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First attempt of FBCT
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By alwayscake
Feb 6, 2007
Second attempt on the same day, thank you for all the tips and advice from CC forum.
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By alwayscake
Feb 6, 2007
My husband insisted he wanted a boring old cola cake for his birthday.  I really wanted to decorate something challenging and exciting, so I thought about it and how it looked undecorated.... like a pigpen!  So I made some fondant piggies, haystacks, corn, carrots and a trough and got to decorate a little at least!
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By MavericksMommy
Feb 6, 2007
Used chocolate candy melts for the mud puddles.
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By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
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By ruralepicure
Feb 8, 2007
Very simple pig cake!
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By mambi
Feb 8, 2007
Made for a girl who was having her bday at a Chinese restaurant and it's the Year of the Pig. 

The head is made from a small sportsball pan and the body is made from a Wondermold. Everything covered in fondant. :-)
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By KimmysKakes
Feb 10, 2007
Small piggy, we're going into the year of the pig. My Ayi (maid) is going back to Anhui (24 hrs on the bus) to be with her family over the hols. Her son's birthday is the day after tomorrow, and he's never had a cake, let alone a birthday cake. i would've loved to make him a bigger one, but I don't know, whether she has a seat on the bus or has to stand the whole way, so I made a small one, just wanted him to have a cake. Put the cake directly on the inner top of a Lock and Lock box so it arrives ok.
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By Ursula40
Feb 13, 2007
I hope these do say "pig"! It's the Kanji symbol for "pig" anyway, but SO hard to copy in a language I don't speak/write! 

If anyone here can read it....let me know if it's right?
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By antonia74
Feb 15, 2007
I made this transfer with crusting cream cheese frosting.  I used plastic wrap to cover the image.  It worked great!  Next time, I will try a more complicated image and see how it works out.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Feb 18, 2007
Here's my Hawaiian Luau Pig...  aptly named Alleluia by my just turned 3 year old because I kept saying 'Alleluia he's done!'   Anyway, he is all yellow cake, 5 rounds, 1 pampered chef mixing bowl (doll pan kinda sort of), and a sports ball pan for his rump.  Thank you ShirleyW  for all the great instructions and answering all my e-mails.  I covered him in MMF that was a bologna pink color and then I sponged him with a vodka diluted brown icing color.  He was a hit!  Enjoy!!
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By stlalohagal
Feb 18, 2007
These were for a Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)/Birthday party.  Since it was for a birthday party as well I made them Cute instead of a Boar.  The kids were much happier with that.  

NFSC & royal icing.
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By MahalKita
Feb 20, 2007
Strawberry sheet cake, house is sourcream pound cake, buttercream icing, silo is cookies, there are also some pretzels, graham crackers and marshmallows in there!
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By cake_momma
Feb 20, 2007
This was a rich chocolate cake decorated like a pig for my sons first birthday.  He totally destroyed it!
By cake_momma
Feb 20, 2007
Farm cake done for a one-year -olds birthday.  I can't begin to tell you how much work went into this cake (sometimes it sucks to have friends that ask for cakes!).  All the animals & veggies are fondant.  The pond is piping gel.  The barn is graham crackers stuck together with royal icing, "sanded" to the appropriate shape and covered in fondant.  Lots of work but well worth having a happy friend.
18 38
By Virginia
Feb 20, 2007
I had a request for a sexy piggy cake, I found a picture up here by kimzkakes that I used for inspiration. Thank You!!!  The lady really loved the cake. Marble cake, 8" round with a 6" inch round on top, and another 6" round cut for the nose and the ears.
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By klsrtr
Aug 23, 2006
This went along with my Gray Dapple Horse Cake, she wanted pig cookies and a horse cake.  I wanted to do the body, but she wanted just the faces.  Used Antonia's icing, thank you, and cut marshmallows for the noses.
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By ribbitfroggie
Feb 22, 2007
This is a cake inspired by mariak and several others.  i kind of mushed some designs together and created my own.  The cake is butter cake with strawberry buttercream filling and vanilla icing.  All of the animals, the fence and the flowers are mmf.  The hay bale is cake ecovered with mmf, painted.
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By acookieobsession
Feb 22, 2007
This was for my younger son's preschool class for their "P" week for their P-picnic.  It was the ball pan and a few cupcakes with leftover batter.  The pig is covered with mmf  and accents.  The cupcakes are bc and mmf flowers.  The board was covered with royal icing.  The kids loved it!
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By fabbo
Feb 26, 2007
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By Eight
Feb 26, 2007
My sister and I made this cake for my son's 3rd birthday. It was our first attempt at a 3D fondant covered cake.
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By littlecuddlebug
Feb 27, 2007
This was a cake I did for a retierment party, they wanted a pig because I guess they are gonna raise pig during the retirement days. The picture is not the greatest, and doesn't show the cake in a good light, The pig is covered in fondant, and slopping in mudd made from melted chocolate, hope all likes it
9 22
By kgunn
Mar 2, 2007
A fun cake to someone who wanted something different. All of their own choise.
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By elin
Mar 3, 2007
Chocolate cakes with fresh strawberry & buttercream filling, covered with fondant.  Sheet cakes are stacked and carved to look like a pig.  All decorations & daisy flowers are made with fondant.  Blanket are airbrushed with luster dusk.
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By dewia
Mar 5, 2007
This was a fun cake to make.  Made for friends of our little girl's 1st B-day.  Got the call for the cake on Monday for Saturday pickup.  They didn't know what they wanted only that she liked animals cows and horses.  I thought I'd use this opportunity to practice making 3-D figures.  The little pig is out of MMF and the rest of the animals are out of gum paste.  After I made the pig I knew the others would not get dry in time just using MMF.
44 59
By cakesbybert
Mar 6, 2007
These are the fondant animals that I made for my son's 1st birthday cake which I'll be making next week.  This is my first time working with fondant and I found it pretty easy - like clay only stickier!  

