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The stylized peony was piped on in pink to match the couple's invitations.
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By kaityi
Nov 2, 2008
4 9
By momvarden
Nov 14, 2008
This is a recycled version of my tiffany blue cake...An understated cake with just one Peony...
6 16
By Godiva
Jan 13, 2006
Here's a pic of the peony I made this weekend in class. It took a really long time to put all the petals together, but well worth the effort.
13 51
By heavenlycakes
Feb 27, 2006
Cake with chocolate fondant dogwood flowers and vines.  TFL!
52 522
By 2muchsugar
Sep 19, 2008
This was inspired by anne geddes photos.   It is for a baby shower tonight.
10 17
By momvarden
Nov 14, 2008
French vanilla cake with raspberry filling covered in IMBC, flowers made of cold porcelain and gumpaste.  Trellis border made of gumpaste.
3 8
By frostings
May 16, 2006
Made in class with the wonderful Tombi Peck .... her answer to anyone who might suggest it's not an exact replica (!) ... 'Tell them it's a hybrid' !!!
10 3
By eilers
Mar 20, 2007
I won second place for this cake in the San Diego Cake Show this weekend.
32 140
By Fairytale
Mar 26, 2007
These are the flowers I learned to make at Nicholas Lodge's 2 day class on Spring Flowers.  Peony, dogwood, cherry blossom, hydrangea, tulip.  These are my first complete gumpaste flowers.  They were a lot of fun to make.
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By SugaryGoodness
Apr 4, 2007
2 tier wedding cake with peony flowers
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By swillshaz
May 13, 2007
This is my 2nd stacked cake ever, and I thought it was OK. I was butter cream on the bottom, MMF on the top, cany clay letters with lustre dust. THe GIANT peony on top was the mother of the brides idea, I maybe would have done something different. THe brides choice of flowers for the wdding was obviously peonies. The Bride and the MOB both loved it, so I guess that's what counts. It is definately not what I envisioned though.
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By kstgelais4
May 1, 2006
This was a cake I literally put together last night! I was asked by a local bridal resource center to do a cake for their vendor room and the grand opening tomorrow evening. I thankfully had the peony made, and the border I chose was one that has an Asian flare to it and resembles a peony. I'll upload the close up. Since the flower is an Oriental Peony, I thought it would make a great combo. Hopefully the brides coming in will like it also.
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By heavenlycakes
Jul 9, 2007
Just learned how to make a Peony so had to decide what to do with it.  Thought this looked nice.
15 52
By Fairytale
Sep 19, 2006
Made this for my daughter's birthday tomorrow.  Flowers and fence are GP.
29 107
By Fairytale
Feb 17, 2007
This is my first tiered cake ever and first paid order - super super super nervous, for a Pastor and Deacon's anniversary.  I got a pretty good response however, and my grandma was proud of me!!!!  lol...
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By megankennedy
Jul 26, 2007
Another view of the same cake....this picture is alot less can see the cake crumbs that got into the last layer of icing - i even did a crumb coat!  oh well....  first time doing scrolls, first time tiered cake, first paid order...
By megankennedy
Jul 26, 2007
I made this for my brother's wedding. The green was a little different than the picture shows--more muted, I guess. The tier sizes were 14-10-7-4 1/2
Cake flavors were chocolate fudge filled with whipped choc ganache, lemon filled with raspberry mousse, and yellow buttermilk cake with strawberry filling. Cake was iced in SMBC and covered in fondant. PIping is royal. Silver cord was wrapped around each tier. Flowers were gumpaste. Cake design inspired by
9 62
By HollyPJ
Jul 29, 2007
Filled with White chocolate mousse and Tropical fruit. Covered with dark chocolate! Peony made of Flowerpaste
2 5
By rimmis
Aug 11, 2007
This cake was for my first comp! The theme was a garden wedding. Icing pink peonies and butterflies.
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By Delicate-Lee
Sep 14, 2007
A lady asked me to make peony roses, she liked these, I think they look like open roses if you ask me, anyway I hope shes happy because the weddings tomorrow and she hasnt seen the finished cake yet.
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By poncho
Sep 21, 2007
Yes, it is ALL gumpaste. I made it for our friend's 60th Birthday. Hope she will like it :).
27 54
By YanaK
Sep 26, 2007
This is one of the flowers I learned in a class from Petal Crafts!
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By tulip27f
Oct 26, 2007
hand-crafted peony flowers & leaves made from gum paste.
6" dummy cake & 10" fruit cake.
string work piped with royal icing.
17 15
By euphocafe
Dec 15, 2007
This cake was made for the OSSAS show when the theme was a wedding cake fit for a queen.  I came in 5th.  

The symbols on the fan (to the left of the cake) mean "True Love" and I think the symbol on the cakes means "Eternity".

I think I used about 5 containers of gold and a couple of bottles of Everclear to paint this cake.  The liquor store people gave me some odd looks. :)
12 39
By Sugarflowers
Sep 17, 2006
6/8/10 inch rounds, covered in ivory fondant. Chocolate brown satin ribbon and pink gumpaste peony.
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By golfgirl1227
Dec 17, 2007
Peony and roses - i made in Colette Peters class
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By develynb
Dec 31, 1969
Flowers & Fancies Class with Sharon Zambito and Jennifer Dontz.  March 2008.
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By plbennett_8
Mar 11, 2008
This girl LOVED bows, so I was hired to make a 2 tier pink cake with black bows.  I made the Monogram  and accents from floral wire and beads.  Cake is covered in pink MMF, real ribbon, Silk Peonies.  Super simple but I really liked how it turned out.
3 30
By aimers
Mar 16, 2008
This decoration was made for the top tier of a weddingcake.
I got the most funny part, to make the decoration/flowers. All made in
gumpaste. Peony, Hydrangea and roses
2 14
By elin
Mar 20, 2008
Class cake and flowers from Jennifer(MI) and SugarShack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  What a awesome class and a lot of fun.
14 26
By SugaryGoodness
Mar 20, 2008
first gumpaste peony.
6 5
By JoanneK
Jul 20, 2007
This was my entry for the Mid-Atlantic Cake Show.  This is my first time at a show and my first entry - to my surprise I took 3rd place in my division/category!!!!  G.P. peony, rose, and hydrangea jewelry box cake w/ brush embroidery and R.I. monogram.  The board is fondant painted to look like wood and the pearls are fondant dusted with luster dust.  Thanks for looking!!!!
28 80
By joeycakes
Apr 22, 2008
9 18
By Kiwi777
May 4, 2008
this was a bit troublesome!
3 8
By lizrussell
May 8, 2008
Fondant covered. First attempt Gum Paste hibiscus and peony (dusted with pearl). Edible image.
By dotart
Jun 23, 2008
This is a chocolate cake with vanilla BC icing, covered in fondant.  The flowers are fondant with a GP round plaque embossed wiht a hydrangea pattern.
9 57
By Fairytale
Jul 29, 2008
Bridal Shower cake with gumpaste peonies and blackberries
15 22
By SugaryGoodness
Aug 6, 2008
Made in one on one "class" from Elzbieta Frys of Crowley, TX (European Cake Gallery).
By cakediva213
Aug 30, 2008
Hi :)  This was my first attempt at stacking a was for two birthdays so I wanted to try something new!  The flowers on top are buttercream peonies (from Linda Reese's In the Garden CD).  Iced in BC with buttercream dream using Sugarshack's method.   Inside is chocolate cake w/ txkat's blender ganache and merissa's raspberry filling.  A million thanks to CC, since there is no way I could have done it w/o all of the tips/tricks on here.  Thanks for looking :)
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Dec 4, 2008


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