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By Dennysse
Mar 4, 2008
All buttercream decorations. Cowboy on horse was made out of royal icing. cake flavor is pineapple with Bavarian creme filling. Made it for my mom's co-worker.
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By cpr040304
Mar 9, 2008
This was a fake cake made up for a bride to get the idea of what her cake will look like.  The tiers onthis cake are all different heights, but on the actual wedding cake they will all be 4.5 to 5 inches high.  These were the only dummies I could get my hands on in a short period of time.  Calla Lilies are made of gumpaste and were not completly finished at the time of the photo.
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By pennywells
Mar 25, 2008
1 layer 6" round on top of 2 layer, 8 " square. Buttercream frosting with fondant pea pod, babies, flowers and bow.
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By KimAZ
Mar 29, 2008
Inspired by some of the great work on CC and on FoodNetwork Mystery Challenge, done for my sister's bridal shower which had an African theme.  Each side of the top tier had different animal runouts on a marbled fondant background. Bottom tier was CMMF with fondat zebra/giraffe pattern. Cake topper was a royal icing elephant runout - my sis' favourite animal!
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By wickedgrinch
Apr 16, 2008
pattern for my fondant pieces from a hugs n stitches 1st birthday
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By mcassada
May 4, 2008
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By gracefull
May 4, 2008
This cake is covered in fondant and painted with gel food color to match the Bride's china pattern.
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By Jenn123
May 12, 2008
I got the idea for this cake from a pair of Quicksilver board shorts!  6" cake covered in fondant.
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By EmilyGrace
May 14, 2008
Cake for my Goddaughter which is my attempt to copy none other than my cake crush SugarShack!
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By nrctermite
May 26, 2008
14/10/6" squares, each set at a 90 degree angle to the next.  Bottom tier has tuxedo stripe pattern, center has cornelli, top has dots.  Black satin ribbon at base of each and roses at each corner and on top.  Each sheet cake had one of the tier patterns on  it.  All BC.
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By elvisb
Jun 3, 2008
This is a sketch for a real nice girl that is getting married the sat after Thanksgiving.. Her colors are conaq (sp?) and ivory with gold accents... so this is what i came up with from a very blurry pic that she sent me. i love the different patterns... super cool, super chic
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By pinklesley1
Jun 13, 2008
Simple buttercream cake for a med school graduate.
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By jewelykaye
Jun 24, 2008
Just MMF covered cupcakes for dessert segment.  TFL
By cakelady11215
Jul 7, 2008
Customer wanted a cake with a burberry pattern on it as well as the logos.  This is what I came up with.  It threw me off when she said it was for her brother.  Not sure if she quite liked it or not as there wasn't much said.  12" square and 6" round marble cake with bc and covered in fondant.  Scarf made from fondant and lines on the scarf made with edible felt pens.  Lines on cake made from fondant. TFL
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By inspireddecorator
Aug 4, 2008
All buttercream, pearl dragees.
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By Mom2LiamandQuinn
Aug 11, 2008
These are part of a wedding cupcake order (to go with my castle wedding cake). It were 100 in total, in different designs and styles. These I made with the cuttlebug imprint mats.The cupcakes are chocolate-chipped and the decoration is marzipan.
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By Sarakim
Sep 7, 2008
All BC iced with edible pearls and gumpaste calla lilies.
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By pennywells
Sep 7, 2008
Diamond imprint pattern, random diamonds painted with yellow luster dust. 
60 made of Gumpaste
By LvMy4Runner
Sep 14, 2008
This cake was inspired by jaklotz1. Her cake is absolutely stunning. Didn't need that much cake so I just replicated the top tier.
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By tara22
Oct 12, 2008
Smash cake.
By tara22
Oct 12, 2008
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By pennywells
Oct 13, 2008
Friend wanted a Baby Phat cake in silver and white, her original idea had the bow just silver but it looked so plain I added the cornelia lace.
