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Mini chocolate cake with fudge filling. Made for friend who wanted to tie in the theme of birthday, work and summer vacation. All fondant covered,
By goodbuy
May 16, 2009
This was made for a girl who was turning 12 and wanted something "cool" not "cute".....she wanted her favorite places to shop, peace signs, and teen-agery stuff with pink and lime green.  All buttercream.
2 25
By lilmansmum
May 16, 2009
Cell phone graduation cake
1 1
By momma1
May 17, 2009
1 16
By krazymogator
May 19, 2009
This cake was based on a photo sent to me via email.  She was very pleased with it.
3 1
By belle1627
May 22, 2009
Well it was either a cellphone or a Slipknot cake - about the only thing my typical teenager shows interest in sometimes! He is a lovely boy and I am so proud of him, it was such an honour to make his 16th birthday cake. The photo on the top is him when he was 4 (he used to smile when he saw a camera! )
6 22
By amberhoney
May 23, 2009
This is a bday Motorola razr cake!  It's don't in buttercream w/a few fondant accents(the screen and the key pad). My lovely husband made me the awesome cake base for it.  This was a fun cake to do and the recipient loved it!
3 4
By kchart
May 24, 2009
9x13 vanilla cake covered in fondant.  Everything is fondant.  Not perfect, but it was a Fun cake to do and the recipient loved it!!  His girlfriend surprised him with it and he actually called me today to say thank you!!
11 3
By aundron
May 27, 2009
Covered in buttercream with fondant accents.
1 1
By sonshine911
May 27, 2009
1 1
By turtle3264
May 30, 2009
4 10
By twinmomgirl
Jun 2, 2009
These were made for a church building campaign dinner for the children. They were a big hit. MMF toppers.
By kissylips
Jun 13, 2009
9" devils food iced in buttercream with MMF accents - all edible.
1 7
By korensmommy
Jun 28, 2009
this was a last minute cake I had to make before working a 14 hour shift at my job.  Turned out pretty good.
By busdriverbecky
Jul 3, 2009
These are a batch of cookies i did for my brother to take to work to share with his workmates :) He works at a telecommuncations company mainly working with mobiles so i decided to make some mobile cookies with the company logo on the screen. Almond biscuit with antonia's RI and buttons and logo painted with diltued food colouring. They look bit crude and messy cose i had a bit of trouble with them but since men are eating them hopefully they won't notice and just scoff them down lol. Thanks for looking!
10 7
By Elise87
Jul 15, 2009
For a 13 year old who wanted a cell phone, but got the cake instead.  Glad I wasn't there!
2 36
By Rexy
Jul 19, 2009
I used a 13x9 cake that I trimmed to the shape of a cell phone.  I used white pieces of gum for the buttons and piped on the numbers.
By mom23inMI
Jul 26, 2009
Pantech Matrix Cell Phone cake for a 13th birthday.  Fudge Marble Cake with Caramel Buttercream.
3 8
By forgoodnesscakecompany
Jul 28, 2009
By bnation77
Jul 29, 2009
My first paid for cake!  They requested a cell phone cake.  I made this with fondant and gumpaste for the figures.  It is a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  I found that the cream cheese frosting was not very stable.  I only used it as the filling and to ice it.  The icing still gave me problems by shifting the cake.  I normally use mmf or wilton fondant, but this time I decided to use Satin Ice which I have seen used a lot on cake shows.  It was horrible.  Easy to mold and fold, but when I rolled it out there was a lot of breakage.  I don't know if this is normal or I just got a bad batch.  It sure was expensive compared to the other fondant choices that work better.  Happy day to you!
By emmsloling
Jul 29, 2009
Inspiration came from dianab.   Didn't have a lot of time to work with.  Power went out yesterday, had to through together for delivery this morning. 
French vanilla cake, Indydebi's BC icing, fondant accents
1 2
By alene
Jul 31, 2009
9 40
By twinmomgirl
Aug 7, 2009
4 13
By mistymamas
Aug 14, 2009
Cake made for sweet 16 birthday party. Vanilla cake with cookies-n-cream filling iced in buttercream and covered in fondant with findant icons.
4 21
By Juliequeen
Aug 18, 2009
vanilla cake with vanilla icing and MMF with chocolate ganache stripes.
2 3
By Kerri1975
Aug 28, 2009
This was done for one of my daughter's friends birthday.  My first time doing any figures...WOW new respect for that...there were 4 girls at the party so I did one for each...they thought that was sooo cool and even took home their figures...LOL!  Tried to incorporate sleepover stuff...wished I would of done a few more accessories on and learn...customer very happy!  :)  10" round white cake with strawberry filling...frosted with buttercream...fondant decorations.  TFL...would love any constructive advice of course!!!
3 15
By CareyI
Aug 29, 2009
Done for a girl's Sweet 16th Birthday.  This is not an original design, got it from JacqueBenson, over on Flickr.  I did, change up some things on the cake though.  Added lollipops versus martini glasses and some other changes as well.  Everything is fondant.
2 12
By aundron
Sep 3, 2009
I made this cake for my granddaughters 14th birthday, its a copy of her cell phone
made with 2- 9x13 inch cakes, one chocolate with reese's peanut butter cup chocolate ganache filling and the other marble with cookies and cream buttercream filling
2 3
By Ozzysmom
Sep 3, 2009
This is a cake I did for someone that wanted a cell phone. I made the cell phone, bow and other decorations out of fondant.
These are her favorite colors.
1 1
By Anna911
Sep 3, 2009
This was for a girl that was in Customer Service...the receiver is rice crispy treats. Covered with fondant, and the accents are fondant
By MrsRyan
Sep 3, 2009
Phone is made from cake and rice krispy treats and covered and decorated in fondant.
By dacakeldy
Sep 4, 2009
3 layers of cake...dark chocolate, cookies n cream and vanilla...with buttercream and marshmallow fondant cover and buttons...I walked in to the ATT store to get my phone fixed and walked out having a cake order for their holiday party!
2 2
By USMCWifePena
Sep 5, 2009
A friend asked me to make a cake for her niece. She was turning 13 so they wanted something special to celebrate her becoming a teenager. She wanted chocolate cake, likes blue and pink, stars, her cell phone, and requested chocolate covered strawberries. I found it very difficult to put all those items on one cake, but it didnt turn out so bad. Black Satin fondant for top tier and MMF for the rest. Fondant phone, chocolate numbers and letters, pirouette(?) cookies on the side, and pink chocolate covered strawberries. It was quite a task. I deliver in the morning, wish me luck!
By Butterfly325
Sep 12, 2009
Sep 14, 2009
This is a cake I made for my boyfriend's son; he loves his iPhone.  Thanks to everyone on CC who has made one...definitely got inspiration from all.
2 5
By Wonder_Woman_Chef
Sep 14, 2009
9 53
By KeyArtStudioCakes
Sep 18, 2009
This chocolate cake was made to look like the Sprint Sanyo.
By cakecrazy09
Sep 20, 2009
This is a cake done in buttercream and fondant. The cell phone is fondant and the message is off the computer.
The little pink flowers are royal icing.
By Anna911
Sep 24, 2009
By lmbent
Sep 27, 2009
1 2
By MKrilla
Sep 28, 2009


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