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This is 2 of 2 of my twin nieces' birthday cakes.  FBCT.  Once again, I had a hard time writing today.
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By DBliss
Apr 27, 2007
This is a half sheet yellow cake with buttercream icing. The piglet was made with color flow. I used the color spray for the background. In the upper left corner a pic is suppose to go there didn't have it at the time of the pic...
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By spoiledtoodef
Jan 4, 2006
This is the smash cake that went with the tiered pink teddy bear cake.  Daddy calls the little one "Piglet" so they requested a pig on the smash cake.  Cake was vanilla with strawberry buttercream also.  Pig was done with Kathy Finholt's glaze method.
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By thecakemaker
Jun 27, 2005
Made for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday few weeks ago...pooh had a mishap, hence the "log" I have to make in front of him....batter leaked out...still looks ok, I think..Piglet was the mini stand-up bear pan carved a bit...I think I'll do it differently next time, but it was her smash cake, so I didn't dwell on it!
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By jennycakes
Oct 27, 2005
Half sheet cake, half dark chocolate, half white sour cream, dark chocolate cupcakes, all frosted with almond buttercream icing.  FBCT Pooh and Piglet.  Bees on cupcakes made from yellow gumdrops, tootsie rolls and almond slices.  Thanks for looking!
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By crisseyann
Mar 12, 2006
Made this for my third son's first birthday!  His little party is tomorrow.  I have some improvements I want to make for next time but for now I am okay with how it turned out!  Its the 3D bear pan, modified only slightly.
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By Kitagrl
Mar 30, 2006
This was my first buttercream transfer. It needs improvement, but not bad for a first try! If I knew it was going to turn out that cute, I would have actually iced the cake nicely and smoothed it, plus added borders and embellishments. But we learn from our mistakes....
By tgirl22
May 7, 2006
This is a FBCT of Piglet.
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By havenleigh
Jan 12, 2006
I made this for my mom's friends grandaughter who loves Pooh, especially Lumpy. As you've probably guessed from my username I did want to keep it!
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By sillyoldpoohbear
Jun 20, 2006
Cupcake cake made for a school carnival donation.
By MommyEdzards
Mar 10, 2006
A piglet cake made with buttercream
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By vanadis
Jul 23, 2006
I made this for my son's 1st birthday party.  I was really pleased with the way that it turned out.  It is covered in MMF and the images are chocolate transfers.  It is my 2nd stacked cake and my first CT's.  Thanks for looking!
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By springlakecake
Aug 12, 2006
i uploaded piglet but just finished pooh so i thought i'd post both.
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By seven
Aug 31, 2006
9"x13" choc covered with BC.  Fondant plaque's of characters.  Not super happy, but learned some things.
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By bulldog
Sep 14, 2006
This is the first cake I have ever made with a airbrush. Pooh and friends are FBCT.
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By AuntEm
Sep 22, 2006
Pooh and piglet and harp are a frozen buttercream transfer.
I had fun doing shadows with the airbrush. The only problem was the airbrush blew away the strings so I had to re-pipe them. They are supposed to be broken though.(I don't know why but they were in the picture.)
By AuntEm
Sep 22, 2006
hello, this is my first post on this site and i just wanted to know what people thought of my daughters birthday cake? ive been making cakes for a few years now but this is the first time ive made one with a purpose- i usually just make them out of boredom. it was suggested by some people that i start doing a small scale celebration cake business but im not sure im good enough-so i would appreciate any advice from all you experts, and please be honest-i dont get offended easily! :)
By alexandonna
Oct 3, 2006
Rabbit, Piglet and basket are toys.  The roof and windows are wafer biscuits cut into small pieces.  NOT one of my best efforts!
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By Renuka
May 14, 2006
I made this cake for a friend at work.  She wanted a Popples or a Piglet.  Of course, the Piglet seemed the easiest.  I cut Piglet out of a round cake and placed him on a sheet cake and iced him in buttercream.  My friend loved it!!!
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By debrab
Oct 7, 2006
One of the 3 cakes I baked for my son's 3rd birthday.  Its a mango cake with mango mousse, decorated with his favourite winnie the pooh and friends.
