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When I think of Independence Day, I think of all of the picnics and family gatherings!  This is a 4th of July picnic scene, with a marshmallow fondant tablecloth, lemonade, watermelon, and apple pie!
3 10
By nightowl
Jul 14, 2005
This is a chocolate cake baked in a large pie plate decorated in crust coloured BC and blueberry pie filling on top and in the middle.
4 6
By londoncakedreams
Jan 6, 2006
My brother asked if I could do this for the UGA/GA Tech game last year since his girlfriend was a Tech fan and we're UGA all the way. Good call, since we won! Fondant cherries with red-tinted piping gel, rest is buttercream. I love making food cakes!
4 6
By Genna
Apr 12, 2006
Sweet Potato Pie.  Fooled my husband at least.
7 18
By NinaClaunch
Nov 24, 2005
This is a Boston Cream pie (vanilla sponge filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate glaze) with chocolate bark stacked around it and chocolate covered strawberries on top.  Thanks for the inspiration on this site!!
By erc11
Jun 27, 2006
Making a real apple pie is easier than this! I ran out of time and wasn't able crimp the edges and paint the crust so it looked a little more real. Apple cake with homemade apple pie filling on top. Sides are painted MMF and top is buttercream. Ice cream dollop is super stiff buttercream.
2 4
By fmandds
Jul 4, 2006
This is my first time using FBCT. It worked out pretty well. I wish the outer edges had blended a little more w/ the cake though.... anyway, also tried upside down icing technique - didn't work. VIVA RULES!
By imartsy
Jul 8, 2006
Chocolate chocolate chip cookies that kind of resemble cow pies. I made the sign using photoshop. Brought it to a BBQ they loved the cookies and the sign brought a good laugh too =D
8 13
By its_thecaitlin
Jul 23, 2006
All bc icing
9 10
By klacrawford
Jun 20, 2006
Chocolate cake, graham cracker crust, brown sugar buttercream frosting. Covered with MMF, Seeds are also MMF. Unfortunately it dried out too quickly. Painted after. 2 6in pans for the pumpkin, cut and shaped. (I didn't have the right size bundt pan for this!) There are ridges in the pumpkin but hard to see from this angle. There are also seeds on the inside under the stem.. (little details you know!) Fun to do, thought it was scary for the pumpkin anyhow! Happy Halloween!
2 6
By amberele
Oct 27, 2006
Cake baked in pie pan. All BC.
9 8
By bulldog
Nov 13, 2006
Here is my first attempt at making a cake look like pumpkin pie. Baked  10" round, carved the sides and frosted to look like pie pan. Needed to carve a little more off but it turned out ok.
2 1
By cncgirl00
Nov 22, 2006
These are the desserts I made for Thanksgiving minus 2 extras.
By gatorbear
Nov 28, 2006
I did this cake for birthdays here at work.  I just baked the cake in a pie pan and then use red butter cream underneath in big dots for cherrys, then I added fondant strips for the crust on top.  Then I took some glaze and dyed it maroon and put it on top.  Then I glazed the strips and crust and sprinkled a little sugar on top.
7 4
By gingoreilly
Nov 29, 2006
so these in the wilton cupcake magazine and thought they were so cute!!
cherry pie filling and buttercream...they were really good!
17 72
By seven
Jan 16, 2007
Decorated with soft icing.  My first time decorating a cornacopia and a slice of cherry pie with a lattice crust.  The turkey is just a new design.  The colors of the crust needs work but I thought it was cute for a first time.  Next year I'll decorate with RI.
5 14
By cookiecreations
Jan 19, 2007
Buttercream meat pie cake, had fun doing this one!
By doobsd
Feb 8, 2007
Happy Valentines Day! I would have like to have added more, but the power went out... for 13 hours. Anyway, this little cake is ALL cake and buttercream and chocolate buttercream! I had a fun time making it!
2 5
By SommCakes
Feb 20, 2007
Meat pie with chips and peas
8 8
By annielo
Mar 3, 2007
White cake, homemade vanilla filling, chocolate glaze, and fondant accents.
3 4
By subaru
Oct 20, 2006
This is Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake from the Cake Doctor by way of BeccaKelly.  I got the idea from my DH and my inspiration from klacrawford and kden3980 - Thanks!  I used Cherry pie filling to fill and under the fondant.  I used light brown fondant on top and then "painted" it with thinned brown and added the "burnt" touches with darker brown.  Unfortunately the fondant is starting to melt!  (you can't tell in the pictures!)
