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By bmote1
Jun 2, 2007
A Colette Peters design.  Everything MMF with royal icing piping.
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By Uberhipster
Feb 26, 2006
This is a cake I made for my sister-in-law who LOVES Peter Rabbit. The figure is made out of gumpaste and painted with diluted paste color. The vegetables are marzipan and the "dirt" is crushed chocolate cookie. The cake was carrot with cream cheese icing
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By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
My son loves Peter Pan, so this is the cake I made for his third birthday. He loved it! Wish though that I'd had a bit more time with it before serving.
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By Pannkakan
Jun 1, 2007
This was the first fondant figure I've ever made.  I dusted him with luster dust for some color, except his eyes, which I just painted the tiniest pieces fondant with black coloring gel.  Everthing else was made with buttercream, including the veggies (I'm sure you can tell).  If I would have had more time, I would have given him a fondant fence, but I felt I was too new at it to really "go for it"... maybe I should have  =)  Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Apr 29, 2006
The woman who requested this cake for her husband's 50th Birthday surprise party said that his favorite character is Peter Pan. She said he loved Peter Pan's motto that he never wanted to grow up. She asked me to incorporate that into the theme of the cake. Cake is 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 white cake with buttercream transfer.
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By Michele25
May 17, 2006
A Peter Rabbit cake made for a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower.  The cake is a 15 X 18 double layer, yellow sheet cake iced and filled with butter cream.  The dirt on top was made by grinding graham crackers and brown sugar in a food processor. The grass is butter cream piped with the grass tip. Peter Rabbit, fence, cabbages, cauliflower, carrots, shovel, terra cotta pots, bird and mouse were molded from fondant. The whole cake was edible!!!  The mom to be loved it!
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By Icemom
Mar 22, 2006
I recently completed a gumpaste & fondant class with Colette Peters herself at the Wilton school in Darien, IL.  It was amazing!  Here is the final cake that I made at the end of the week which incorporated several of the techniques that we learned.

My Final Class Cake

The bottom layer is a beige fondant tier with green brush embroidery and green leaves as the border.  This layer was draped with swags and decorated with sage green bows.  

The middle layer is a sage green fondant tier with a quilted design accented with buttons.  The border is lump design using alternating colors of the fondant.  

The top layer is striped with alternating luster dust colors topped with ginko leaves with brush embroidery on the ends accented with buttons on the top of the leaves.  The border is alternating colors of green and beige leaves.  

