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I prepared this cake on a short notice as I forgot his birthday (shame on me!) He is a pianist, so I wanted to make a piano cake for him. I sculptured the piano as I do not have that baking pan I also tried the piano bench but it did not work! Final ending... he loved his piano cake.
By awela
May 29, 2005
My dad is so musical and he shares his love for music with my little girl.  He plays any instrument going and has made his own fiddle, named after my Lindsey Margaret...  This cake is for his birthday party this afternoon. 

The cake has edible images on the side, with piano keys around the top made from fondant.  The picture burst on the top is not edible - just for looks.  It is a pistachio cake with almond icing.  

Thanks for looking!

- Tami -
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By Biscat
Sep 11, 2005
i had so much fun doing this cake, thanks to kiddiekakes for the inspiration to do one like this.  made for my and my daughter's piano instructor.  the top layer is white cake with black bc icing, filled with Dulce de Leche, the bottom layer is devil's food with white bc icing.  roses are all bc.  all bc flavored with almond and vanilla.
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By KCsmom98
Nov 8, 2005
Cake made with Wilton piano cake pan.  Sheet music on top is end of Auld Lang Syne.
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By trumpetmidget
Dec 30, 2005
Buttercream w/fondant roses & calla lilies.  Cake was 2'x3' and fed 200.
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By Nana2three
Jan 16, 2006
Well, here it is.  It turned out great.  I'm very pleased with the outcome.
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By fytar
Jan 23, 2006
1/4 chocolate with buttercream frosting.  Piano and music notes were put on with a frosting sheet and piano was colored in with gels.
thanks for looking!
By mcginnis
Feb 14, 2006
All buttercream.
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By LisaMS
Apr 1, 2006
My boss asked me for a cake for his son, he said He loves bible quiz, play piano, the movie RENT and he will get an I-Pod for his birthday so I had to come up with something createve, cake vanilla with almond BC and edible immage, all accessories fondant.
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By Reyna
Apr 10, 2006
This is my first attempt at a piano cake.  White cake with bc frosting.
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By angelbabym
May 9, 2006
Made this cake for a girl who wanted to celebrate her own birthday and her brothers son ... they are all very musical ... not my favorite cake every but thought someone might need ideas about drums or pianos or ....
All fondant!
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By bmote1
May 17, 2006
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By bigcatz
May 23, 2006
This is an all BC iced cake with a gumpaste sax topper.  The sax I painted with gold highlighter dust and black color gels for the mouth piece.  This was for somone that plays the piano and sax.
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By missyek
Jun 10, 2006
I made this cake for my Son and Daughter's piano recital party.  It was made from a 11 x 15 sheet cake.  It was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.  I got the idea for this cake from this site, thank-you boween and Nana2three.
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By Lousaria
Jun 12, 2006
all cover with rollfondant  some pieces of the piano is pastillage
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By bolo
Jun 26, 2006
Cake was done for my son's kinder teacher who was retiring and also ran the music program at our school. 10 in square with 6 in square on top. Fondant music notes on top and fondant piano keys.
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By thecakegirl
Jul 6, 2006
I made this for a piano recital in town. I was trying to get 88 keys, but got tired of counting. However, the teacher let me know that the kids had counted them and that I actually did end up with 88 keys!
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By sassz
Jul 7, 2006
A simple sheet cake for a piano recital.  Iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By bunnypatchbaker
Jul 9, 2006
Our church pianist retired a couple of months ago and I was asked to do the cake for her surprise party.  The top is a chocolate plaque and the lilys are gumpaste.  I loved doing the scarf down the side of the cake...fondant with musical accents.
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By dolcesunshine20
Jul 10, 2006
My nephew Bradley is a musician.  This was supposed to be covered with chocolate fondant, with a fondant lid.  Nothing cooperated, and the lid stayed floppy.  Shoulda made it out of gumpaste.  Live and learn.  Fudge cake, with white chocolate chips (which totally disappeared into the cake when baked).  Frosted with chocolate ganache.  Couldn't get the ganache smooth.  ARRRGH!  He loved it, anyway.  He's such a nice boy!  :)
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By Crimsicle
Jul 15, 2006
