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peppa pig for my friends daughters birthday
By nikki1975
Aug 3, 2007
This is a childrens tv progamme in the UK..the little pigs live on top of a very high hill....
All fondant and completely edible
4 6
By rach1
Sep 9, 2007
This cake is for a 4 years old girl who loves Peppa Pig (that we call Pipsa Possu here in Finland). Peppa is painted by edible colors to a marzipan. The borders are whipped cream (very common here in Finland).
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By kaurislapsi
Apr 13, 2008
Vanilla sponge cake filled with IMBC and raspberry jam, covered in sugarpaste (fondant).  The body is an 8" and a 7" stacked and carved and the head is one half of a 6" ball pan and a carved 8" round.  Lots of dowels in this for support!
3 14
By kelly75
Jun 29, 2008
10" & 7" vanilla cake with bc and raspberry filling, covered in fondant with mexican paste figures.
thanks for looking.
forget to mention that the house is made of fruit cake covered in almond paste and fondant,
4 29
By newsums
Jul 9, 2008
Fondant covered lemon and vanilla cake - first attempt at double tier.  Gumpaste pigs and very dodgy RI lol
2 2
By marknelliesmum
Aug 17, 2008
My 2nd peppa pig cake based on the kids tv show, this was a 9" & 7" vanillawith raspberry jam / vanilla b/c filling covered in fondant.
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By newsums
Oct 3, 2008
sponge cake with vanilla filling, shaped as the birthday boys favourite Peppa Pig!
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By janbabe
Oct 19, 2008
My 3rd cake for my Nieces 2nd Birthday.  First time using 50/50 combo for the figures and boy did it make a great difference! Just need to figure out the balloons!!  The characters are called Peppa & George from a UK TV Show called Peppa Pig, I forgot to add the smiley mouth which I remembered last minute and added which made them look tons better, I just didnt get a pic!
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By olsjhs
Jan 8, 2009
2 tier sponge cake with fondant icing. Made for my 4 year old's birthday.
8 19
By addictedtoebaymum
Jan 16, 2009
peppa pig and friends
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Feb 8, 2009
Sponge cake with fondant icing figures
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By addictedtoebaymum
Feb 15, 2009
7" & 9" vanilla cake with raspberry jam / vanilla bc filling, covered in fondant with gumpaste accents.
Thanks for looking x
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By newsums
Feb 16, 2009
For my niece!
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By Relznik
Mar 8, 2009
Peppa Pig Cake
11 46
By anabelz01
Mar 11, 2009
I made this for a friend's little girl, its a sponge cake with lemon curd filling, covered in fondant.  The Peppa Pig is made as a Royal Icing runout
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By kathrynmc
Mar 15, 2009
cake was vanilla sponge with chocolaTe buttercream and vanilla buttercream alternating layers, pigs were made of gumpaste
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By mrsmaynshaft
Mar 24, 2009
8 inch fondant covered peppa pig cake. colours and number inspired by Pink Cake Box
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By Cathy26
Mar 28, 2009
Peppa Pig cake made for my daughters birthday, she is peppa pig mad! I just got a simple head shape off the internet & fixed it to the top of the cake with cocktail sticks while I cut round it to get the shape.
4 15
By cakesbylisa2004
Apr 9, 2009
Peppa is a little Brisitsh cartoon character, whose shape is essentially 2-D - you only ever see her side on. This cake was a carved rectangular slab of rich chocolate cake, covered in fondants of various colours. Outlines in darker fondant. Mud is milk chocolate. This cake was made for my niece's 2nd birthday and she enjoyed it immensely!! Thanks for looking :-)
3 11
By Evoir
Apr 14, 2009
my baby girl loves peppa pig but I didn't want to spend a fortune getting a cake made so I tried it myself and this is the result.
2 1
By sandrat
May 2, 2009
Made from a 6" square and 5" round.  Vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling, covered with marzipan and sugarpaste.
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By Relznik
May 4, 2009
8 inch madeira with gumpaste peppa pig and bow - lettering done with fmm funky font tappits
1 5
By Cathy26
May 29, 2009
This was for my nephew's 1st birthday, he loves peppa pig and the whole family love sailing. tried to make the sail from modelling paste and failed!
5 5
By FionaB
Jun 17, 2009
4 9
Jun 23, 2009
3 x 7" tri-colour sponge cake with choc butter cream filling.  Covered with fondant.  Characters made from sugar paste.
My first Peppa cake, many thanks to all those other Peppa cakes on CC that inspired me!!!
Peppa Pig, George and all her little play group friends.
2 4
By Manxie
Jun 27, 2009
I started out doing something totally different but ended up with, what I think is a pretty cool cake! The idea is from several of the cakes on CC kind regards to you all. x
2 8
By stmarys04
Jun 28, 2009
Customer saw these - originally by Hello_Naomi on Flikr - and asked me to recreate them.  Not as good as the originals, but overall I'm happy with them.  Vanilla sponge cupcakes filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with sugarpaste decorations.
2 13
By Relznik
Jul 4, 2009
a variety of childrens characters
2 3
Jul 13, 2009
Cake is made of MMF, Peppa and Co. is made of was hard work for me to make Peppa .-D Thank you for looking. BTW this is my very first cake..since then I am learning..learning...
3 2
By bublinka77
Jul 21, 2009
1 1
By TheCakeMaker-1970
Aug 2, 2009
10" chocolate cake with chocolate bc, covered in fondant with gumpaste figures.
I seem to get asked alot to make peppa pig cakesand and as much as I love peppa  I'm starting to hope for a new craze for the under 5's
Thanks for looking x
9 63
By newsums
Aug 14, 2009
MAde this one for my niece.  Going for a simple look so made Princess Peppa from modelling paste (including crown and wings) and gave it all a good spray with Silver lustre spray.
3 6
By seraphim
Aug 18, 2009
This was a cake for my niece/Goddaughter for her 3rd birthday. The top tier is a 6 inch round strawberry white chocolate mud cake with strawberry ganache under fondant, the bottom tier is a 9 inch round Mississippi dark chocolate mud cake, with dark chocolate ganache under fondant. Board covering and all flowers and bees/ladybugs on cake, plus Peppa Pig, are made from fondant. The butterflies are gelatin and attached to black GP bodies on wires, inserted via very thin straws into the cake. The butterfly net is made from floral wire and kitchen string. Piped RI message. "Happy Birthday" ribbon around base of cake board. Thank you for looking! It was a joy to make this for a precious little girl :-)
8 44
By Evoir
Sep 10, 2009
My first attempt at a 3d figure cake, for my daughters 2nd  birthday. 3x victoria sponge cakes, filled with jam, topped with roll out icing, and the figures made from a mixture of mexican modelling paste, and coloured roll out icing.
By WWEfan
Sep 13, 2009
Yet another Peppa Pig cake that I've been asked to make. 6inch round sponge topped with a 6 inch 1/2 of the ball pan. Cakes filled with jam and butter cream then covered in fondant. All characters made out of fondant also.
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By stmarys04
Oct 4, 2009
Fondant covered sponge cake with gum paste decor. Peppa Pig splashing in muddy puddles!
2 9
By AlixsCakes
Oct 14, 2009
The figures don't show up very well in this photo, unfortunately.  They were really cute!
2 3
By Eatit2
Oct 16, 2009
1 3
By tasha0705
Oct 19, 2009
made for my friends daughter all regal ice
By nikki1975
Aug 3, 2007


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