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This was a chocolate smash cake for my friend's daughter.
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By rachmakescakes
Jun 13, 2006
I made this for a 50th birthday party.
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By rachmakescakes
Jun 13, 2006
My first ever try at doing a fondant covered cake.  I made my own and it was way to soft.  It kept sagging out of shape.  This experience has actually made me afraid of trying a fondant cake again!
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By veronika
Jun 15, 2006
Take a closer look at the melting pigs, if you dare.
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By veronika
Jun 15, 2006
Cake was iced in BC. Animals are fondant and flowers and barn are gumpaste. The smash cake animals are BC and the flowers are royal. I really enjoyed this one.
51 489
By brendaanne
Jun 17, 2006
Front of my roasted pig. I used a stainless steel bowl for the body, a small Pyrex bowl on its side for the head, a trimmed cupcake for the snout and tortilla chips covered in frosting for the ears. The apple is real.
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By LizaDoolittle
Jun 23, 2006
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By LizaDoolittle
Jun 23, 2006
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By LizaDoolittle
Jun 23, 2006
Made for a church meal where they were roasting a hog all weekend to eat.   (I couldn't resist doing a cute pig!)  :o)   1/4 sheet cake, white with BC icing, frozen BC transfer
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By mandylu2
Jun 27, 2006
I made this cake for the same woman I did the sheep cake.  My oldest DD is now my official fondant animal maker!  She did such a fantastic job on these little pigs--they were so cute and each one belongs to a specific birthday person.  This is a yellow sheet cake with vanilla BC; the "dirt" is crushed oreos.  The mud hole is chocolate icing with brown piping gel. I made the barn out of cardboard covered in fondant with RI "hay;" this was the first fondant building I've ever done.  My friend loved it.
By egarman
Jul 2, 2006
This is a cake I did for my husband's 30th Birthday.. I did a luau theme.  This was the first time I made a cake like this.  It was a HIT!
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By lorraineg03
Jul 6, 2006
Chocolate fondant, fondant piggy in a chocolate mud bath.  I found this idea on the web - maybe even here - sorry I can't remember who to give credit to.
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By SweetResults
Jul 10, 2006
Made this for a pig lover! All buttercream piggies laying in the mud with flies buzzing around. I used a Wilton tip # 67 to make grass blades from the bottom of the cake, all up the sides to the tiop. Also I added drop flower daisies. They loved it! but next time I am going to use a #10 to help make the bodies of the bigger pigs.
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By bakerchick1977
Jul 21, 2006
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By bakerchick1977
Jul 21, 2006
I made these for my students after reading the book Charlotte's Web.  Of course these are Wilbur!!!  The accents are mmf!
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By casebit
Jul 22, 2006
Charlotte's Web Birthday Cake for my little girl's 2nd b-day.  She was soooo excited.  It is chocolate cake with Dawn's Buttery Buttercream frosting. Charlotte and Wilbur are BCTs
5 8
By vmw774180
Jul 23, 2006
I made this cake for my sister-in-laws Pig Roast...I used two Pyrex bowls for the head and body, a half of cupcake to buildup the neck area and fondant for the ears and nose.  I also made Pig cupcakes for the kids.
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By suehergert
Jul 27, 2006
This little character, Olivia, is the cutest little thing!  Our children's librarian was retiring to stay home and take care of her grandchildren.  They asked me to do her cake and I asked what her favorite character was.  I went home with four or five Olivia books and chose the pictures from the books that best fit the librarian.  My favorite is the last one with Olivia carrying the stack of books and saying, "Please ... just one more story."
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By LittleLinda
Jul 30, 2006
my sister and i made this for a lady that likes and collects pigs, I did not know how else to incorporate a piggy into the design of the cake, I think that it turned out good.
By klsrtr
Jul 31, 2006
White & Chocolate sheet cake; buttercream frosting.  Pig is made from white ready-to-serve frosting, heated and colored with gel paste.
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By fourowens
Jul 31, 2006
Used chocolate candy melts for the mud puddles.
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By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
This is for a One year old that loves trains.  The animal pictures came from the decorations for the party, and the pigs are made of fondant.
I think I'm in a slump, cuz I just can't anything to turn out the way I want it!