The cake is topped off with 3 gumpaste calla lillies in white & green.
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By Daddycakes70
Nov 7, 2005
Peter Rabbit's Garden Cake, I made for my daughters kindergarten class party
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By Florimbio
Apr 9, 2006
My take on Collette Peter's Baby Shower Cake.  The invitations for the shower were blue and brown, so I used that color scheme on the cake as well.  I can see a lot that is wrong with it, but everyone loved it and it sure did taste good.  Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
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By costumelady
Jul 17, 2006
Tinkerbell is a fbct.  White edible dust is sprinkled over the cake and roses.  Super Pearl Dust is used to make her look like she is sprinkling dust on the flower she is holding.  The colors are dark purple and light camera made the colors look blue.
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By stephanie214
Aug 27, 2006
Stacked Construction.  Frosted in buttercream.  Flowers are royal.  Bow is Fondant.  Tinkerbell is from the Disney Store.
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By Meagan
Sep 16, 2006
Based on Colette Peter's famous cactus cake!  had a little trouble with the flower and the royal icing "pricklers". but my mom really got a kick out of it for her birthday!
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By Lolafalano
Sep 19, 2006
This was for my son's 4th birthday.  I made it the night before so I only had a few hours to work on it - wish I would have more time.  The kids loved it!
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By Maryn
Sep 22, 2006
Made this at a Collette Peters class called "Cake Sculpture". It is a dummy cake covered in fondant. Painted and sponged with luster dusts.I ran out of time before I could put the finishing touches on the pillows, but I was happy with the results. Unfortunately, when stacked, the cake came out lopsided! Anyway, I'm anxious to try this with real cake. :)
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By cindww
Jun 5, 2006
From Colettes book...Mr. Sticky the Chameleon! This bad boy takes one long time to do! Model magic legs, tail and tongue. Fondant mouth, eyes and scales...oops, theyre going the wrong way...too late to do anything about that now.
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By cakearoni
Sep 22, 2006
I took a Colette Peters workshop this past weekend, this was my first time working with fondant and luster dust. I wasn't completely happy with the cake but learned alot and had a wonderful time. It's styrofoam with fondant and gumpaste accents.
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By Zamode
Jun 6, 2006
This is a full view of my cake that was previously posted as a close up.  I had many requests for a full view.  The cake was a Peter Rabbit baby shower cake.  A yellow double layer 15X18 was iced and filled with butter cream.  It was dusted with brown sugar and crushed graham crackers for dirt.  All the figures and embellishments were hand molded by me and placed on the cake.
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By Icemom
Oct 18, 2006
This was for a little girl's birthday and she had to have Peter Rabbit, but he had to stand like Peter Rabbit.  I found a 3D bunny pan, turned the egg he was holding into a huge carrot, made a carrot/pumpkin cart behind him for some extra people.  The little girl loved him!
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By ribbitfroggie
Jun 14, 2006
A copy of Collette Peter's Pas de Deux cake from her Wedding Cakes book. Even with the crazy wallpaper in the reception room, the cake still looked nice.  The glittery baubles around the base were provided by the bride.
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By maplecakes
Nov 2, 2006
FOndant icing & accents.
By SpaceMonque
Nov 7, 2006
This was the first of 2 cakes For my nieces birthday. She lives out-of-town, so this was for the family celebration while we were all together for the holidays. The other she took home and froze for her actual birthday. Cup cakes are buttermilk devils food cake with buttercream (faux fondant II) icing. Tinkerbell is a toy.
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By ctorno
Jan 5, 2007
This was iced in BC with fondant decorations.  The customer supplied the cup and bow for the top.  The carrots were my first time really using Satin Ice fondant.  A note to those of you who've never used dries pretty quick (or rather it gets a "crust" on it very quickly). Thanks to those of you who helped me with ideas a few months back.
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By fytar
Jan 9, 2007
replica of colette peters' cactus cake
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By noreen816
Jan 23, 2007
My 4yo wanted Tinkerbell, Butterflies and Flowers on her cake this year.  She was oh so happy to see this tower of cake, cookies and icing.  We had a Tinkerbell Garden Party and all her guests had seconds on cake!  I made extra butterfly cookies to send home as goodies.  The Tinkerbell topper played fairy music and spun around.  It was "the best cake ever!"
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By wyatt
Feb 2, 2007
I got a request for a Tiffany Blue and Chocolate brown baby shower cake and this is what I came up with.  I actually got the idea from Colette Peters Wedding Cakes " Chocolate Fantasia" cake.  It didn't look much like a baby shower cake, but they wanted the theme to look like a sophisticated tea party.  I think it came out well.  The cake is covered in buttercream, with modeling chocolate accents.
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By TToomer
Feb 26, 2007
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By TToomer
Feb 26, 2007
peter pan is made of sugarpaste
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Mar 26, 2007
This is my son's cake for his 4th birthday.  He wanted a Peter Pan / Tinkerbell cake and after I made the chocolate transfers, he decided he wanted Ninja turtles so he's got both on either side of the cake.
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By ckkerber
Apr 1, 2007
Made for a friend's  Beatrix Potter themed baby shower. White cake, pineapple filling, coconut BC and coconut MMF.
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By DecoratingDingbat
Apr 6, 2007
This is a 12in DL with an 8 in DL on top.  All butter cream icing - Peter pan, croc and tinkerbell are fondant. - rocks are chocolate.  Tinkerbell is on 2 pipe cleaners twisted together then rolled in edible glitter.

Thanks for looking!
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By FatAndHappy
Apr 12, 2007
This was a butter cake filled with hazelnut chocolate. Next time around I would like to try it covered in fondant.
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By lillcabby
Apr 15, 2007
This cake was done as a be looked at by the party goers.  The ship was carved by a professional styro carver and then the rest (covering with fondant and decorating) was done by yours truly.
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By Renelle
Apr 17, 2007
Cake is 12 inches wide, 24 inches long, 4 inches tall.  Rabbits are Mrs. Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail and are handmade out of gumpaste.
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By tanyacakes
Apr 25, 2007
I made this for my Uncle's birthday.  He has always loved the desert and so I thought he would like this cake.

The needles took forever to put on!  Made out of royal icing.  The book said to make 300 but I went through over 1000 between all of them in the cake the ones that broke.  

Cake is French Vanilla with Apricot filling and buttercream icing.
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By JoanneK
Oct 13, 2006
Also Peter Rabbit or Beatrix Potter, great as a baby shower cake
By dbrennan
Apr 26, 2007
9x13in 2 layer - 1 layer vanilla/1 layer chocolate fudge cake. Filled and decorated with vanilla buttercream. Chocolate transfer and fondant lettering.
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By MikeRowesHunny
May 11, 2007
I did this for my son's 3rd bday. He wanted Peter Pan pirate ship cake. I bought the Peter 
Pan toys to put on it. WASC MMF. It took me ALL DAY to do this but it was worth it to see the
smile on my little guy's face! Thanks to all of you here on CC helping me out, I couldn't do 
it without you guys!!!
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By flavacakes
May 13, 2007
I've been wanting to do a version of something I saw in a Colette Peters book for a while.  Bottom is red velvet with cream cheese filling, top is caramel almond.  All covered in MMF with MMF accents painted with luster dust.
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By JulieBugg2000
Oct 26, 2006
Peter Pan cake made for my brother's 50th. The idea came from Michele25's wonderful cake.  Chocolate cake, Twinkie filling and buttercream - all recipes from Cake Central
By danilis
Jun 28, 2007


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