for her, especially since none of her family was in town.  Just a very simple cake featuring her favorite color, pink!  It was kind of a rush job and I hadn't done buttercream roses in literally years, so I was pleased with the way it came out.
By Katydidz
Aug 15, 2006
Birthday cake for two girls at work.  First time I tried the fondant ribbon roses.  I loved them!  So easy!
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By jezzie
Aug 22, 2006
This one is just an 1/8th sheet cake. It's all buttercream icing. Just black and pink roses were what was asked for, but I meant to ice it in a light pink, then do the pink and black, but kind of wasn't thinking when I iced the cake and slapped on the white lol.
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By cakesbgood
Aug 31, 2006
This was a cherry chip cake with pink icing.  We took a peice out and put it on top and covered the inside cake and slice with white BC and put pink dots on it.
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By Suebee
Sep 11, 2006
my first tiered cake.  It was for a birthday party.  took me forever.
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By cocorum21
Sep 18, 2006
I made this for a 3 year old.  I had so much fun with this, makes me wish my daughter was still 3 instead of 22.  Chocolate cake with bc and I bought the crown and pink ribbon at the dollar store.  She Loved it.
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By ptain
Oct 8, 2006
Individual heart cake for niece's b-day. fondant with pink marble fondant butterfly cut out
By KhymStacy
Oct 19, 2006
Fondant cake and bow. embosser roller thingy and cake sparkles. First Fondant cake
By Daniellemhv
Oct 27, 2006
This was my first b-day cake for an individual. French vanilla w/black cherry fill. Iced in BCdream. Roses and leaves are fondant, the M is colorflow. The b-day lady loved it--I was sooooo glad! Thanks for looking!
12 10
By icingpraises
Oct 27, 2006
This was for a special girl's first birthday.  Top layer was all in butter cream so she could dig in.  Bottom layer is MF and buttercream.
By wehmom
Oct 28, 2006
Well OK it doesn't look like a Precious Moments Figurine but it was the best I could do LOL My customer's daughter collects Precious Moments so she wanted a Precious Moments Cake. Look on the bright side... I don't think I violated any copyright laws with this one!! LOL  j/k
7 6
By Lazy_Susan
Nov 4, 2006
I made this for a friend for her birthday. I was short on time and it did not turn out how I wanted it to. I like the colors, but not how it looked. I need a lot more practice with stacked cakes. My friend liked it, but I will be doing more for more practice. Any suggestions? I would love them.
By bubbatraut
Nov 13, 2006
I made this cake for my boss' 50th birthday.  Pink is her favorite color.  It was yellow cake with raspberry filling and lemon raspberry BC.  I used pirouette cookies all around the outside, inspired by some beautiful cakes I saw on CC.  The roses are Satin Ice fondant brushed with Antique Silk luster dust.
1 5
By awolf24
Nov 14, 2006
This customer wanted a purple and pink cake with a touch of silver on it. This is what I came up with and they loved it, The loops are made out of candy coats and the 16 is white chocolate painted with silver luster dust and suger stars also painted with luster dust.
1 2
By julibel
Nov 15, 2006
This was my FIRST castle; I know what to do better next time.  It was for my 3yo neice and she loved it!!  I am VERY happy with it...hope you like it as well.
13 55
By sugarlaced
Nov 24, 2006
A girl at work was turning 19 so I made this cake for her. It's chocolate with buttercream icing. I figured it looked pretty stylish. Everyone really loved it! :)
By scthosrrm
Nov 24, 2006
A sheet cake version of the flower cake I made.  Half vanilla, half chocolate with SMBC.
14 66
By didi5
Dec 10, 2006
This cake was for my baby's first birthday. It was def. a bittersweet one for me to make:(
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By faitheve
Dec 18, 2006
8" chocolate with french vanilla icing
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By seagoat
Jan 9, 2007
My daughter asked for a castle cake for her 4th birthday. This is not what I originally had in mind, but she loved it. I have found that BC is not the best for me. I seem to work much better with MMF. I would have liked this to be more elaborate. I will try again with MMF, hopefully with better results. Thanks for looking.
By bubbatraut
Jan 20, 2007
By jen10vs
Jan 25, 2007
Birthday cake for a little girl turning 4 years old.  All in fondant
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By klg1152
Feb 7, 2007
This was a butter cake covered in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By lcabralacores
Feb 16, 2007
I made this cake for my sister's birthday! I thought it turned out great. The frosting is a cream cheese frosting. It was excellant!
By Emmalee
Feb 26, 2007
This was a pineapple cake with butter cream filling and covered in fondant.
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By lillcabby
Feb 27, 2007


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