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white buttercream with pink and brown fondant
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By polica
Aug 30, 2008
MMF with MMF bow. Royal text.
3 8
By celiashea
Sep 6, 2008
My first attempt at mini's for a customer's daughter's baby shower. These took forever and now I know why bakers charge so much for individuals. Cake is vanilla with raspberry mousse filling. TFL Comments welcome. $2.50 each...way underpriced. Next time I'll charge more like $5 each.
5 6
By pounds6
Sep 6, 2008
This was my first dress.. I got alot of help for this site on making
 the sleeves. It didn't come out the way I wanted but the customer was very happy.
1 2
By foofy307
Sep 7, 2008
This cake is a spin off of Adven68's blue baby shower cake. It is covered in MMF and 
was fairly easy to make.
7 57
By Chef_Mommy
Sep 8, 2008
Coconut cake with bananas inside.
1 1
By diliana
Sep 14, 2008
The  pond is made up of  2 Chocolate Fudge Cakes and 2 French Vanilla cakes Smothered in Vanilla Buttercream With Homemade Marshmallow Fondant Flowers.  Mr. Frog is Vanilla Pound Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Topped with Homemade Marshmallow Fondant
5 11
By LvMy4Runner
Sep 16, 2008
6" and 8" tiers with pink and brown buttons, flowers, and stripes. This was for my cousin's baby shower and was the first cake I decorated for anyone outside of my immediate family.
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By csteinagel
Sep 29, 2008
this was done for my sister's baby shower 3 days after my neice showed up 3 1/2 weeks early LOL. She wanted her name done in blocks, and her birth stats on the cake, she wanted it all done in cream cheese even though I told her it wouldn't hold up as well as buttercream, she wanted it pink & black.  I wasn't to happy with it as the cream cheese wasn't firm enough but she loved it and so did everyone at the shower so that's all that matters right :)
By rosscountrygirl
Oct 3, 2008
Made out of fondant, and dusted with Lustre Dust
2 3
By julzcakesandmore
Oct 5, 2008
I made this to match the invitations and paper goods (hand-cut elephants).

The middle was two stacked cakes so this ended up having 4 different  flavprs: Tuxedo, lemon kiss, white almond sour cream, and chocolate peanut butter!
3 43
By MacsMom
Oct 5, 2008
Made this cake for a baptism.  I have to start making different little people.  They have all been baptisms for girls, so I have been making the same little girl.  Little girl's dress on top of a baby blanket.  TFL
2 40
By inspireddecorator
Oct 5, 2008
I made this cake for a baby shower. She wanted some booties, butterflies and the same flowers from her wedding cake. This is how it turned out. Mocca cake with raspberry mousse filling. Covered with dark chocolate buttercream and chocolate fondant. 

Thanks for looking.
13 45
By Celinescakery
Oct 23, 2008
This cake was inspired by the plate the client gave me.
6 35
By jylbug
Oct 23, 2008
WASC cake with strawberry mousse filling, all BC with some fondant details, the only non edible item is the plastic baby bottle. TFL!
1 12
By miny
Oct 26, 2008
Fora  baby girl baby shower...the mom-to-be loves those little ruffle butt pants for baby girls.  The ducky cupcakes are the key lime ones.  The pink cupcakes are strawberry with strawberry buttercream "ruffles" and a pink candy heart.  They were a big hit!
4 2
By hallfamily727
Oct 28, 2008
Baby shower cake for a girl. fondant baby and fondant flowers
2 11
By tripleD
Nov 2, 2008
A baby shower cake I made for a friend who's nursery theme is Winnie the Pooh. 8" square strawberry cake filled and frosted with vanilla smbc, and decorated in fondant accents. Winnie the Pooh was made using royal icing on a fondant plaque. Thanks to cakesbyallison for the inspiration!
4 18
By domesticdiva85
Nov 3, 2008
Very last minute cake!  All decorations are MMF!
2 7
By CakesUnleashed
Nov 9, 2008
3 11
By claygal
Nov 16, 2008
Pickles and ice cream cake for baby shower. Cake is french vanilla covered in BC. Used a bundt pan to get bowl shape, but it didnt come out that way! I used rice crispies to fill the hole. The ice cream is really think BC. Melted chocolate and sprinkles. Pickles are fondant. Wanted it to have more of a bowl look to the cake, but it just didnt happen! Maybe next time!
2 4
By kweenofengland
Nov 16, 2008
head and neck rainbow cake, the other 3 balls are chocolate chip cake. This cake was a night mare, took me forever. I had to build the base with a shelf, pipes cut to secure the balls. all the decorations are royal icing, gum paste or fondant
By petalosr
Nov 18, 2008
Buttercream cake with fondant bow and roses.
2 13
By dkbateman
Nov 19, 2008
1 1
By waterlily
Dec 1, 2008
Made these for a gal from my DD school.  She wanted chocolate cuppies with choco icing.  She didn't want a lot of plain buttercream, so this is what I came up with.  My DH thought I bought the booites somewhere, when he found out that I piped them, he said he was impressed.  TFL
1 2
By sprtd76
Dec 6, 2008
Yellow cake with strawberry yoghurt filling, fondant.
5 45
By md79
Dec 7, 2008
this is a strawberry cheesecake cake (9"square and 9" heart) with cream cheese filling and mary kay frosting. thanks for looking!
1 2
By jescapades
Jan 23, 2009
Baby shower cake for my sister-in-law.
1 2
By sowyatt
Jan 26, 2009
All gumpaste with ribbon and lots of luster dust.
1 5
By Danacakes65
Feb 2, 2009
Simple!  Just a fondant covered cake with dots and cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and a fondant dot.  I'm fairly new to fondant so I wanted to keep it simple.  I admire those of you who work at it and perfect it!  I need lessons! :)
7 20
By makeminepink
Feb 7, 2009
White almond and yellow cake covered in fondant.  Fondant shoes, keys, and pacifier.  Bottle is molded of solid white chocolate
5 27
By ceolivari
Feb 7, 2009
WASC iced in buttercream.
By KrazyK8
Feb 11, 2009
All bc, ribbon bow.
2 15
By arosstx
Feb 17, 2009
Thanks to all here for inspiration. This was fun to put together. The pooh is an icing image. Fondant roses, gumpaste bow and banner with edible image of baby's name on it. Love that edible image printer!
11 80
By RosieC
Feb 20, 2009
15 82
By kellzcakez
Feb 24, 2009
my first time sculpting fondant and making rolled roses
2 12
By Linda5606
Jan 6, 2008
This was a Bassinet by request. I two-toned basketweaved it w/buttercream, and the roses are made w/a hersey kiss for the base and royal icing. I used a dowel rod and hot guled the inner circle of a cross stitch hoop to it, and wrapped it in pink ribbon then hot glued tool material around the circle, then added pink bows. Blanket made from fondant.
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By Cakeluvermomof4
Jan 13, 2008
Double chocolate with raspberry filling,  Polka dots are fondant as are letters. Added some edible pearls with some sugar art,  All edible except for the Baby,
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By PauleenBC
Feb 28, 2009
Baby shower cake-colors match nursery bedding. All buttercream except flowers which are gumpaste on florist wire. Thanks
3 23
By Nanabug
Mar 1, 2009
First diaper bag attempt.  Used instructions from helipops and accents inspired by Martacake.  Thanks to all the talent on here!  I loved it until I drove it to the shower and it fell over before I got of my street.  I didn't cry.  I wanted to...but I didn't.  TFL
5 7
By alanaj
Mar 8, 2009


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