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By Barbend
Apr 19, 2008
This is the second one of these I have tried and I like this one better.  14 year old birthday girl wanted hot pink!  Cell phone and bag are RKT, the rest is cake with mmf! Thanks for looking
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By steffla
Apr 22, 2008
This was for  someone that was getting a cell phone for their birthday. This was the first attempt at a cell phone
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By lynnmar
Apr 27, 2008
The customer's theme was "Fashionista" so this is what I came up with. She had sent me pics of the party favors and one of them was a houndstooth purse, which I loved. So I decided to incorporate that but using a stencil I made and airbrushing it. The accessories on top are all fondant. Large dragees were used also.
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By KimmysKakes
May 2, 2008
Motorola sidekick cellphone.  11x15 carved cake.  Decorations are 
fondant, airbrush, and food coloring markers.
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By Cynita
May 4, 2008
Mom just wanted something plain and simple with a phone somewhere on it. This is what I came up with! Phone MMF, TFL!
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By icedideas
May 20, 2008
Chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing.  Fondant buttons.
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By amsy
May 22, 2008
Sheet cake cut and stacked, covered in fondant, with fondant accessories.  I was given pictures of some of this man's jewelry to re-create for the cake, and I added the cell phone and key.  He likes antiques, so I lightly brushed the "wooden" parts with copper bronze luster dust for antique effect.  Thanks for looking!
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By mommymarilyn
May 30, 2008
Purse cake carved from sheet cake, toffee flavored with buttercream.  "Leather" parts made with dark chocolate fondant.  Fondant cell phone (love my new patchwork cutter!) and makeup accessories.  My 1st gumpaste shoe!  Made for a bridal shower.
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By mommymarilyn
Jun 9, 2008
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By bonucc10
Jun 15, 2008
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By dianaper
Jun 15, 2008
Here is a cake I made for my nieces 15th birthday. She had a huge quinceanera and wanted something girlie and fell in love with this cake that was inspired by another CC member. I am sorry I can't quite remember who. Any feedback on improvement would be wonderful. By the way, I absolutely hate how the bottom tier came out because they are all crooked but I learned from it right :)
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By isabelianico
Jun 19, 2008
Two 10" square layers of chocolate cake covered in buttercream and fondant.  Fondant, royal, edible images.
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By susgene
Jun 20, 2008
iphone made out of rkt covered with fondant and edible image.
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By renee2007
Jun 21, 2008
Made for a 16th b-day.  The mom requested specific cookies representing his favorite things and activities.  They both loved the bouquet!  TFL :)
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By Schmulie65
Jul 5, 2008
All white cake, BC icing with fondant accents. Customer said her child's interests were her Sidekick cell phone and her ipod so I made both from fondant. Painted with luster dust.
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By cindww
Jul 11, 2008
I made this to look like env2 cell phone that a girl was getting for her birthfday.
All covered in black fondant, the picture I just covered in laminate.
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By colls
Jul 18, 2008
This cake was made for a girl turning thirteen. Her mom wanted her to have a cell phone cake since she would be getting a real cell phone for her birthday. The bottom was made from a 9x13 sheet cake and the phone was made from a loaf pound cake. Phone was covered in fondant and cake has fondant covered accent's. The cake is a strawberry made from scratch.
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By cakepanpam
Jul 19, 2008
the little boy was too young for a cell phone so his brother ordered him a cell phone cake instead!
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By LetThereBeCake07
Jul 26, 2008
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By ljdills
Jul 27, 2008
I was asked to make a blue cell phone for a 16 year old girl, and someone in the forums mentioned the palm centro and it looked pretty slick so here is my version of it...I forgot to round the corners but other than that I was pretty happy.  I actually covered it in glitter but the lighting doesn't pick up on it at all.
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By pottedmeatchunks
Aug 5, 2008
This was made for a little girl's 3rd birthday party.  The purse topper was a gum paste replica of the party invitation.  Also on the top were gum paste toys the mom asked me to include in the cake (pink cell phone, ChapStick and princess dress-up shoes).  The bow and plaque were 50/50 gum paste and fondant.  This was a fun one to do...I loved the colors.  The cake was white (I colored it pink for fun) with layers of vanilla SMBC.  It was also iced in SMBC.  Thanks for looking!
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By maimerbaker
Aug 11, 2008
The customer said that the birthday boy is just mad about Sony Ericsson mobile (cell) phones.  So we looked on-line and decided on the W960i (like that means anything to me, LOL!)  Dairy-free sponge covered with sugarpaste (fondant).  The Walkman logo on the orange screen is a run-out that I did directly onto the cake.  All other details are piped royal icing.
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By Relznik
Aug 25, 2008
By Whippi
Aug 29, 2008
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By lynndy-lou
Sep 5, 2008
By kpetcov
Sep 11, 2008
Here's a cake I made for a co-worker's B-day. She is constantly on her phone. She loved it!
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By hkinsey
Sep 14, 2008
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By lynnmar
Sep 18, 2008
white cake covered in Satinice fondant. Cell phone and banana are rice krispie treats covered with fondant.
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By Hollysuann
Sep 19, 2008
chocolate cake with bavarian creme.  covered in fondant and fondant details.  girl is 50/50.  For a girls 13th birthday
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By stampinron
Sep 30, 2008
This is an 8" round with a fondant figure on his cell phone.  Buttercream with fondant stripes & stars.
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By Melodee1980
Oct 3, 2008
all sugarpaste.  10-12" long.
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By KoryAK
Oct 12, 2008
Eight inch round, 2 layer cake for a 16 year old who loves cell phones and is starting to drive.  Her favorite colors are lime green, pink and purple, (looks blue in photo).  We were given "freedom" to do what we wanted to do for her cake and this is what we came up with.  The cell phone (she has a pink Razor phone) and key are MMF and the rest is BC on a sour cream cake.
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By cakebakinggals
Oct 20, 2008
This was requested for a 3rd grader who was turning 9 - she wanted a cell phone for her birthday and her mom got her a cell phone cake instead  :-) I used my phone as a "model."
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By ps3884
Oct 22, 2008
This was my first time attempting a purse.  Boy did I learn a lot.
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By cookinqueen
Oct 27, 2008
This was patterned after our Avaya office phone for "Customer Service Month". "Darn good chocolate cake" recipe with raspberry filling and Mocha buttercream.
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By scrabblemomof1
Oct 30, 2008
Hmmm, my cakes always fall into Misc. 3D.  I wonder what that says about me.  

This cake won first place in the Riverton Fair Cake Decorating Contest.  Oh, also it was the only entry.  Hee-hee.  It sure did cause a buzz or a ring actually.  They said it was the talk of the baking tent!

The base of the phone is entirely cake and the receiver is rice krispies.  It's covered in fondant.
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By MaryBethCryan
Nov 12, 2008
LG Blue Chocolate Cell Phone Birthday Cake.  White cake with fondant accents.
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By Gweniveer
Nov 28, 2008
This was for a going away party. Both cakes are sponge ,The phone box is covered with fondant and the cactus buttercream. The cupcakes were sponge i made marzipan sombreros, flip flops and bowler hats and wellington boots as toppers. The cactus board is covered with fondant and i tried to make it look like spanish tile, the phone box board is supposed to look like paving. Unfortunatly, most of the cupcakes got eaten before i could get a good picture and someone pushed on the phonebox, hence the bulge. :(
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By annieH
Dec 4, 2008
5 27
By wendy1273
Dec 12, 2008


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