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By yvesyong
Oct 29, 2006
I made this cake for my daughter's third birthday. She was quite tickled to have piglet on her cake.
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By emf7701
Jul 22, 2006
Here is Pooh having a picnic wiht Piglet.   All figures are made in gum paste.
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By lisa_rios
Nov 16, 2006
A smaller version of a cake I had previously done.  I sort of feel like it looks a little overdone this time.  I think I should have left a few things off.  Oh well!  But I will say I had an easy time with the fondant this time (yea!) and I used pearl dust on the fondant and it looks really pretty, but you cant really see it in the photo.  The images are chocolate transfers.
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By springlakecake
Dec 12, 2006
This cake was made for my mom's friend who LOVES pigs. Butter icing in light pink and dark pink is gumpaste, the pupils are brown colored M & M's. Thanks for looking!
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By islandpri
Dec 8, 2006
hand drawn buttercream piglet had to flavor the buttercream choc for the lady
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By doobsd
Dec 12, 2006
10 inch round classic poundcake for bottom layer
the 'treetop' was chocolate, all decor done in buttercream
the animals were his little toys
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By southrnhearts
Dec 13, 2006
Made this one for my daughter's first birthday, didn't have the time to make the 3d eeyore I wanted to make.  This was my first fbct and I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out.
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By ComplexSun
Feb 7, 2007
did these for an order this morning!
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By seven
Feb 16, 2007
Done in a classic Pooh theme, parents are expecting a girl.  All BC, images are all done freehand.  The top layer of this cake gave me such fits! I had a little too much filling and the top layer wanted to slide around.  I finally wised up and stuck a dowel through it, but not before proclaiming a few choice words at the cake.  LOL
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By momsandraven
Feb 18, 2007
These were for a Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)/Birthday party.  Since it was for a birthday party as well I made them Cute instead of a Boar.  The kids were much happier with that.  

NFSC & royal icing.
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By MahalKita
Feb 20, 2007
Smaller 'pot is Pooh's 1st pot, so it's kind of worn and and old, the larger one is a giant hunny pot.  all characters are MMF  DH helped, he's really getting ito cakes, as he is finding that a lot of his building and repair skills are used in the industry!
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By doitallmom
Mar 7, 2007
Tiggers,Winnie the Pooh and friends all made of sugarpaste by myself
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Mar 10, 2007
10/6 stacked cake. Iced in buttercream with all fondant decorations.
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By sarahnichole975
Mar 19, 2007
This cake was decorated to resemble the crib bedding.
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By amandasweetcakes
Mar 25, 2007
I borrowed (with permission) this design from 'laneysmom' for my SIL's baby shower.  She loved it!  It is a 12" round, white and chocolate with chocolate BC icing.  The characters are all gumpaste/fondant.
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By AmyKay
Apr 1, 2007
This is just a close-up of the top of the cake.  The characters are gumpaste/fondant.  Pooh fell off once, you can still see his 'foot prints' on the carpet. ;) Thanks for looking!
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By AmyKay
Apr 1, 2007
I made this to welcome my newest niece, Sarah who was born yesterday.  It's my second attempt at fondant figures and besides having to do Eeyore twice, (since the first one was a bad color and I wasn't pleased with it) I'm happy with the result.  I still wish I could get a bit faster, these figures took a very long time.  Ran out of time so I couldn't do Rabbit, Kanga or Roo.  Thanks to several posts on cakecentral that inspired me and gave me ideas for the design of this cake.
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By dstippy
Apr 4, 2007
I borrowed inspiration from Kiddiekakes (whose looks much better, but I tried. Thanks) I tried to freehand Pooh and Piglet. Customer's instructions were they just wanted Pooh and friends drawn on.
By ourboomer
Oct 4, 2006
Customer wanted Winnie the pooh, piglet & dalmatian.  Freehand models in modelling paste, detail in modelling paste.  Classic vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Customer was very happy with order.
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By Arty
Apr 11, 2007
Yet another Pooh cake.  This time a take on the blustery day theme.  Pooh sitting in a tree eating honey, surrounded by bees, while Piglet looms overhead.
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By laneysmom
May 2, 2007


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