19 38
By marthajo1
Apr 16, 2007
I was able to take an Autum Carpenter cookie class this weekend too!  These are the cookies we made in class.
5 30
By seven
Apr 23, 2007
These are vanilla cupcakes with piping gel tinted red and I added cherry extract to the gel to make it cherry flavored.  The icing is buttercream.  Idea from Wilton.
3 23
By rsaun
Apr 26, 2007
NFSC with RI
2 6
By volijnb
May 18, 2007
Yellow cake "dirt" frosted with buttercream and covered in green coconut "grass" and chocolate "pebbles" .
Cow Pie is a brownie with pine nuts covered in a chocolate ganache.
This was a farewell for a co-worker who was leaving to work for a local ranch.
2 1
By mzstrz
Jun 6, 2007
These little pie cupcakes were for an afterparty for a screening of the movie "Waitress." In the movie, the main character makes pies, and so I produced 150 pie cupcakes for this event.
5 13
By Ginger9854
Jun 15, 2007
I made this cake for a pie contest at work (Did you know a layer cake with custard, jelly or cream filling is considered a pie according to the American Heritage Dictionary?).  All buttercream, except the cherry pie filling.  I used disco dust on the "pan" which looked neat and metallic in person, but the flash made it look funny in the pic.  Thanks to klacrawford, whose cake I used for inspiration
5 6
By BarbaraF
Jun 19, 2007
This is one of 2 cherry pie chocolate cakes that I made for our wedding 07/07/07. A special THANK YOU to simplyelegant for the inspiration and instructions!!
8 18
By Yayaism
Jul 8, 2007
By delicious_designs7
Jul 15, 2007
3 1
By delicious_designs7
Jul 15, 2007
These were so cute in the Wilton cupcake book that we had to try them.  We had a lot of fun, but the ruffle edge was harder than I expected.
2 7
By kathik
Jul 23, 2007
My little boys adopted the little lady next door and call her Gramma. They often meet her out by her fence and mailbox and talk and get hugs and kisses. So this year for her birthday I made her my Pecan Pie Cake and edged with it broken Piroulines tied with ribbon, for a look reminiscent of 'fencing.' The mailbox and letter are chocolate transfers that I freehanded and mounted on Lollipop Sticks.  The ivy and zinnas were fresh picked by my boys and used as accents......omg did this thing smell yummy!
4 1
By southrnhearts
Aug 2, 2007
I bought the Wilton "cupcakes" magazine because I saw these and
had to try them.  They were pretty quick and easy to make!  We are
having a neighborhood block party this afternoon, and I just needed a 
cake project to do.  My DH laughed when I told him and said he 
hoped I would still be this passionate about cakes in 4-5 years.  Is 
there any doubt..............? LOL!
18 106
By springlakecake
Sep 8, 2007
Pumpkin Pie cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.  Gum paste fall leaves
1 4
By amodeoandrea
Sep 28, 2007
I made this cake in honor of my cousin who makes awesome pies. I can never make a pretty pie crust, but I can make anything out of cake. The flowers are made of fondant. The pie crust is fondant and then I colored it by hand with a brush and food coloring. The table top is a large cake covered in chocolate fondant. It was fun to make.
6 7
By tonirepko
Oct 19, 2007
mini cake baked in a tiny little pie plate, then covered with a fondant pie plate lol with strawberry cake filling and fondant lattice.  Made for a fundraiser bake sale.
2 2
By KHalstead
Nov 14, 2007
Cherry Chip cake, with Cherry Pie filling in a heart shape, with Rosettes
1 1
By bradslilfaerie
Feb 12, 2008
Copied this from one of my students. Crust is sugar cookie. Thin
layer of buttercream icing, then a choc. cake. On top of the cake is
cherry pie filling then covered with modeling choc. for the lattice.
Painted the brown gel coloring on for the baked effect. YUMMY! Made
it for my daughters pie day at school yesterday. Big hit!
5 18
By gingersoave
Mar 15, 2008
Thank you to cc member gingersoave for all the help with this. This was a lot of fun to make. The crust is a cut out cookie crust with buttercream on it. Then a layer of dark chocolate fudge cake, cherries, then white modeling chocolate for the top lattice.
1 8
By SherriSenger
Mar 19, 2008
This cake was made for a lady turning 80 years old
Each of the items on the cake represented things throughout
her life.
3 9
By craftycakelady61
Mar 21, 2008


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