My dad turned 70 this year-bday party was back in April-he came to visit from Germany-this is rather gross considering the thoughts of grandeur I had setting out to do this- unlike my mom, my dad has many interests, one of them being a jazz pianist for over 40 years. He deserved a better job than this :)) This was the last time I used rolled BC, too oily blech.
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By oceanspitfire
Jul 15, 2006
Thanks for the inspiration goes to several cakes I saw here in the CC gallery.  Going away cake for our church music director and his wife.  Chocolate mayo cake with chocolate buttercream and topped with ganache.  Keyboard is fondant with tootsie roll dark keys.  The notes are white chocolate.
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By crp7
Jul 19, 2006
One of my friends from the dojo asked me to make a cake for his wife for their 12th anniversary.  She is a concert pianist, so he wanted a piano.  It's strawberry cake with strawberry jam filling, decorated with black satinice fondant.  I hope he likes first paid customer since going all legal!
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By karateka
Aug 5, 2006
This was my very first attempt at a 3D cake.  Made for my God Daughter, this was her favorite toy at the time...
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By heyjeni
Aug 10, 2006
this cake was for a music minister's 50th birthday. vanilla cake with buttercream icing.
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By tmassey5
Aug 13, 2006
This cake is made from all buttercream.  My husband wrote out the notes for "Happy Birthday" and that is what the notes are in the music.
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By debrab
Aug 13, 2006
This is the groom cake that went with my melting cake (stairway to love/fountain). Chocolate cake with choc. b/c w/ chc MMF painted black. I am happy how it turned out, it gave me a lot of problems but it was so much fun to do, never thought I would be saying that. lol
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By Mystic
Aug 28, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream icing.
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Aug 30, 2006
Piano is a 2 layer 1/2 cake cut into the shap of a grand piano.  Made out of BC.
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By TiffanysCakes
Sep 1, 2006
Front view
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Sep 15, 2006
Hand carved from a sheet cake, covered in gananche with BC details. Wish I would have taken the picture AFTER I cleaned the edge of the board better. UGH!!
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By Melvira
Sep 19, 2006
And this is the groom's cake for my sister in law's wedding.  Her husband is a fantastic pianist!  He even played most of the prelude music at the wedding.  The decorations are from candy molds.  Classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.
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By dolcesunshine20
Sep 24, 2006
My cousin plays keyboard in a band and they asked me to make a cake for her surprise 40th birthday party.  It's a half sheet, just one layer and a 6 inch on top, just one layer.  I did FBCT's for the notes.
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By mommabuda
Sep 28, 2006
spice cake with buttercream icing; mmf.  keyboard trim around the bottom and kitty on top (based on Debbie Brown's design).  Lots of fun to do - even tho it took until 2 a.m.
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By sarduengo
Oct 5, 2006
This was for a boy who loves music--wants to compose and conduct!  He is getting piano lessons for his b-day.  Music note are edible images and the sheet music was an image plaque dried over tissue for the wavy look.
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By missyek
Oct 13, 2006
This is a cake I made for my MIL 80th birthday.  Thanks to Doug for the suggestions. I need to work on leveling the cake and getting is square but no bad for my first try at this one.  It traveled over an hour to the party and held up pretty good then it started leaning more and more.  But over all the cake was enjoyed by everone and that's what counts!  The bottom is almond cream cheese filled with cherries and the piano is an 8 x 8 chocolate with chocolate and then covered in satin ice.
By ljhow623
Oct 15, 2006
Made this one for my office manager's daughter. Piano is choc. cake with choc. BC, bottom is yellow cake with raspberry mouse filliing and frosted with stabilzed whipped cream.
By Ray75
Oct 20, 2006
Fondant piano keys for sides, drums, guitar, microphone and drum sticks. 
Buttercream icing
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By cakedeco
Oct 23, 2006
Thanks to the members of CC, I was able to make this grand piano cake.  Decorated with chocolate ganache.  I didn't level the cake properly, which explains why the piano stool drooped.
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By minchan
Dec 3, 2006
This is 100% edible. The piano is chocolate. The sheet music is wafer paper.
16 77
By Lisa
Apr 13, 2005


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