The cow is going to be sitting in a bunch of grass so that's why he doesn't have legs.  The pigs are going to be in a bit of chocolate icing (to look like mud) so that's why one doesn't have legs.  I'll add the green tops to the carrots with green icing when I put them on the cake.
24 323
By cara75
Sep 12, 2006
I just got the sports ball pan and wanted to try a practice cake.  This was originally supposed to be covered in pink fondant, but I didn't have enough so I just frosted with BC and used the little fondant I did have for the accents.  I was planning on making it into a piggy bank using chocolate gold coins that I have, but somebody *ahem...DH.....*  ate them.

Inspired by a picture from Seven.
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By startropics
Mar 7, 2007
round chocolate cake iced with BC. Vanilla piroutte cookies around the side. The haystack was made with the grass tip. Animals are modelled from fondant. It wasn't until I went to put them on the cake that I realised that I had made the pig alot larger than the lamb and the horse! Oops!
5 4
By kncab
Mar 16, 2007
Minicakes for valentinesday
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By Ursula40
Mar 19, 2007
3 6" cakes and 5" for the head, yellow amaretto cake and dulce de leche with almonds as filling, dulce de leche instead of butter cream to stick the mmf.
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By Claudine1976
Mar 19, 2007
Giraffe, Panda and Pig
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By Barbend
Mar 21, 2007
2 1
By skdobos
Mar 23, 2007
Hand-cut stenciled design, airbrushing on buttercream.
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By gmcakes
Mar 24, 2007
First time making fondant animals, dont think i did too badly. Still needs a bit more practice though
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By dressmonster
Mar 24, 2007
1/4 sheet cake carved to shape and covered in buttercream and airbrushed.
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By markbolin
Mar 25, 2007
I made this cake for a friend who happen to be a caterer and serves the best pulle pork and bbq loves pigs. Carve the pig from a 9x13 decorated all butter cream . HE LOVED IT!!!
By darylrc
Mar 27, 2007
To celebrate the year of the pig
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By dolcebaci
Mar 28, 2007
THis is my 3 year old son's birthday cake. He was very specific on what it should have on it! 11x18 sheet pan, barn is house pan, hay is cupcakes and silo is rice krispie treats. The corn is green birthday candles with corn kernals piped on.  The dirt road has chocolate jimmies and black sugar crystals.  The tractor was a toy. The rest is  buttercream icing.
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By gabbenmom
Mar 31, 2007
This was inspired by several of the photos that I saw on this site... it is red velvet inside, so that he looks like he is bleeding when you slice into him. It was made for a retirement party that was in a Hawaiian theme. It is so nice to have so many other people enjoying the same things that I do.
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By friedgreencats
Mar 31, 2007
A closeup of the pig made of decorator icing with alot of powdered sugar added.
1 5
By bakermomof2
Apr 27, 2007


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