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By Sherry0565
Aug 2, 2006
This cake was inspired by a Debbie Brown book.  All decorations are made of MMF with the exception of the brown sugar dirt.   It won First Place (Blue Ribbon) at the Plumas County Fair, California - Fair Theme Cake Class.  Yippee!!!
11 35
By CakesUnleashed
Aug 5, 2006
This was for my wortmates 21st...she loved it as well ...hehehe
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By bel2864
Aug 12, 2006
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By cupcakes1
Aug 14, 2006
This was my first attempt at FBCT.  I still have alot to learn, but I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I had fun making the little ears of corn, too!  Oh, and this is a yellow and chocolate marble cake.
By Laura102777
Aug 18, 2006
I had a request for a sexy piggy cake, I found a picture up here by kimzkakes that I used for inspiration. Thank You!!!  The lady really loved the cake. Marble cake, 8" round with a 6" inch round on top, and another 6" round cut for the nose and the ears.
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By klsrtr
Aug 23, 2006
This cake was so fun to do.  It is a butter cake with the strawberry cream filling, from this site, it is sooooo good.  I used a 9 x 13 pan and the Football pan then cut to shape.  The head has a cake dummy under it for height and jowels (sp). I used one of the pans from the fill and bake set, and it had to be cut for size. The shine is from a very very thin coat of crisco.  The coals are made with rice krispies treats, shaped.  I colored the marshmellows after they were melted.
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By deijha
Aug 26, 2006
My daughter lives pigs so I made a cake from different size bowls and cupcakes and put fondant over top.
4 5
By colls
May 14, 2006
A house made of twigs, straw, and bricks.  BC, Royal pigs, and melted chocolate.
2 4
By JMunoz
Sep 6, 2006
the cake is made from a 9 inch round cake pan for the body and half a sports ball pan for the head.  I added rice crispies to round out the body and make the snout and legs.  It's covered in fondant and the eyes are two hershey kisses.
2 7
By m4l
Sep 11, 2006
These are the fondant animals that I made for my son's 1st birthday cake which I'll be making next week.  This is my first time working with fondant and I found it pretty easy - like clay only stickier!  

The cow is going to be sitting in a bunch of grass so that's why he doesn't have legs.  The pigs are going to be in a bit of chocolate icing (to look like mud) so that's why one doesn't have legs.  I'll add the green tops to the carrots with green icing when I put them on the cake.
24 323
By cara75
Sep 12, 2006
A man at the school where I teach does a pig puppet for morning announcements so I thought this would be cute to go along with the tiger face because that is our mascot. I was 34 weeks pregnant and went into labor the day I took these into work.
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By aggiedecorator
Sep 16, 2006
Made this for my sons mini Ham Days at school. We have a Fall Festival in our town called Ham Days, pigs are everywhere.This was made with the large 3d bear pan, covered in MMF. He is sitting on a bale of hay, 9x13 trimmed town, and iced in BC.Hat is MMF. Got the pig idea from someone else on this site, thanks for the help.
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By brightbrats
Sep 22, 2006
Chocolate sheet cake with buttercream, trees are gumpaste with royal, fondant wolf and pigs, houses were cut from loaf pan cake.  For my nephew's 5th birthday.
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By susgene
Sep 24, 2006
A carved cake I made for a luau. One guest asked what it was made of, another guest said "Cake, and it's edible" so for the remainder of the day this cakes name was "Edible" the pig. Buttercream sprayed with airbrush. Gumpaste ears, eyes, feet and tail. Plastic apple.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
Yellow cake chc. B/C glazed with corn syrup (that you can't see in the picture) ears are MMF. Forgot his tail oooppps...
My batteries went dead and they cut the cake before the batteries charged, luckily someone took a pic w/ camera phone.  This was for a lua (sp) party. Thanks for looking.
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By Mystic
Sep 28, 2006
babies and piggies, all marzipan
4 11
By catherien
Sep 30, 2006
Close-up of MMF Barnyard Animals.  This is only my second time working with MMF ~ these were a lot of fun!  Sorry, they're a little blurry.
9 30
By gourmetcakes
Oct 2, 2006
Chocolate Sponge with bc - used the Wilton Book pan. My very talented friend Cim made the nursery characters for me.
2 6
By Leigh01
Oct 8, 2006


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