By Lee9
Oct 13, 2008
my first quilt/diamond pattern cake. 9"7"5" squares covered in fondant bottom tier with cashous/dregrees, black and silver ribbon edging. this is my interpretation of someone elses design brought to me by the bride. though i was going to hate working with cashous/dregrees as everyone says they are painfull but thought it was fun! thanks for looking!
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By deliciously_decadent
Oct 23, 2008
this was a cake i made for a friend of mine,he always joked that i should make his birthday cake but i was unable to so i made him one before his was an 8 inch round with sugarshacks bc,
it took me the longest time to get the soccer pattern right but i somehow mananged[it was worth it cuz hes a crazy soccer fan!]
thnx for looking
By wildflower
Oct 24, 2008
This cake was great... I decided to try to replicate the patterns on the table cloth.  I love this display cake...
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By pinklesley1
Oct 28, 2008
I just made this for a lady who is having a baby boy .  She wanted very simple but 
nice with some blue in it.  She was happy with the results.  It was a fun cake to make.
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By craftycakelady61
Nov 9, 2008
Made for my pastors sons 50th birthday. Motorcycle on top was made from gum paste and made to look like his MC. The diamond plate pattern around the center was made from wafer paper. All edible
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By poshcakedesigns
Nov 28, 2008
round tiers with two plain fondant tiers and one embossed tier, with embossed fondant streamers and gumpaste roses.
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By j-pal
Dec 8, 2008
round cakes bc and satin ribbon
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Dec 14, 2008
6X6X4 chocolate pound cake with bc icing, gumpaste bow, and candy melt tag.
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By jammjenks
Dec 24, 2008
This cake was fun to do as the 16 year old it was for loves to watch Ace of Cakes and designed her own cake!  She drew it out for me and I tried to honor it the best I could, How fun is that?!  the biggest thing was she didn't want pastel so I used my neon colors
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By cakesbykitty
Dec 27, 2008
This cake was an adaptation of quelinda's gorgeous cake w/ the roses between the layers.  This was ordered w/ less than a week before the wedding and we couldn't find all the roses necessary so they opted to just stack them.  I made the topper as well from cut out aluminum and fake jewels bought at the store.  
The cake is a 6,9,12" iced in buttercream.  TFL
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By KHalstead
Jan 11, 2009
this cake was for extra servings to go w/ the main wedding is torted and filled exactlly the same so once it's cut and plated there is no way to tell the difference unless you get a corner piece and you're VERY clever LOL.  I've posted this because a lot of people have asked me to post one that's decorated like the wedding cake...(some brides don't care and just order a plain iced cake lol)
Anyhow, here it's a 11"x15"x4" cake iced in buttercream TFL
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By KHalstead
Jan 11, 2009
6/8/10" rounds, all buttercream.  Bride found a photo she loved from the internet (not this site) and wanted it exactly like the photo but with a brighter pink.  That's what she got.  So if this is someone's design, thanks for the use and inspiration.  She loved it!
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By elvisb
Jan 26, 2009
This was my first attempt at a chocolate tiara...I am VERY happy with it!
The rest of the cake is fondant.
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By Katie9812
Feb 7, 2009
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By Claricakes
Feb 8, 2009
This is my first fondant cake learned today in class.  I did a pattern press to cover the cake then did the draping and flowers with pale blue gum paste/fondant blend.
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By Carlymoon
Feb 8, 2009
1st attempt in using diamond shaped cutters.  Chocolate cake with NC Tar Heel colors for my nephew's 2008 Birthday.
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By ptanyer
Feb 8, 2009
When the customer gives you no theme or ideas, here is something that would be a good choice.  This 6"x4" round is all buttercream.  I generally use any combination of tan/brown; blue & green for a male's cake.  I used a Wilton pattern press for the design around the sides and the message:)   Add simple zigzag borders and you're done:)
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By kakeladi
Feb 20, 2009


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